Chapter 1190 The Fourth Saint Rune


The enormous starry river around Zhou Yuan slowly shrank.

Every time it constricted, an indescribable force rushed over from all directions, causing the Genesis Qi surging around Zhou Yuan to recede. A terrifying pressure shrouded him completely, causing his body to crack. His blood gushed everywhere.  

This starry river’s destructive power was indeed terrifying.

Zhou Yuan’s face grew overcast. Jia Tu’s Sacred Pupil had reached the five-star level, and the arts it could form were much more terrifying than Xu Lei’s. 


Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath as terrifying power constantly constricted him. A one-foot Law Domain suddenly broke out, protecting him completely.

Heavenly Punishment Law Domain!  

The Law Domain drastically reduced the starry river’s constriction power, but Zhou Yuan’s expression didn’t seem to relax. He grew increasingly serious because he knew his Heavenly Punishment Law Domain couldn’t last forever. 

Based simply on Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan knew he couldn’t compete with Jia Tu’s 5.6 billion Genesis Qi foundation. 

He would no doubt lose first if they were locked in a fierce battle.

Jia Tu also had the same thought, which was why he wasn’t angry or surprised that Zhou Yuan had summoned his Law Domain to withstand the starry river’s destructive power. Jia Tu curled his lips in a sneer.

Zhou Yuan’s actions showed that he had almost exhausted everything he had. 

Jia Tu folded his hands together, and the starry river continued to constrict.

Zhou Yuan’s one-foot Law Domain rippled repeatedly.

Anyone could tell from this scene that Zhou Yuan had fallen into a hopeless situation.

Everyone from the five heavens looked in despair at Zhou Yuan, who was trapped in the starry river. They knew that Zhou Yuan had already done everything he could, but Jia Tu was too tyrannical.

Even Zhou Yuan’s four powerful sword lights had failed to kill him.

Even they wouldn’t have the fighting spirit to face such a powerful enemy.

Not only them, Bai Xiaolu and the other top experts from the five heavens also felt their hearts sink. The starry river created from Jia Tu’s Sacred Pupil was too terrifying. Zhou Yuan likely couldn’t get through the difficult situation unless he could summon all four rays of sword light again. 

Everyone fixed their eyes on the figure in the starry river. Those from the Sacred Race wore mocking smiles while those from the five heavens were shrouded in despair.

As time passed, the Law Domain around Zhou Yuan undulated more violently, a sign it would soon fade.

Jia Tu stood with his hands clasped behind his back, looking indifferently at Zhou Yuan. “You look really tragic.

“I’m really curious to know how long you will last under my Starry River of Destruction without your little Law Domain?”


As his voice faded, the Heavenly Punishment Law Domain finally reached its limit and crumbled into nothingness.

An incomparably terrifying power wildly rushed over again.


Zhou Yuan’s skin began to tear apart, and even his glass light, which greatly strengthened his defenses, couldn’t endure the starry river’s destructive power. 

“Great Flame Devil!”   

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned icy, but the temperature around him began to soar as red patterns emerged across his body.

“Green Wood Mark Taiyi!"   

Ancient runes emerged on his flesh and blood, erupting with majestic vitality to repair his injuries. 

Zhou Yuan brought out everything he had to withstand the starry river’s destructive power.

This, however, still wasn’t enough.

His skin and flesh cracked little by little to the point his bones were exposed and split. The injuries all over his body made many people’s hair stand on end. 

His body constantly crackled as if being crushed by gravity. 

Dripping with blood, Zhou Yuan slowly closed his blood-red eyes as though relenting. 

Jia Tu looked skyward and laughed wildly. His laughter echoed in every corner of the boundary. “Hahaha, is he the strongest Heavenly Sun expert from the five heavens? Didn’t I tell you lowly ants that you couldn’t defeat our Sacred Race with your power!?”

Countless people from the five heavens balled their hands into fists. Their fingertips almost punctured their palms, but the pain couldn’t compare to the anger and despair in their hearts.

Bai Xiaolu bitterly smiled, her face not matching her appearance or age. “Even Zhou Yuan can’t win…”

She, who was very prideful, acknowledged Zhou Yuan’s strength. But now, even Zhou Yuan couldn’t stop Jia Tu. Was there any hope?

“Zhou Yuan…”   

Wu Yao silently stared at the bloodied figure in the starry river. “How can you die here? I still haven’t defeated you!”

“Your Highness…”    

Su Youwei raised her blood-stained face. She, who was always strong-hearted, couldn’t help but tremble, and her eyes reddened.

“I’m sorry, I’m too useless and couldn’t help you.”    

She thought she could face everything with Zhou Yuan after all her years of cultivation, but in the end, she realized that she still wasn’t good enough.

Zhao Mushen peered at the void with a dark face. He gritted his teeth and said, “Zhou Yuan, you are the one who had defeated me. I don’t believe you will lose here!

“Also, I don’t want to die here! I haven’t eaten enough Sacred Race people!”

However, although he said that, what else could Zhou Yuan do in the face of Jia Tu’s abnormally strong power? 

Perhaps, Zhao Mushen believed in Zhou Yuan, who had always created miracles in the past.


Jia Tu’s laughter continued to echo between heaven and earth.

“Zhou Yuan, do you not feel the despair from the lowly ants? They still seem to hope that you can turn the situation around! Now, do you regret taking those idiots to break through the boundary formation?! Say, if they all die here, will the name Zhou Yuan become infamous?

“Haha, you brought about their deaths!” Jia Tu roared with laughter.

He suddenly stretched his back and smiled, “It’s time.”

The starry river constricted to its highest degree.

Flesh shed from Zhou Yuan’s body and turned to powder due to the terrifying force. 


Jia Tu noticed Zhou Yuan’s body shrivel, and Zhou Yuan’s blood dried up like a corpse. 

Surprise flashed through Jia Tu’s eyes because that wasn’t one of his starry river’s powers.

What is that guy doing?   

His eyes turned fierce, and he roared, “Die!”

He folded his hands together.  


The starry river vibrated violently, like a huge halo suddenly constricting, and terrifying forces rushed over, crushing the space around Zhou Yuan.  

Zhou Yuan would no doubt die when the power descended.

Everyone stared intently and dared not utter a sound.

Zhou Yuan tightly shut his eyes even though the destructive power was rushing towards him. It seemed he couldn’t sense anything. 

However, if someone saw the movements within his body, they would find that all Zhou Yuan’s powers were gathering in one place. 

He even burned the power of his flesh and blood and was clearly doing everything he could. 

This was his last resort.    

This method was difficult to activate in ordinary times, and it would only be born when his essence, qi, bodily strength and Spirit were refined to their peak and when he had the determination to fight his way out of death.

“Come out!” 

A deep roar resounded in Zhou Yuan’s mind.

A mysterious rune that had remained still for many years within the rune light ball in his Divine Dwellings finally erupted with dazzling light.

It was…    

The fourth Saint Rune of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!   

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