Chapter 1196 Enough

Jia Tu didn’t understand what Zhou Yuan meant, but that didn’t stop him from feeling angry and bitter. 

He couldn’t understand how Zhou Yuan could overcome the residual Ancestral Dragon’s will within the Ancestral Dragon Flesh. 

That was the Ancestral Dragon’s will!  

The Ancestral Dragon was a supreme god-like existence that had created the world.

Even though only a faint wisp of its will was left behind and it had existed for countless years, it still wasn’t a power someone at the Heavenly Sun stage could touch upon.  

Therefore, he couldn’t imagine how Zhou Yuan could get rid of the residual Ancestral Dragon’s will and refine it. 

In the end, he couldn’t figure out the answer because his body was melting much faster than before. It was like when Zhou Yuan was disintegrating.

“Ah!” Jia Tu erupted with an unwilling roar as his body disappeared completely.

No miracle happened on his side, and he completely vanished from the world.

The Sacred Race’s strongest person at the Heavenly Sun stage crashed to the ground amidst stunned gazes.

After drawing up almost half the Sacred Race team, the black ring he threw out also sped away and left the remaining team members. His army was completely destroyed.

The five heavens’ team members finally broke into earth-shattering cheers and applause.

Countless eyes containing gratitude and awe shifted and stared at the figure above them. Zhou Yuan’s achievement in Guyuan Heaven would no doubt make his name reverberate throughout all heavens.

Everyone knew what role Zhou Yuan played in Guyuan Heaven. He could be said to have overturned the sky.

He had succeeded in identifying the Sacred Derivation Boundary’s flaws, leading the five heavens’ team and winning the final battle against Jia Tu despite all difficulties.  

If it weren’t for Zhou Yuan, the final result wouldn’t be what it was.

Zhou Yuan smiled with relief when he heard the cheers, as if a weight was off his heart. 

As the commander in chief of the five heavens, he had been placed under immense pressure but had known he couldn’t flee in a battle against the Sacred Race because there was no space to retreat.

Fortunately, he hadn’t disappointed everyone in the end. 

Zhou Yuan peered down through the boundary and saw several people riddled with battle wounds but who had still survived in the end. 

Zhou Yuan was only able to face Jia Tu because everyone from the five heavens had risked their lives to fight. 

“Everyone, I am not the only one who contributed to this battle. This is a victory for all five of our heavens.

“The great battle has ended, so let’s all celebrate together!”   

Zhou Yuan’s clear voice rang in everyone’s ears.

With one thought from Zhou Yuan, the world suddenly quaked violently, and several currents of majestic ancestral qi descended from the sky like plumes of smoke, shrouding every figure with extreme precision.

Everyone buzzed with excitement because they understood Zhou Yuan’s intentions.

He wanted them all to enjoy the cleansing from the first wave of ancestral qi!

It should be said that this was the cleansing from the nine main ancestral qi veins!

The effect was similar to a single person enjoying all the benefits of an intermediate ancestral qi vein alone!

“Commander Zhou Yuan is invincible!”   

Voices of joy and excitement resounded like a tsunami.

As the wave of ancestral qi descended, they hurriedly sat down to receive the great gift from their victory.  

Bai Xiaolu, Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen and the others also raised their heads. The ancestral qi current descending upon them was especially strong and made even them apprehensive.

But they soon felt at ease when they remembered they were now being bathed in all nine main ancestral qi veins. Their consumption was likely not even one ten-millionth of the total amount.

Zhou Yuan fixed his eyes on a certain location, which was where Guan Qinglong was.

He could feel that Guan Qinglong’s vitality was extremely weak, and he was close to his last breath.

However, it wouldn’t be a problem with enough ancestral qi.

Guan Qinglong could be restored as long as his vitality wasn’t completely exhausted!

But Jiang Jinlin and Li Fu…

Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly and stretched out one finger. An ancestral qi torrent descended from the sky and directly shrouded Guan Qinglong’s weak body, rapidly restoring his vitality. 

Guan Qinglong’s drooping head quivered, and he slowly lifted his head.

He stared blankly at the ancestral qi torrent around him and felt his injuries rapidly healing and his Genesis Qi growing stronger.

“This…” His eyes quickly shifted to the familiar figure in the giant black hole. Then, his pupils shrank. “Captain Zhou Yuan?” 

Zhou Yuan nodded at him from the air above.   

Guan Qinglong’s fierce eyes slowly widened. “We...won?”

Zhou Yuan’s voice rang in his ears, “Captain Guan Qinglong, let’s absorb the ancestral qi first. We have won this battle.” 

Guan Qinglong drew a deep breath. Trying to fight back his tears, even he felt a lump in his throat as he muttered, “We won. It wasn’t easy.

“Captain Zhou Yuan, I, Guan Qinglong, really admire you.

“No wonder Wu Yao…” 

A complicated expression flashed across his eyes, and then he exhaled a long deep breath. He closed his eyes and focused on absorbing ancestral qi.


Hovering in space, Zhou Yuan watched the spectacular sight of countless ancestral qi torrents descending. This victory was the result of everyone’s combined efforts, so it was only right that they received the resources first.  

“Everyone, seize this opportunity and attack the Nascent Source stage with all your strength.

“There is enough ancestral qi!”   

His sentence made everyone smile with anticipation. 

Many advanced Heavenly Sun experts’ ultimate goal of entering Guyuan Heaven was to take advantage of the ancestral qi to attack the Nascent Source stage, but this required a lot of ancestral qi. This was no longer a problem, given that they had claimed all nine main ancestral qi veins. 

A number of people stuck at the advanced Heavenly Sun stage would no doubt break through to the Nascent Source stage.  

Zhou Yuan stretched his back and sat down in the black hole’s depths. Gazing at the nine main veins, he slowly folded his hands and closed his eyes.

Zhou Yuan, of course, wouldn’t be satisfied with just achieving the Saint Glass Body. 

He also hoped to break through to the Nascent Source stage in Guyuan Heaven.

Moreover, he didn’t want an ordinary Nascent Source.

He wanted to first evolve his Heavenly Suns into Nine-Claw Heavenly Suns and then try to break through.

He wanted to reach the advanced Nascent Source stage in one step!  

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