Chapter 1192 Reversal

At the Sacred Derivation Boundary’s core.

Zhou Yuan and Jia Tu stood opposite each other from afar.

But both of their bearings had undergone earth-shaking changes. Jia Tu had lost his composure, and his changing expression revealed the fear in his heart.

He couldn’t help feeling afraid. Although the fire that Zhou Yuan spewed out was seemingly small like a candle’s flame, Jia Tu, as the strongest person at the Heavenly Sun stage in the Sacred Race, knew how terrifying the fire was from his vast experience.

It was a Saint fire that only Saint experts could refine!

It was said to be capable of incinerating Law Domains!

Regardless of how weak Zhou Yuan’s Saint fire was, it was still a Saint fire, a power that a Heavenly Sun stage expert couldn’t touch upon.  

“Zhou Yuan, you’re very fierce.” Jia Tu’s voice was filled with anger. “You didn’t hesitate to burn your flesh, blood, Spirit and Genesis Qi to create this Saint fire, but it isn’t a power you can touch. You will pay a hefty price for this.”  

Although he couldn’t understand how Zhou Yuan created the Saint fire, he could feel that Zhou Yuan’s flesh, blood, Spirit and Genesis Qi were burning away. In other words, Zhou Yuan was using them to fuel and bring out the Saint fire. 

If this continued, Zhou Yuan could be burned alive. 

Jia Tu drew a deep breath, and his expression changed again. “Zhou Yuan, I have to admit that you’re a formidable enemy. I’m willing to back down and allow the five heavens troops to exit the boundary unharmed. I can even leave three main ancestral qi veins to you.

“You have a limitless future. You shouldn’t burn yourself to destroy me here.” 

Jia Tu’s tone clearly showed he was stepping back. He was forced to back down.

In Jia Tu’s view, Zhou Yuan was a lunatic preparing for his last fight. If a battle were to break out between them again, Jia Tu didn’t have the confidence to escape unscathed under the Saint fire’s power. 

Jia Tu’s voice rang in everyone’s ears. The Sacred Race team remained silent and didn’t dare to object to him backing down.

This was because they could also feel Zhou Yuan’s terrifying power.

The people from the five heavens watched silently.

They could only push Jia Tu to such a state because of Zhou Yuan’s strength, and Zhou Yuan paid a very heavy price for this—as Jia Tu said, he was burning his life.

Therefore, they had no right to make a decision.   

Countless gazes were fixed on the shriveled figure. 

Amidst those gazes, Zhou Yuan’s terrifyingly wrinkled face didn’t ripple in the slightest, and only a faint fire leaped about in the depths of his eyes. But even the world seemingly shuddered under the fire’s light. 

“Your Sacred Race is arrogant and ruthless. What you said is ridiculous and only makes a laughing stock out of you.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “In my opinion, it’s best if the Sacred Race dies.”

Zhou Yuan’s answer was obvious. He had to pay a very heavy price for his current state. Additionally, there was a time limit, which Jia Tu should have guessed. This was why he deliberately tempted Zhou Yuan to try to stall for time. 

Jia Tu would kill Zhou Yuan on the spot the moment he withdrew from his powerful state.

If that was the case, it would be better to end everything neatly.

He had already paid the price, so was there a reason to step back?

Jia Tu’s face darkened. “You really want to give up your life? You won’t be able to protect your Spirit under the Saint fire. In other words, you will disappear from the world.” 

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to him. The faint fire continued to leap about within his shriveled body.

Smoke rose from his opened mouth, and then, sparks sputtered out.

The sparks swiftly gathered to form candlelight. The flame flickered and soon disappeared, but Jia Tu suddenly stiffened, and all his hair stood on end. He felt an indescribable aura of death envelop him.

“Sacred Pupil Art, Divine Galaxy Armor!”

Jia Tu drew back frantically as he roared. Cracks split his Sacred Pupil, causing blood to seep out, making him look even more terrifying.  

Jia Tu exerted all his powers because he knew the seemingly ordinary-looking flame possessed the power to utterly destroy him.


Space shattered as several starry rivers emerged from nowhere. The stunning starry rivers surrounded him like armor.

This was Jia Tu’s last trump card to protect his life!

Just as the Divine Galaxy Armor appeared, the fabric of space around him silently shattered, and sparks fluttered out, landing on his armor.

Under countless shocked gazes, Jia Tu’s strongest defense melted where the sparks touched. 

Jia Tu shuddered, his pupils shrinking.

The aura of death that the sparks brought felt suffocating. 

He finally understood that all his means were as fragile as tofu under the Saint fire’s sparks. 

Jia Tu didn’t dare to move an inch because he knew that any movement could trigger the sparks to destroy him completely.

However, even so, that only delayed the spread of the fire.

The countdown to death had already started.  

Jia Tu stared at Zhou Yuan’s shriveled body, regret rushing into his eyes.

If he had known this would be the outcome, he would have immediately killed Zhou Yuan as soon as he came to Guyuan Heaven. 

“I never thought I, Jia Tu, would end in your hands.” He was already very cautious, but who would have thought he would still be defeated?

“However, you will also die!” Jia Tu’s face twisted fiercely.

From his perception, he could feel Zhou Yuan had turned his flesh, blood, Spirit and Genesis Qi into fuel, which meant Zhou Yuan was in a similar situation. They both had fallen into the countdown to death.  

Zhou Yuan continued to ignore him. He flung his sleeve and hurled out dozens of formation flags, which all landed in different places around the core. Finally, with a slight movement, he appeared on the summit where Jia Tu was sitting cross-legged. 

There, it was the core of the Sacred Derivation Boundary.     

“Zhou Yuan! You ruined our Sacred Race’s plan! Our Saint experts will crush your bones to ashes and then eliminate all those related to you!” Jia Tu threatened, his eyes reddening with fury.

He drew back as his face contorted in a grimace of painA spark pierced through the Divine Galaxy Armor and instantly turned one of his arms into nothingness.

The Sacred Race teams finally began to panic, their eyes widening with fear.

Countless screams of terror resounded.   

No one could enter the core area except Jia Tu. But now that the core area had fallen into Zhou Yuan’s hands, there was nothing they could do but helplessly watch on. 

Ah! Ah!  

Then, roars of anger, despair and fear rang out one after another.

Once Zhou Yuan reversed the boundary, it would lead to a devastating outcome.

Unlike the Sacred Race, everyone from the five heavens watched the scene with complicated gazes, and when they looked at the shriveled figure, their eyes brimmed with admiration and awe. 


Countless people bowed their heads in Zhou Yuan’s direction, with their hands on their chest, performing the most respectful ceremony from ancient times.

What Zhou Yuan had done was enough to make his name spread throughout the five heavens.

It was also at that moment that Zhou Yuan inserted the formation flag in his hand into the mountain summit amidst gazes of despair and anger from the Sacred Race team.

Zhou Yuan smiled at Jia Tu.   

“Apologies, I have reversed the situation yet again.”    

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