Chapter 1189 Starry River of Destruction

As the four rays of rainbow sword light surged into the sky, it looked as though the entire void was splitting apart.

Indescribable sword qi flooded every corner.

Anyone could feel the terror of the four rays of sword light.

The countenance of Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen and the others changed. They were

familiar with Zhou Yuan’s rainbow sword light and knew that they were his trump cards, but from what they knew, Zhou Yuan could only summon one ray of rainbow sword light at a time, given his Genesis Qi foundation.

Why would there be four rainbow sword light rays at once?! 

It’s impossible to summon four rainbow sword light rays at once with his foundation even if he squeezed out every last drop of his Genesis Qi, right?

But after the initial shock, a glimmer of hope rose in their hearts. Such a strong attack like the rainbow sword lights could indeed threaten someone as strong as Jia Tu! 

Perhaps it could even decide the outcome of the battle.    

“You concealed your strength well.”   

Hovering in space, Jia Tu gazed at the four rainbow sword lights floating in the distance. The sword qi they emitted made him feel tingling pain against his skin. He had to admit that Zhou Yuan’s move could indeed threaten him.

The raging sword qi crushed the boulders within the collapsed mountain into powder, and Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly rose from them.

Zhou Yuan similarly stared at the four rainbow sword lights in astonishment. He had tremendously improved due to the ancestral qi within the stone tablet. Not only was his Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light more perfect, but the ray of sword light within the gourd silhouette in his Divine Dwellings had also multiplied.

After this improvement, he had copied the newly improved rainbow sword lights into Silver Shadow's orifice.

As a result, he and Silver Shadow could summon four rays of rainbow sword light together. 

This was one of his means stored at the bottom of his chest.


Zhou Yuan puffed out white qi from his nose, and his eyes immediately turned cold and fierce. Then, he folded his fingers in a sword seal.


He didn’t say anything to Jia Tu and urged the four rainbow sword lights to slash through the air towards Jia Tu. 

As the rainbow lights streaked across the sky, an indescribable sword qi locked onto Jia Tu, making it impossible for him to evade. 

The momentum of the four Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Lights simultaneously slashing out almost split the sky apart. The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth frantically fled and dared not appear in front of the sword lights. 

The sword lights moved at an extreme speed as if they could penetrate through space. In just one breath, they were already in front of Jia Tu’s eyes and rapidly enlarging.

Jia Tu narrowed his eyes. He didn’t seem as relaxed as before. 

He folded his hands together in a series of seals and, in the end, thundered, “Dragon-Phoenix

Heavenly Evolution Wheel!”

Dragon and phoenix shadows roared around his body, entwining to form a huge wheel a thousand feet tall. Then, dragons and phoenixes circled within the light wheel, exuding boundless power. 

His dragon and phoenix earrings were a quasi-Saint object refined for him by a Saint expert in the Sacred Race. If his trip to Guyuan Heaven was successful, his quasi-Saint object would complete its transformation to become a true Saint-level object.  

The object, refined from the soul of a dragon and a phoenix, was an integration of attack and defense, which made Jia Tu have no flaws.  

But the current light wheel was its true appearance.

Evidently, Jia Tu didn’t want to be careless in case it failed miserably against Zhou Yuan’s four rainbow sword lights.

The four rainbow sword lights slashed through the air and fiercely swung down at the dragon-phoenix wheel as if slicing the world apart.

However, that earth-shattering collision didn’t produce any earth-shattering noise as expected.

The wind between heaven and earth seemed to have stilled.

Only the space around the point of collision was shattering, sending countless spatial fragments whirling. The area within thousands of feet of the collision had turned into a tremendous black hole. 

The black light concealed everything. 

However, the black hole phenomenon only appeared for a moment and soon dissipated.


When the black hole faded, everyone saw two rainbow sword lights shatter. 

At the same time, a huge crack was torn into the dragon-phoenix wheel.

The dragon-phoenix wheel managed to withstand two Sky Severing Rainbow Sword Lights! 

The remaining two pierced through the wheel and slashed towards Jia Tu.

Everyone from the five great five heavens lit up with excitement and joy because this was the first time Zhou Yuan had broken through Jia Tu’s defenses since the start of the battle. 

Jia Tu frantically retreated, speeding across the sky like a stream of light.

However, no matter how he retreated, he failed to break away from the two remaining sword lights. Mighty sword qi rushed towards him, almost flooding the entire world within his sight. 

They were unavoidable.


The two rainbow sword lights whizzed forward and slashed Jia Tu’s body under countless shocked gazes. 

Space ripped apart, and another black hole emerged from the collision, causing a storm of sword qi to rage across the area. Thousands of holes split the void open.


Uproar broke out within the Sacred Derivation Boundary.

Everyone from the five heavens flushed with excitement. Zhou Yuan’s fierce counterattack would no doubt severely injure Jia Tu!

It undoubtedly brought a glimmer of victory to them.

However, Bai Xiaolu, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and the others weren’t as relaxed. Their expressions were as solemn as before because they weren’t confident that Zhou Yuan’s two sword light rays could kill Jia Tu. 

Countless people fixed their eyes on the black hole.

The black hole rapidly shrank. 

After a few breaths, when the black hole disappeared, countless people’s pupils shrank rapidly.

A figure stood with his hands clasped behind his back. It was Jia Tu!

Moreover, there wasn’t the slightest injury on Jia Tu’s body, and he still wore an indifferent expression. However, the vertical line on the center of his brows suddenly opened, revealing his mysterious Sacred Pupil. Five stars were suspended inside.

Stars suddenly filled the space behind Jia Tu, which was actually a tremendous star map upon a closer look. 

In the star map, a flowing starry river released boundless power. 

It was then that everyone saw that the starry river, which had transformed from countless stars, had tightly imprisoned the two rainbow sword lights. 

They were Zhou Yuan’s two remaining sword lights. 

The starry river smashed down, and the two rainbow sword lights gradually dimmed before erupting into countless fragments with a loud boom.

The starry river had destroyed them both.  

Countless people from the five heavens paled at the scene, unconcealable fear filling their eyes. 

Even Bai Xiaolu and the others sighed.

As they had thought, Zhou Yuan’s powerful means couldn’t do anything to Jia Tu. 

“He’s the strongest expert at the Sacred Race’s Heavenly Sun stage? His strength really makes one feel despair.” Even they, who had tenacious minds, felt powerless at such a time.

Jia Tu stared at Zhou Yuan without the slightest emotion and said indifferently, “I’m impressed you could force me to display my Sacred Pupil’s power given your background. Zhou Yuan, you can be considered a true heaven pride. If you were part of the Sacred Race, your accomplishments might even be greater than mine. 

“But unfortunately”—Jia Tu shook his head—“the four rays of sword lights should be your strongest attack, and you most likely can’t summon them again given your foundation. Also, I’ve only just started to show my strongest attacks.”

He pointed to the star map behind him, saying, “This is transformed from my Sacred Pupil. It's called the Starry River of Destruction Map, and no one below the Nascent Source stage can destroy it.” 

Jia Tu looked condescendingly at Zhou Yuan, saying indifferently, “Zhou Yuan, how can you win against me?”

His voice reverberated in every corner of the boundary.

The eyes of everyone from the five heavens dimmed, and everyone exuded an aura of despair.

Hovering in space, Zhou Yuan glanced at Jia Tu, who was arrogant and overbearing. He then stared at the star map behind him, which was even more mysterious and bizarre. 

He wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth. At such a moment, he had to admit that Jia Tu was strong and that this was the most difficult battle he had experienced in his life. 

Jia Tu had easily countered his many trump cards.

But no matter how difficult the battle was, Zhou Yuan would never give up.

Jia Tu couldn’t help frowning when he saw that the fighting spirit in Zhou Yuan’s eyes still hadn’t been extinguished. Zhou Yuan’s tenacity really exceeded his expectation because anyone else would have lost all hope by now. 

Jia Tu shook his head and flicked his sleeve.    


The huge star map flashed, and the world seemed to be transferred elsewhere.

Zhou Yuan also felt the strange movement. By the time he returned to his senses, he had found that he was standing in the star map with an endless river flowing around him and a terrifying power crushing down. 

His flesh cracked, and blood trickled down his skin.

Jia Tu’s indifferent voice rang out again...    

“Zhou Yuan, it’s over. You can’t reverse the situation this time.”   

The starry river constricted and brought destruction upon the world. 

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