Chapter 1191 Saint Fire Destroys Everything

There were four Cangxuan Saint Runes, all of which were stripped from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

The first time Zhou Yuan saw the most mysterious fourth rune was on Old Xuan’s back, and then, by some strange combination of circumstances, the four Saint Runes carried the largest piece of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and hid in his Divine Dwellings.

Zhou Yuan was very familiar with the first three Saint Runes, which had helped him tremendously over the years. 

But Zhou Yuan had never seen the true face of the fourth Saint Rune.

He didn’t even know its name. 

In Zhou Yuan’s view, the fourth Saint Rune should be the most powerful of the four, and one of the reasons he couldn’t see its true form yet was because he wasn’t strong enough. But he felt it had more to do with the fact he hadn’t had the right opportunity yet. 

But what was that opportunity?    

After so many years, Zhou Yuan sensed that the so-called opportunity he was waiting for was a strong enough threat. 

Although it was difficult for Zhou Yuan to touch upon the fourth Saint Rune, it had been in his Divine Dwellings for years, so he could feel its spiritual intellect was much stronger than the other three. It hadn’t appeared yet because Zhou Yuan hadn’t encountered a dangerous enough situation!  

Maybe it felt that it couldn’t appear so easily given its status.

Could a Saint Rune have such advanced spiritual intellect?  

Zhou Yuan was puzzled every time he thought about it.

Zhou Yuan had no choice but to plunge himself into Jia Tu’s Starry River of Destruction to investigate whether there was an opportunity that would make the fourth Saint Rune appear.

Jia Tu was too strong. Although Zhou Yuan had encountered many powerful people over the years, no one could push him to such a state of crisis.

However, this crisis was the perfect opportunity for Zhou Yuan to bring out the prideful fourth Saint Rune.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan didn’t hesitate to burn his flesh and blood and pour all his powers into the fourth Saint Rune in his Divine Dwellings when the destructive power roared towards him. 

“Big brother, you’ve been living in my body for so many years, so shouldn’t you pay rent?!”

As Zhou Yuan’s voice echoed in his body, an ancient rune on the Saint Rune ball, which had been dim for many years, finally grew brighter.

It soon erupted in a blaze of light.   

When the destructive force brought about by the constricting starry river crushed space and directly enveloped Zhou Yuan, the last flicker of hope in the eyes of everyone from the five heavens also dimmed. No one screamed out loud; they just sank down weakly, sitting paralyzed.

The Sacred Race troops in the distance burst into wild laughter.

Jia Tu wore a faint smile as he watched on as if admiring his masterpiece.

“After I kill this guy, what should I do with the people from the five heavens?

“I’ll refine them all into Blood Genesis Pills. It’s a pity that the five heavens put so much effort into cultivating them.”

Jia Tu watched the starry river’s destructive power engulf Zhou Yuan’s body. He should be turned into nothingness soon. It’s a pity because his flesh and blood could be refined into a tasty Blood Genesis Pill.

Just when he was thinking this, all his hair suddenly stood on end, and his pupils shrank and almost resembled snake-like eyes.

His previous delighted smile was replaced by a cold and shocked expression.

This was because he saw a figure standing silent and motionless in the center of the starry river like a rock.

With his perception, he could feel that the starry river’s destructive power didn’t strike Zhou Yuan’s body, and it suddenly vanished when it was an inch away from Zhou Yuan.

Many people within the boundary also noticed the sudden strange change. 

The eyes that had dimmed and lost their luster lit up suddenly. 

Whispers broke out among the Sacred Race team, and even some elites frowned in disbelief. They couldn’t understand why Zhou Yuan would be standing unwounded in the starry river’s depths.

No one at the Heavenly Sun stage should be able to endure such power!    

Why isn’t that guy dead?!    

Jia Tu similarly stared fixedly at the figure standing silently. Zhou Yuan’s flesh and skin were still shriveled, and he looked like a corpse, but Jia Tu could feel a terrifying power accumulating within the withered body. 

That power chilled him to his heart.   

“Stop playing tricks!”    

Murderous intent filled Jia Tu’s eyes as he folded his hands in a seal. The galaxy-like star map behind him sent another starry river roaring out like a dragon. The river sped towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan slowly lifted his wrinkled face, watching the starry river roar down.

Then, he opened his mouth.    

A hoarse noise sounded, and a faint, laughable wisp of smoke drifted out from his mouth.

Then, Zhou Yuan coughed violently.  

At that moment, the starry river had already streaked across the sky and was nearing him. Compared with it, his figure was as small and insignificant as a speck of dust.


However, he seemed to have cleared his throat from all that violent coughing, and a flame the size of a finger shot out. 

The flame seemed ordinary and didn’t have a showy appearance.


But when it fluttered out and collided with the starry river, although there weren’t any sounds or terrifying Genesis Qi shock waves, the starry river vanished amidst astonished gazes. It was as if it had evaporated without any trace.

A breeze passed by.

Zhou Yuan scratched his throat, and his shriveled body felt itchy. 

Jia Tu’s expression froze, and then his relaxed and condescending expression faded little by little, being replaced by a look of horror.   

He still couldn’t understand how Zhou Yuan, who had been suppressed all along, broke away from his control.

The wisp of flame looked very ordinary, but Jia Tu noticed a familiar wave of energy from it. That wave of energy was seen only on Saint experts, and the flame, although very small, should be the legendary Saint fire that only Saint experts possessed. 

Even Jia Tu felt an urge to curse out loud.

He refined a Saint fire at the Heavenly Sun stage?!

Who is he?!    

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