Chapter 1195 Believe in Yaoyao for Eternal Life

Zhou Yuan’s body constantly broke down under countless gazes.

First was his arms, then his legs, and then his upper body.   

Zhou Yuan noticed that the breaking down of his body didn’t cause him any pain. However, the Ancestral Dragon Flesh he had swallowed was destroying all his vitality with tyrannical willpower. 

It was complete annihilation, as though someone superior was eliminating someone inferior.

After all, the Ancestral Dragon Flesh’s power wasn’t something that anyone below the Saint stage could bear. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained particularly calm even in the face of death because he had already prepared for such a situation. Therefore, he had entrusted Su Youwei to help him complete his task if something happened to him.

She would help him bring back the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.    

“ seems I can’t watch you wake up,” whispered Zhou Yuan.

He could feel that the Ancestral Dragon Flesh he had swallowed contained a supreme residual will. Its will was so faint that it was almost undetectable, but it was still beyond the grasp of someone at the Heavenly Sun stage.

It should be a residual trace of the Ancestral Dragon’s will.

With this will, Zhou Yuan’s struggle was futile.

Therefore, he didn’t resist and simply closed his eyes, waiting for everything to return to nothingness.

The decomposition of his body spread rapidly and soon reached his heart.

However, something happened at that moment!

Everyone saw a flicker of purple-gold light bloom in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s heart. It radiated a mysterious and ancient charm.

The unstoppable decomposition of Zhou Yuan’s body gradually halted under the purple-gold light’s illumination!

Zhou Yuan felt the sudden change and glanced at his chest in astonishment. He could feel the mysterious purple-gold substance within the light. 

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank, but what he found the most astonishing was that the purple-gold substance was twisting around something as it flowed. The strand of the hair-like matter was what was causing his body to decompose—a strand of the Ancestral Dragon Flesh! 

The purple-gold substance twisted around the Ancestral Dragon Flesh as if in a collision undetectable to Zhou Yuan. 

“What is that?!” Zhou Yuan’s heart churned like the ocean. The purple-gold substance in his body could compete with the residual will in the Ancestral Dragon Flesh. What kind of existence was it?!

Moreover, for some reason, the purple-gold substance felt familiar.

Light dawned on him.    

He remembered that a mysterious purple-gold substance had snuck into his body when Yaoyao had helped him seal the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in his body. He had thought it was an illusion, but now it was clear that the purple-gold substance had come from Yaoyao!

Zhou Yuan was speechless for a good while.   

Countless eyes stared in bewilderment at him. They were unaware of what was happening, but at least half of Zhou Yuan’s body didn’t break down. 

Jia Tu’s loud laughter stopped, and his face darkened. That bastard won’t let people relax for a moment. I was laughing so happily, but he interrupted me again. Can he not let others be happy for a moment? 

It’s useless no matter what you do. The Ancestral Dragon Flesh is rumored to contain the residual will of the Ancestral Dragon, which is toxic to anyone below the Saint stage, Jia Tu thought to himself.

But even so, he still stared intently at Zhou Yuan. Zhou Yuan was too strange, and Jia Tu couldn’t die in peace without seeing Zhou Yuan disappear completely with his own eyes.

The purple-gold luster on Zhou Yuan’s chest grew increasingly intense under countless gazes. 

In Zhou Yuan’s perception, the collision in his heart continued for a while longer before it faded with a little noise. He felt two magnificent wisps vanishing at the same time. 

They were the Ancestral Dragon Flesh’s residual will and the purple-gold substance. 

In the end, the Ancestral Dragon Flesh and the purple-gold substance intertwined and exploded together. 


The remaining half of Zhou Yuan’s body, including his head, instantly exploded into dust.

Everyone within the boundary stared wide-eyed at the scene.

His hesitation was correct because a mysterious ring of light appeared around Zhou Yuan where he had exploded, and several substances swiftly gathered at an astonishing speed.

In just a few breaths, they formed a human silhouette, the mysterious substances filling it.

Zhou Yuan’s body soon recovered again, but this time, it had undergone tremendous changes.

His skin was crystal clear, like glass, and rings of glass light shrouded his body, making him appear sacred. 

Zhou Yuan stared blankly at his body, and then he balled his hand into a fist and punched out.


Space shattered in front of him, and countless spatial fragments whizzed through the air with the blast of wind from his fist. 

His power was several times more powerful than his previous full-strength Genesis Qi offensive!

He felt he could smash Jia Tu with one punch if they had another match!

The power was comparable to that of the Nascent Source stage!  

“My body…” Zhou Yuan exclaimed, “Is it now a true Saint Glass Body!?”   

Although he had previously refined a little glass light, his body hadn’t been a true Saint Glass Body because it would have been able to withstand the Nascent Source Stage’s power if it had reached such a level!

Due to an unexpected turn of events, Zhou Yuan’s body was restored and became a Saint Glass Body without any obstruction. 

“Saint Glass Body!?”   

Bai Xiaolu sprang up, her huge black eyes staring unblinkingly at Zhou Yuan. She clutched her chest and drew back, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

It should be said that she had cultivated her physical body for many years and had experienced many opportunities, yet she still hadn’t refined a real Saint Glass Body. But Zhou Yuan had achieved her dream in a short period.

Zhou Yuan’s physical body was clearly inferior to hers when they had first met!

Zhou Yuan scratched his head. He thought he would be dead, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and he had refined a true Saint Glass Body!

He cast a glance at Jia Tu, who seemed to have frozen, and he grinned, “I survived.”

“How? How?” muttered Jia Tu.  

Zhou Yuan tilted his head with a mocking smile. 

“Because…those who believe in Yaoyao live forever!” 

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