Chapter 1187 Ancient God Scripture?

The five heavens’ troops shivered as they stared at the abyss-deep crack in the ground, particularly those familiar with Zhou Yuan.

This was because they had witnessed how Zhou Yuan had dominated previous battles time and time again and had never seen a situation where he was almost killed in a split second. 

This clearly demonstrated Jia Tu’s terrifying strength.

Under countless gazes, Jia Tu looked at the crack splitting through the ground without a ripple on his face. Only a glimmer of faint surprise flashed across his eyes.

“That palm strike didn’t destroy him?”

When Jia Tu had flooded the area with his power, he had felt Zhou Yuan release a strange power that had dissolved the majority of his attack.


A loud boom resounded in the abyss, and a figure shot into the sky.

The figure was, of course, Zhou Yuan. It was just that he looked somewhat tragic. His upper garment was in tatters, his arms were bloodied and mangled, and even some bones had fractured.

His face was overcast with a frown. The speed and power of Jia Tu’s violent attack had far exceeded his expectations.

The power of a 5.6 billion Genesis Qi foundation was beyond his imagination.

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t timely activated his Heavenly Punishment Law Domain during the collision and hadn’t possessed the Saint glass light, which protected him, he would have likely died under the palm strike.  

Zhou Yuan shook his arm, and the twisted bones quickly returned to their original state. His torn flesh rapidly healed under his remarkable recovery ability.

However, Zhou Yuan wasn’t too concerned about his external injuries and just stared at the silver Genesis Qi circulating around Jia Tu’s body. A storm rushed up in his heart.

He wasn’t shocked by the power of his opponent’s Genesis Qi, but…

He faintly felt that Jia Tu’s Genesis Qi was somewhat similar to the Genesis Qi he cultivated from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

However, although Jia Tu’s Genesis Qi was extremely high grade, it wasn’t as pure as his. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. He felt that the Genesis Qi that Jia Tu cultivated might be connected to the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

“Your Genesis Qi is quite powerful,” praised Zhou Yuan.

He wanted to obtain some information from Jia Tu.

Jia Tu, who didn’t pay much attention to him at first, couldn’t help smiling when he heard his compliment. “You have good eyes. The Genesis Qi I cultivate comes from the Ancient God Scripture, which is passed down from the God of our Sacred Race. Only the most talented of each generation in the Sacred Race is allowed to cultivate it.”

The so-called Ancient God Scripture was something that Jia Tu was incredibly proud of. Zhou Yuan’s question perfectly scratched his itch. 

“Ancient God Scripture?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. Could it be the Ancestral Dragon Scripture?    

Zhou Yuan felt that there might be a relationship between the two.

However, it was Yaoyao who had given him the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, a mysterious and rare cultivation art in the world. So what was the origin of Jia Tu’s Ancient God Scripture, which seemed related to the Ancestral Dragon Scripture? 

Could Yaoyao have some sort of relationship with the Sacred Race?

But if this is the case, given the enmity between the Sacred Race and all races, how would master Cang Yuan keep Yaoyao by his side and raise her with his heart?

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. Yaoyao’s identity was too mysterious. Once she regained consciousness, he thought he needed to ask master Cang Yuan to explain everything to him. He felt that he had the right and qualification to know about these matters now.

Zhou Yuan quickly suppressed the emotions streaming through his heart. His priority was to get rid of Jia Tu. 

Only after he eliminated Jia Tu and obtained the Ancestral Dragon Flesh would Yaoyao awaken. 

Moreover, Jia Tu seemed to have not noticed the similarities between their Genesis Qis, which surprised Zhou Yuan a little. After all, Jia Tu’s Genesis Qi foundation was clearly better than Zhou Yuan’s, yet he had failed to notice the similarities, whereas Zhou Yuan had.

Is it because the Ancestral Dragon Scripture is more orthodox? speculated Zhou Yuan.

But his speculation had little importance at such a time because he could again feel the tremendous Genesis Qi surging around Jia Tu’s body.  

Given Zhou Yuan’s current state, he knew he was no match for Jia Tu, even if he had the protection of the Heavenly Punishment Law Domain and the mysterious glass light. After all, such passive defenses couldn’t last forever, and they also consumed huge amounts of his Genesis Qi.

Therefore, the longer the battle dragged on, the more dangerous Zhou Yuan’s situation would become. 


Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, and he stretched out his hand without any hesitation. A silver ball emerged on his palm.  

It was Silver Shadow.    

However, Zhou Yuan didn’t transform Silver Shadow into human form this time and just folded his hands into a seal. The silver ball suddenly turned into liquid. It flowed down and spread throughout his skin.

However, it didn’t shroud him in armor as it did in the past.

Instead, it formed several mysterious silver streaks that intertwined with each other and created mysterious rune marks. They eventually sank into his skin. From afar, they looked like mysterious silver tattoos. 

Of course, the most striking was still the pair of silver wings extending from Zhou Yuan’s back.

The silver wings spanning over three meters glistened under the sun and radiated a sacred aura.

As the silver runes and silver wings took shape, the universe Genesis Qi endlessly converged in Zhou Yuan’s direction as though drawn by some kind of force. 

Zhou Yuan slowly clenched his hand and then peered at the silver rune on his hand. His eyes widened in surprise.

This was Silver Shadow’s new form, which Zhou Yuan called the Silver God Rune. 

Silver Shadow’s ability to evolve into this form was precisely one of the benefits that Zhou Yuan had obtained from the mystic ruins’ stone tablet. Silver Shadow’s Genesis Qi foundation had soared to the level of 3.5 billion, but that still wasn’t enough against powerful enemies such as Jia Tu.

After all, one’s Genesis Qi strength couldn’t be added together in such a simple way. Zhou Yuan’s 4.3 billion foundation and Silver Shadow’s 3.5 billion couldn’t be equal to 7.8 billion.

However, if the Silver God Rune was fused with Zhou Yuan, it would no doubt increase his strength tremendously.  

This was also one of the trump cards he had prepared for Jia Tu.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were chilly when he clenched his hand. The Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his grip in a flash, and he pointed its sharp tip towards Jia Tu from a distance.  

“Huh?” Jia Tu raised his brows in surprise. Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation hadn’t changed much, but his bearing was much more imposing.

However, Jia Tu’s expression was still calm and composed. He nodded with interest as if the prey chosen to go on the beast-fighting stage had suddenly erupted with terrifying strength and caught his attention. 

But no matter how frantically the prey erupted with strength, it was always just prey, and its purpose was to entertain him.

The prey would be killed once the fun was over.

“Zhou Yuan, let’s see how much fun you can bring me.”

As his voice faded, Jia Tu vanished again.

He once again launched a terrifying offensive.

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