Chapter 119 The Green Haired Girl

“Buy Tuntun?”

Zhou Yuan was stunned by these words. Soon after, an expression containing a mix between laughing and crying appeared on his face. Tuntun likewise understood the green haired girl’s intentions and stared at her as if it was looking at a fool.

“Not selling.” Zhou Yuan shook his head and gave a clean rejection.

He knew just how violent the small creature in his arms could be, and was very certain that if he dared to nod his head, the little bastard would send a paw swatting towards him that would instantly cripple him.

Only after hearing Zhou Yuan’s resolute and decisive reply did Tuntun squint in satisfaction. It reached out and patted Zhou Yuan’s arm with a paw, as if complimenting the latter’s tactfulness.

The green haired girl became a little anxious due to Zhou Yuan’s answer and hastily said, “Sell it to me little bro! I, I offer five million Genesis crystals!”

Her eyes were filled with blazing desire as she stared at Tuntun. Others may not be able to sense how incredible Tuntun was, but she had a unique method that told her just how amazing it was.

“Five million Genesis crystals?”

Zhou Yuan was scared silly by this terrifying sum, bewilderment in his eyes as he stared at the green haired girl before them. Five million Genesis crystals was practically an entire year of revenue for the Great Zhou Empire. Just who was this girl? He could not believe that she would dare to call out such a price.

From the almost fanatical look in the green haired girl’s eyes, it was clear that she was not bragging and was really able to take out such a huge sum.

“So it's true that I’ll encounter all sorts of characters outside of the Great Zhou Empire.” Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart. It would be almost impossible to meet someone who could immediately call out a bid of five million Genesis crystals in the Great Zhou Empire.

However, even though he had been a little shocked by the five million Genesis crystals, Zhou Yuan shook his head to reject without the slightest hesitation.

Don’t joke around, it was not like he did not know how mysterious Tuntun was. Just the fact alone that it already possess the strength of the Alpha-Origin stage as a child meant that it would definitely become incomparably terrifying when it matured. Five million Genesis crystals might seem like an astonishing amount, but it was completely unable to compare to Tuntun.

The repeated rejections caused the green haired girl to stamp her feet in agitation as sweat appeared on her fair forehead. She lowered her head and looked at the back of her unblemished little hand where a glowing pattern could be seen. The pattern was currently giving off extremely intense heat.

This glowing pattern could detect the bloodline of a Genesis Beast. The stronger the bloodline, the hotter it would become.

As for the intense heat it was currently giving off, she had never felt it reach such a degree even when she had obtained Little Frost.

In other words, the bloodline of the little creature before her eyes was even stronger than Little Frost which possess a tiny portion of the ice phoenix bloodline.

For her, this possessed an almost fatal attraction.

The green haired girl grinded her teeth, the slight impulse of doing things by force rising in her head. Why not snatch the little creature, leave behind Genesis crystals and run?

As if sensing the green haired girl’s intentions, her clothes shuffled for a moment and a little ice-blue bird emerged from her collar, its eyes suffused with extreme cold Qi as it looked towards Zhou Yuan.

Frost began to emerge in the surrounding air.

At the appearance of the ice-blue bird, Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly narrowed as the Spirit between his brows shook for a moment, evidently sensing a powerful threat. His expression immediately turned serious as he looked at the bird. The latter was clearly no simple creature.

“This girl is even less so.”

Wariness filled Zhou Yuan’s eyes. The fact that she had such a formidable Genesis Beast at her side indicated that she was no ordinary character.

In Zhou Yuan’s arms, Tuntun almost fully closed eyes opened a little as its gaze swept towards the little bird. Its mouth opened slightly, faint black light dancing within as a growl emerged from its throat.

Tuntun had clearly sensed the faint hostility the little bird had directed at Zhou Yuan.

In response to Tuntun’s warning growl, the little bird trembled a little, hesitating for several breaths, before its head slowly retreated back into the girl’s clothes.

The green haired girl’s face instantly crumbled upon seeing her strongest Little Frost intimidated. Looks like the forceful route was not going to work, hence, she could only pitifully look towards Zhou Yuan.

“Little bro, what price will you be willing to sell it at?”

“How about…” The green haired girl began to rack her brains. “How about I grant you a dukedom in the Thousand Beast Empire? You can ask the Thousand Beast Empire for any cultivation resources you need!”

“A dukedom in the Thousand Beast Empire?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback. He was not unfamiliar with the name of this empire. The main reason why the Great Zhou Empire had time to catch their breath was because the Great Wu Empire was warring with the Thousand Beast Empire and the Sword Empire.

The fact that the girl before him could so easily give away a dukedom of the Thousand Beast Empire meant that she likely had some kind of amazing status.

However, Zhou Yuan ultimately shook his head. “Since you can see how extraordinary it is, you should also understand that it is priceless.”

“I will not sell it, so please stop entertaining such thoughts.”

As he finished speaking, the attendant from earlier finally returned and notified him that everything was ready. He paid the Genesis crystals, kept the items into his Universe bag and turned around to leave.

The green haired girl gazed at Zhou Yuan’s back in a crestfallen manner. It had not been easy for her to encounter a Genesis Beast which possess such a powerful bloodline, but it already has a master who was unwilling to sell it.

“No, no. I can’t give up!”

But the green haired girl soon began to stamp her feet. Obtaining that mysterious little beast would be far too helpful to her cultivation. Therefore, she could not give up so easily.

“If you don’t want to sell it to me, I’ll keep following you!”

The green haired girl’s eyes rotated in thought before quickly catching up to Zhou Yuan.

“Little bro, what’s your name?”

“Little bro, where do you come from?”

“Little bro, are you also going to the Saint Remains Domain? We can form a team, I’m pretty strong and definitely will not be a burden!”


After several steps, the veins on Zhou Yuan’s head were practically about to leap off. He took in a deep breath, before turning around to face the beaming bum beetle of a green haired girl that had been following him.

Zhou Yuan crankily said, “Why are you following me?” 

The green haired girl responded with a wide grin, “Our meeting is fate, why the need to be so cold. Can’t we get to know each other better?” 

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched irritably. Who can’t tell that you have designs on Tuntun.

Hence, he paid no further attention to the girl and quickened his footsteps, walking towards the place Yaoyao was at.

Upon seeing this, the green haired girl doggedly followed, continuing to force her yammering into his head.

The duo passed by one last hall as Zhou Yuan turned to look towards the place Yaoyao had originally been at. His eyes instantly widened.

At the display nearby, Yaoyao was still focused on the damaged ancient texts within. However, there was now a young man in white at her side.

The youth was rather handsome and gave off a cultured and refined aura. He smiled warmly as he stood beside Yaoyao as if continuously trying to say something.

Several servant girls followed behind him. Wherever Yaoyao’s footsteps stopped, he would wave his hand and buy all of the damaged texts her gaze had paused on.

Thus, in a brief few minutes, the servant girls’ arms were already bursting to the brim, drawing many gazes from the surroundings.

Zhou Yuan reached out to scratch the back of his head, a little puzzled by this scene. What was going on?

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