Chapter 1188 Four Rays of Sword Light


Two figures streaked across the sky like lightning bolts, producing ear-piercing sonic booms.

A terrifying Genesis Qi storm broke out from the two, engulfing everything in its way as it raged across the area. The shock waves from the battle shredded the mountains and rivers below them. Many people couldn’t help but shudder at the two’s destructive power.  


Jia Tu suddenly appeared on Zhou Yuan’s right as if teleported. He blasted out with a fist as a Genesis Qi torrent roared into the sky like an enraged dragon, enveloping Zhou Yuan with destructive force. 

But just as it neared Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan beat the silver wings behind him. He reappeared hundreds of feet away, swiftly evading Jia Tu’s terrifying offensive.

He previously wasn’t as fast as Jia Tu, but with the help of Silver Shadow’s new form and the pair of silver wings, his speed had increased tremendously, helping him avoid Jia Tu’s attack.

However, Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to relax since his speed was only at the same level as Jia Tu, even with Silver Shadow’s help. 


Therefore, Zhou Yuan had only just retreated when Jia Tu’s cold laughter rang in his ears.

Genesis Qi palms hurled down like a rainstorm.

Even Zhou Yuan couldn’t evade such a bombardment with his remarkable speed, and he had no choice but to face it with full strength. 


Genesis Qi undulated, and a giant thousand-foot-tall Genesis Qi wave broke out.    

Zhou Yuan finally had the strength to endure Jia Tu’s terrifying offensive through Silver Shadow’s new form, but Jia Tu still had the upper hand when the two faced each other head-on.

His 5.6 billion Genesis Qi foundation completely suppressed Zhou Yuan.

“Great Flame Devil!” roared Zhou Yuan.  

Crimson streaks appeared all over his body. The temperature in the air steadily climbed, causing the void to twist and distort.

“Million Whale!”    

His bodily strength and the Genesis Qi within his body swiftly merged. The ancient whale shadow hovered out, and as he swung the mottled brush, even the clouds shattered under the berserk force.

He could kill even Xu Lei with his brush’s current power.

Zhou Yuan had unreservedly brought out all his means to deal with Jia Tu.

“Oh.” Jia Tu smiled in response to the terrifying offensive rushing towards him. “Finally, a decent attack."   

Although he said this, he showed no intention of drawing back, and instead, he strode forward and formed a mysterious fist seal with his hand.

“The Great Lion Seal!”  

As the fist seal slammed out, a deafening lion roar seemed to reverberate throughout the world. Jia Tu’s fist seal seemed to have transformed into a giant ancient lion, and it shuttled through time and space and clashed with the Heavenly Yuan Brush with boundless fierceness. 


A loud explosion directly smashed the void.

Everything shattered as though a hurricane was wreaking havoc.

Jia Tu actually withstood Zhou Yuan full-strength punch!

Even the hair on the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s tip broke apart, becoming swirling fragments in the sky. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed when he saw his attack had failed. He flicked the mottled brush body, and a Genesis Rune suddenly glowed.

“Spirit Devour, Spirit Burial!”   

Boom! Boom! Boom!   

The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s tip produced three resounding booms before launching a mighty Spirit offensive at Jia Tu.

It was the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Spirit Devour Rune! 

The third Spirit Burial stage’s power made even Zhou Yuan feel piercing pain in the center of his brows. 

He ignored the pain in his Spirit. His eyes flashed fiercely as he continued to erupt with the remaining power contained in the Spirit Devour Rune.  


The fourth Spirit Burial stage!  

When the fourth Spirit Burial stage erupted, blood streamed down Zhou Yuan’s nose, and the veins on his forehead throbbed, causing tearing pain to his Spirit. 

The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Spirit Burial power specifically attacked one’s Spirit. Due to Jia Tu’s powerful Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan thought to attack his Spirit instead and see whether it would be effective.  

Surprise flashed across Jia Tu’s eyes when he saw such destructive Spirit power gushing towards him. He clearly didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to have concealed such a means.

“You want to attack my Spirit?”

But Jia Tu didn’t panic in the slightest. He instead chuckled. His dragon and phoenix earrings gently vibrated before they fell from his ears and transformed into two dragon and phoenix silhouettes in front of him, like a dragon and phoenix shield.


The Spirit attack that Spirit Burial had formed smashed fiercely into the dragon and phoenix shield, but it only caused it to ripple. The dragon and phoenix suddenly opened their mouths and swallowed all the Spirit power.

Zhou Yuan’s heart sank. Jia Tu has endless means. He is very difficult to deal with. 

Zhou Yuan retreated without any hesitation.   

“You plan to flee?” Jia Tu smiled at Zhou Yuan and threw out a punch.  

The fist slammed through the dragon and phoenix shield in front of him, and the dragon and Phoenix silhouettes immediately enveloped his fist like a glove. Moreover, the Spirit power they swallowed earlier was released at the same time.


The punch blasted through space and appeared right in front of Zhou Yuan.

The fist not only contained Zhou Yuan’s Spirit Burial power but also Jia Tu’s terrifying Genesis Qi.

The two created a frightening counterattack together.  


The punch sent Zhou Yuan flying again.  

His figure streaked across the sky and then smashed through a lofty mountain. Boulders tumbled down and buried him alive. 

Many Sacred Race experts within the boundary roared with laughter.

The five heavens troops were all pale-faced. 

Jia Tu’s expression was terrifying as he stood in the air like a demon king. Regardless of how strong Zhou Yuan’s means were, it had no impact on Jia Tu.

Bai Xiaolu, Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen and the others remained silent.

This was their first time seeing an opponent that had suppressed Zhou Yuan in all aspects.

Jia Tu was too strong. If they were on the battlefield instead of Zhou Yuan, they likely would have felt despair. It was already very impressive that Zhou Yuan had lasted so long against him.  

However, it still wasn’t enough for them to win.

Hovering in the sky, Jia Tu peered at the collapsed mountain with an indifferent smile. “He shouldn’t be dead, right?”


A resounding sword cry responded to him.


Piercingly sharp sword qi squeezed out from the bottom of the mountain, turning countless boulders into powder.  

“Is this the sword qi from one of your Saint Genesis Arts? It’s indeed incredibly sharp and fierce,” said Jia Tu curiously.


A ray of rainbow sword light slowly rose.

“That ray of sword light is powerful, but one likely won’t be enough.”


Another sword cry resounded across the world as though responding to him, and a second ray of rainbow sword light rose into the sky.

“Interesting. This should be your strongest attack, isn’t that right?" said Jia Tu, clapping his hands. “If I destroyed them, wouldn’t you lose all hope?”

But as soon as his voice faded, another sword cry rang in the silent world.

This time it wasn't one but two!  

Amidst astonished gazes, another two rainbow sword lights slowly rose from the bottom of the mountain. 

The four rays of rainbow sword light stood side by side. The sword qi they emitted was enough to shake the void.

Jia Tu’s expression finally changed for the first time when he saw the four rays of rainbow sword light.

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