Chapter 120 Gu Lang

Gu Lang’s mood was pretty good today. Especially when he saw incomparably breathtaking girl in Precious Treasures Pavillion who was now in front of him. This made his already good mood grow even more perfect.

As the young master of the Gu clan, Gu Lang’s status in the Gu Territory was obviously very high.

Moreover, his looks, identity, background and cultivation talent naturally made him one of the most outstanding individuals amongst his generation in the area. Over the years, Gu Lang had encountered countless beauties and was confident of maintaining his cool in front of any of them.

Till today, when he saw this girl in green.

A single look had instantly shattered his cool. Gu Lang swore that he had never ever seen a girl like this who could captivate him so deeply after a single glance. Her aloofness, as if no one else existed in the same world as herself, her mysteriousness, her ungraspable as air aura. All of these traits made intense desire rise within the heart of Gu Lang, who had not had much interest in girls for a long time.

Thus, he very naturally approached to hit on her.

Unfortunately for him, the girl in green was completely unresponsive towards the young master of the Gu clan. So much so that she did not even lift her gaze and instead continued to be glued to the damaged Genesis Runes in the display.

This rare failure only managed to flame the interest in Gu Lang’s heart.

Gu Lang was after all a veteran player, and very quickly found an entry point. “Miss, are you interested in these damaged Genesis Runes? Heh heh, I just so happen to be a manager of the Precious Treasures Pavillion. If you’d like, I can gift you everything you’ve taken a fancy to.”

Gu Lang gently waved the silver fan in his hand, a slight smile on his face. His confident and gentle expression, plus his generous attitude was indeed enough to stir the hearts of many girls.

The eyes of the girl in green seemed to ripple a little. She finally raised her head and looked at him. “Gift everything to me?”

The silver fan in Gu Lang’s land gently tapped his palm as a pleased feeling rose in his heart. On the surface however, he continued to smile as he gave a light nod and said in a gentle voice, “They are merely collecting dust here, if miss has taken a fancy to them, it could be said to have given them value.”

The girl in green seemed to smile. Without further ado, she began to walk forward.

Gu Lang did not hesitate to display his magnanimity. With a wave of his hand, servant girls came forward to retrieve all of the damaged texts the girl in green had been looking at previously.

As they continued to walk, the load in the servant girls’ arms grew larger and larger.

This scene drew the attention of quite a number of people. However, practically everyone here knew Gu Lang’s identity and inwardly shook their heads as they cast pitying gazes at the girl in green.

Every girl that the young master of the Gu clan had set his sights on had ultimately been unable to escape his hands.

It was at this time that Zhou Yuan arrived and coincidentally caught sight of this scene.

Although he did not know what had occurred previously, as another man, he was naturally able to see the desire in the youth’s eyes towards Yaoyao. This fellow clearly believed that such a method would move Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan pinched Tuntun’s ear as he helplessly remarked, “*Sigh*. "Both of you are troublemakers.”

Due to Tuntun, they had attracted the attention of a baffling green haired girl. While on Yaoyao’s side, her beauty and aura seemed to have drawn a lascivious guy.

Zhou Yuan walked forward as he shook his head.

Yaoyao seemed to sense Zhou Yuan’s arrival, immediately lifting her gorgeous face to look at Zhou Yuan, the corners of her rosy lips raising slightly as she asked, “Have you bought everything?”

Zhou Yuan nodded.

Gu Lang’s eyes narrowed when he saw this. He could naturally sense Yaoyao clearly grow a little more lively while she conversed with Zhou Yuan. It was obvious that the relationship between them was not ordinary.

However, Gu Lang maintained the kind smile on his face as he cupped his hands together towards Zhou Yuan and greeted, “I am Gu Lang, a member of the Gu clan.”

“The Gu clan huh…”

Zhou Yuan expression was unchanged. “Zhou Yuan.”

Gu Lang sized up Zhou Yuan, a kind smile on the surface while an almost undetectable trace of contempt flitted across the depths of his eyes. He had evidently already discovered that Zhou Yuan was only at the Qi Nourishing stage.

Such strength could only be considered trivially ordinary in the central region where geniuses were now plenty.

At the same time, it also showed that Zhou Yuan did not have any overly powerful backers or he would not be limited to such progress.

Gu Lang no longer looked at Zhou Yuan, his gaze turning towards Yaoyao as he smiled. “I still haven’t asked for your name miss.”

Yaoyao pointed at the damaged texts in the arms of the servant girls behind him and inquired, “Are they all for me?”

Gu Lang grinned. “Of course.”

“Keep them.” Yaoyao looked towards Zhou Yuan.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched for a moment, before he walked forward, received the damaged texts from the servant girls and kept them all into his Universe bag.

The smile on Gu Lang’s face grew even wider when he saw Yaoyao accept his gifts. It seemed that he had already accomplished the first step. The girl in green would soon become his plaything.

“Hehe, miss, you’re quite an unfamiliar face and I’m guessing that you just arrived here. How about I be your host and show you around.” Gu Lang beamed.

“Let’s go.”

However, almost immediately after he finished speaking, Yaoyao nonchalantly signalled to Zhou Yuan, before turning around to leave.

The expression on Gu Lang’s face could not help but turn rigid, a little dazed by this turn of events. That’s not how the script should be… shouldn’t the other party proceed to the next step after accepting his gift?

What was this? Leaving right away after eating?

Zhou Yuan cast a sideways glance at Gu Lang. Did this fellow really believe that Yaoyao was someone who would so succumb so easily to sweet words and gifts? In her eyes, it was your honour for her to take your things…

Zhou Yuan inwardly shook his head, paying no further attention to Gu Lang as he caught up to Yaoyao.

Gu Lang quickly came back to his senses. How could he allow the meat that was almost at his lips to escape? He swiftly walked forward and cut in front of Yaoyao.

“Is there anything else?” Yaoyao frowned, indifference in her eyes as she looked towards him.

Gu Lang froze momentarily. Soon after, his eyes seemed to flicker in thought as he revealed a warm smile and said, “The fact that the two of you have arrived here can be said to be fate of sorts. How about this, my clan’s Spirit Refining Tower will be opening tomorrow, and numerous geniuses hope to enter to train their Spirits. There is, however, a limited amount of places. If the two of you are interested, I can gift two spots to you as a token to the start of our friendship.”

Gu Lang fished out two bronze tokens from his sleeves. The Gu clan insignia and a black tower had been engraved on the tokens.

“Enter the Spirit Refining Tower?” Zhou Yuan was instantly taken aback, shock in his eyes as he looked towards Gu Lang. The Spirit Refining Tower was the Gu clan’s treasure. Were they really willing to open it to outsiders?

Would the Gu clan actually be so kind?

While Zhou Yuan was still in shock, Yaoyao’s faint voice was transmitted into his ears. “Accept it. That Spirit Refining Tower is a little interesting after all.”

Zhou Yuan shot a look at Yaoyao. Given how smart the latter was, she likely also had suspicions about Gu Lang’s motives. But she probably had her own plans since she had uttered such words.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan grinned at Gu Lang and said, “Then I’ll have to thank young master Gu.”

He reached out and received the bronze tokens.

Yaoyao still did not say a single word to Gu Lang, merely sweeping an indifferent gaze at him, before her long legs began to walk towards Precious Treasures Pavillion’s exit.

Gu Lang watched Yaoyao’s and Zhou Yuan’s leaving figures as the kind smile on his face gradually faded, replaced by a chilling coldness.

“Go find out where they are staying, and make sure they don’t sneak away. My gifts aren’t so easily accepted.”

The silver fan in Gu Lang’s hand gently smacked his palm as a strange smile grew from the corners of his lips.

“No one can reject a spot to enter the Spirit Refining Tower.”

“However… there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world…”

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