Chapter 1193 Boundary Reverse Swallows


The entire boundary suddenly shook violently as Zhou Yuan inserted the formation flag into its core. The boundary’s orderly movement, which was controlled by the most central position, was immediately halted.


At the same time, the flags put up at the nodes that the five heavens’ team members had destroyed also vibrated and buzzed simultaneously, responding to the call from the most central position. 

Those formation flags had little effect in ordinary times, but once the boundary’s core was destroyed, the seemingly ordinary-looking flags would rapidly corrode the boundary’s control.

Countless rays shot upward, piercing into the boundary.  

The boundary rippled with terrifying waves of energy. 

The Sacred Race team began to panic. Their eyes were wide with fear as they stared at the sky. The boundary that they relied on had become the god of death that could take away their lives. 

This was because they had built the boundary’s source, and now that someone else had taken control of the boundary, the boundary would launch a counteroffensive with its power.

This was the Sacred Derivation Boundary’s reverse swallowing!  

No one in the boundary could withstand the reverse swallowing!


Their fear didn’t last long. The world soon quaked, and space was directly ripped apart as terrifying power descended from above, striking the many Sacred Race team members with remarkable precision.

Everyone exploded into a puff of blood-colored smoke regardless of how they fought back.


Blood-colored smoke curled up throughout the boundary like a spectacular firework show.

Everyone from the five great heavens watched in astonishment. They didn’t feel any pity for the Sacred Race because they knew they would have suffered the same ending if they hadn’t broken through the boundary. Rather, their respect and gratitude for Zhou Yuan grew even stronger after they witnessed such a bloody scene. 

“Zhou Yuan!” Jia Tu roared, his eyes about to split.

He knew they would suffer a heavy loss, and Zhou Yuan, who resembled a corpse at that moment, was the one who had caused all of it!

“The Sacred Race won’t let you off lightly for what you have done!” Jia Tu’s voice was filled with murderous intent.

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, “I didn’t think you would be so childish. This is a battle of life and death. Do you think the Sacred Race’s hatred for me would be eliminated if I let you all go?” 

Jia Tu’s expression turned cold and sinister, and the anger on his face eventually faded. After composing his emotions, he understood Zhou Yuan wouldn’t show mercy.

He glanced at the sparks leaping about his body. The Saint fire was blazing fiercely, and once it invaded his body, he would vanish as if he had never existed.

No one could save him except someone at or above the Law Domain stage.

But even the Saint experts in the Sacred Race couldn’t intervene under Guyuan Heaven’s special rules. 

Therefore...he would no doubt die.  

Thinking of this, Jia Tu surprisingly became much calmer. He ran his eyes over the boundary and saw his team members being reverse-swallowed and exploded into blood-colored smoke. Then, one of his fingers suddenly dropped from his hand. 

The severed finger suddenly exploded, and a strange light shot out. 

The strange light expanded with the wind and formed a black ring.

The black ring swiftly streaked across the sky and appeared above the Sacred Race team as if it had teleported. It suddenly erupted with a powerful suction force, trying to draw in as many Sacred Race team members as possible before the boundary reverse-swallowed everyone.

The black ring seemed to lead to another domain.

Zhou Yuan indifferently watched on. The black ring, which emitted a chilling aura, was likely a creation of a Saint expert from the Sacred Race. But Zhou Yuan could sense that the black ring had no attack power and could only take away some people.

“You’re very cautious. You even prepared a route of retreat,” said Zhou Yuan with a little admiration. It was obvious that Jia Tu had prepared such a backup plan in advance. It had to be said that Jia Tu was amazing to think of this even if he knew he had a huge advantage going into the battle.

It was no wonder he was the Sacred Race’s strongest at the Heavenly Sun stage expert.

Jia Tu didn’t respond. His move could only save their situation a little because the boundary would no doubt swallow at least half of the Sacred Race team.

Moreover, they were the elites of the Sacred Race’s Heavenly Sun stage, and they shouldn’t be neglected even if the Sacred Race had a remarkable foundation.

Meanwhile, Jia Tu was corroded even more severely by the Saint fire after he severed his finger. The lower half of his body instantly melted into nothing.

Jia Tu cast an indifferent glance at Zhou Yuan, saying, “Zhou Yuan, you won this time, but do you think you can change anything by giving up your life? 

“The Battle of Guyuan Heaven is divided into four levels, and we are only the lowest level. The ancestral qi we are fighting for is only one-fifth of the entire Guyuan Heaven.

“In the upper levels, there are battles at the Nascent Source stage, the Law Domain stage and the Saint stage. Our Sacred Race won the majority of the ancestral qi in Guyuan Heaven in the past. Our Sacred Race is incredibly powerful, and you lowly ants can’t be compared to us.

“Moreover, so what if you win a little bit more this time? Can one victory be compared to our Sacred Races’ victories in the past thousands of battles in Guyuan Heaven?

Jia Tu shook his head, saying in a condescending and pitiful voice, "So, even if you win this time, you can’t change your lowly ant-like status.”

Zhou Yuan ignored him, his expression remaining calm and composed. He knew Jia Tu was trying to provoke him.

There is no need to deal with someone about to die.  

Jia Tu pursed his lips and said, “Zhou Yuan, I will be here, watching you die with me.”

Zhou Yuan still ignored him. Instead, he raised his head and looked above the boundary, where a giant black hole appeared. The black hole was restraining nine dragon-like existences. They were the nine main ancestral qi veins in Guyuan Heaven.

His eyes lit up as he surveyed these nine main ancestral veins.    

He curved a corner of his dried lips upwards, and a hoarse voice came from his throat, “Jia Tu, who said I would die here with you?” 

Jia Tu’s pupils shrank, and he coldly sneered, “You lit a Sant flame by burning your flesh, Spirit and Genesis Qi. Your body is on the verge of destruction. What else do you have to survive?”

“That’s not necessarily true. There is something that can save me now.”

With a smiling expression in his eyes, Zhou Yuan stared at the nine main veins trapped in the huge black hole formed from the Sacred Derivation Boundary. Inside, he felt the existence of an indescribable matter.

If his guess was correct, it should be what he always dreamt of...the Ancestral Dragon Flesh!

He didn’t need much. A little bit could save him from his current state, and the rest could still be brought back to Yaoyao.

However, he felt that the so-called Ancestral Dragon Flesh wasn’t something easy to withstand. 

But he had no other choice.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, and his eyes turned cold. Then, his shriveled figure suddenly soared into the sky and, under shocked gazes, sped towards the giant black hole.

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