Chapter 1194 Ancestral Dragon Flesh

Amidst shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan soared into the sky and charged into the giant black hole formed from the Sacred Derivation Boundary.   

His target was the nine main ancestral qi veins restrained in the black hole!

Bai Xiaolu, Su Youwei and the others all watched anxiously. They could tell Zhou Yuan was attempting to search the nine main ancestral qi veins for a chance to live. 

Otherwise, as Jia Tu had said, they would both die. 

However, Bai Xiaolu, Su Youwei and the others couldn’t do anything to help him. They could only pray for him.

Under countless intent gazes, Zhou Yuan entered the black hole, which gathered the boundary’s tremendous power. However, he was considered the controller of the boundary, and thus the tremendous power didn’t strike back at him.

He came to the black hole’s depths without any obstruction.

There, nine ancient dragon silhouettes hovered in the air.    

The dragons were all different colors, but all radiated an indescribable ancient aura, which was much stronger than the dragon might that Jiang Jinlin and other members of the Mystic Dragon Clan exuded.  

Zhou Yuan immediately activated the Decoder Saint Rune to investigate the nine ancient dragon silhouettes. His eyes seemed to penetrate the dragon silhouettes and see the mysterious matter within them.

The substance was as subtle as dust and drifted along the nine main ancestral qi veins. 

“Ancestral Dragon Flesh!” Zhou Yuan couldn’t help flushing with excitement, and his heart pounded wildly inside his chest.

He had been working hard to find the Ancestral Dragon Flesh ever since he had arrived at Hunyuan Heaven, and now he finally saw the legendary Ancestral Dragon Flesh! 

With it and the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, Yaoyao could finally be awakened!

Zhou Yuan’s emotions surged like the tide, but he eventually managed to suppress his churning heart. He felt the indescribable pressure released from the mysterious substance, and everything in the world was shuddering under it.  

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and then activated the Sacred Derivation Boundary’s power.


The black hole began to vibrate as invisible power gathered. They pressed on the nine main ancestral qi veins and squeezed out some of the mysterious matter.

“The boundary derived by the Sacred Race’s Saint experts is indeed extraordinary.”

Even Zhou Yuan was a little surprised by the terrifying power contained within the nine main veins. Additionally, they were similar to illusory-like existences, yet the boundary was able to affect and even restrain them.

Evidently, the Sacred Race had put in great efforts for their plan to succeed.

But it had only benefited Zhou Yuan in the end.

Some mysterious matters were squeezed out from the main veins under the boundary’s force and accumulated in front of Zhou Yuan.

As the mysterious matter gathered, something seemed to be born.

Zhou Yuan stared at the space in front of him as if something was there. He could feel an indescribable aura of chaos, but he couldn’t see anything. It was as if the matter couldn’t be revealed before anyone.

That was one of the Ancestral Dragon Flesh’s mysteriousness. 

But Zhou Yuan still detected something that was the size of a strand of hair floating there and emitting a power that made him shudder. 

It was a lump of Ancestral Dragon Flesh.   

It released a terrifying pressure that made Zhou Yuan feel as if his body and Spirit were on the verge of crumbling.


It was then that the World Subduing Heavenly Dragon Qi within his body buzzed and produced dragon roars, shaking his body to dissolve the pressure from the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that ordinary people couldn’t touch the Ancestral Dragon Flesh. He only dared to step forward because he cultivated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, which was considered to have the same origin as it. 

Fortunately, he was right.   

But he still shouldn’t relax completely because the Ancestral Dragon Flesh was the most ancient matter between heaven and earth. Generally speaking, even Nascent Source experts wouldn’t dare to refine it with their strength, let alone Zhou Yuan, who was only at the Heavenly Sun stage. 

He, however, had no other choice at the moment.  

“Hahaha, Zhou Yuan, so you intend to save yourself with the Ancestral Dragon Flesh!” Jia Tu roared with laughter when he noticed Zhou Yuan’s plan.

His voice was filled with ridicule. “How ignorant of you!”  

Jia Tu shook his head and didn't know what else to say. Even though Zhou Yuan had reached the end of his life, he could at least live a little longer. But if he attempted to refine the Ancestral Dragon Flesh, he would be annihilated in an instant.

As the Sacred Race’s strongest Heavenly Sun stage expert, Jia Tu knew far more secrets than Zhou Yuan. Hence, he knew it was stupid and ignorant to attempt to refine the Ancestral Dragon Flesh. 

Zhou Yuan ignored his mocking laughter. How wouldn’t Zhou Yuan know about the risks involved? One’s cultivation path was always full of twists and turns. If one didn’t fight with their lives at the critical moments, how could one seize earth-shattering opportunities?

A determined glint came to his eyes, and he stepped forward without any hesitation. He opened his mouth wide and took a bite of the invisible Ancestral Dragon Flesh in front of him.


As the Ancestral Dragon Flesh, similar to a strand of hair, entered his body, he felt an ancient and vast power explode inside him.

The power was so terrifying that even he feared what could happen. 

“This isn’t good.”  

Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. Its power was a supreme power in the world and was simply uncontrollable. At the very least, he couldn’t control it with his present strength. 

This was despite him cultivating the Ancestral Dragon Scripture!   

Ultimately, he was still too weak!

Someone at his level couldn’t endure the Ancestral Dragon Flesh’s power.

Zhou Yuan raised his hand and saw his shriveled arm silently crumble into dust and drift away. The power of the Ancestral Dragon Flesh was directly decomposing his flesh.

Countless people from the five heavens paled as they watched on.

Bai Xiaolu also sighed inwardly, her eyes dimming.

“Your Highness!”

Su Youwei sprang up and was about to take a step forward when she suddenly collapsed and tumbled down the hill in front of her. When she finally stabilized herself, she was already severely injured and unable to move an inch.

She stared ashen-faced at the gradually decomposing figure and shakily stretched out her slender, mud-stained hand as if to hold onto him.

“Your Highness—” she muttered, tears coursing down her cheeks.   

Sorrow wildly attacked her heart and caused piercing pain.

Wu Yao clenched her hands, her beautiful face donning an extremely complicated expression. She stared at the figure and raised her brows. “Zhou Yuan, you can’t die here. I haven’t retrieved my Sacred Dragon Blessing from you yet!” 

Zhao Mushen’s expression changed indefinitely, and in the end, he stroked his chin, saying, “Zhou Yuan, you can go in peace. I will replace you and become the strongest at the Heavenly Sun stage.”


Jia Tu’s laughter reverberated again. He laughed so hard that he almost shed a tear. He was delighted to see Zhou Yuan die in front of him before the Saint fire melted him completely. 

Even a Saint expert can’t save that idiot now!

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