Chapter 1185 Live or Die

Xu Lei sat cross-legged in space, looking at Zhou Yuan with a contemptuous gaze. Although Zhou Yuan had defeated him, Zhou Yuan was now caught in a dilemma.

The space portal that leads directly to the core was right in front of him, but he couldn’t enter.

This was because as long as the majority of the important nodes remained, no matter how remarkable he was, he was still powerless in front of the portal that gathered the strength of countless elite Sacred Race members. 

“Zhou Yuan, give up. You are pretty talented. If you join the Sacred Race, you would also be valued. When the Sacred Race unifies Tianyuan World, you can perhaps still protect your family and friends,” said Xu Lei condescendingly.

But Zhou Yuan paid no attention to his nonsense and continued to stare at the light screen before him. 

“Hmph.” Xu Lei coldly snorted. “So stubborn. Then you will die with the rest of the Heavenly Sun experts from the five heavens.”   


The moment his voice faded, the node vibrated, and the void rippled chaotically.

Xu Lei’s countenance changed dramatically.

“The boundary is shaking?!” 

Zhou Yuan also noticed the sudden change. He immediately shifted his gaze to the innermost light spots on the light screen. His pupils shrank. The light spots were dimming at an unbelievable speed.

This indicated that their life force was dissipating, a sign they had suffered critical injuries.

Zhou Yuan stretched out his finger and gently stroked the light spots. Scenes flashed across his mind like lightning.

Bai Xiaolu was sitting next to a formation flag, her body a lot smaller than before and resembling a five-year-old girl.

Her skin that previously glowed with glass light was now dull and ordinary.

Bai Xiaolu glanced behind her, where a huge pit was filled with a pool of blood, a corpse silently floating on its surface. 

Although her condition was bad, she still held onto her last breath. 

This could be regarded as her worst battle ever.

“I don’t have any strength left. Zhou Yuan, if you can't handle Jia Tu, we will all die here.”

Guan Qinglong took the most difficult steps with his shriveled body. Every step seemed to exhaust his strength. Azure light circulated around his body to form a special light shield. 

An armored figure stood motionless behind him. The sacred heaven pride hadn’t died and was only sealed. This was because Guan Qinglong had no strength left to kill him, but fortunately, he could take advantage of this moment to complete his mission.

Guan Qinglong came to a certain place in the void, took out a formation flag with trembling hands and inserted it into the ground with all his strength.  

He sank to his knees along with the flag. As he lifted his cloudy eyes to the void above, his life force gradually dissipated.

“Captain Zhou Yuan, everything depends on you now.”   


Chu Qing put up the formation flag and sat down cross-legged.

He was dripping with blood, and one of his arms was missing. Behind him, two headless corpses stood upright.

He had defeated and killed Mi Shan and Mi Shi at the cost of his arm.

But compared to the others, the price he paid was the smallest.


Wu Yao tottered from side to side. A one-foot-long silver needle was piercing through her abdomen, and blood constantly trickled down it. 

However, her narrow phoenix eyes were still full of coldness.

The sacred heaven pride, Gu Yan, opened her mouth wide while Wu Yao slowly removed her hand from her chest. And as she removed her hand, she also took Gu Yan’s life. 

“How…how is this possible…?” Gu Yan’s eyes shrank.   

She couldn’t believe she would perish here.  

Wu Yao was in no mood to talk to her. She staggered to a certain place in the void and planted a formation flag.


A jet of blood spurted out from her mouth, making her lips appear even more striking.


A giant hole appeared in the ground.   

The entire world was filled with swirling ashes, as though everything had been destroyed.

A delicate dirt-stained hand stretched out from the edge of the giant hole, and a beautiful figure crawled out of the hole with difficulty.

Su Youwei’s body was riddled with hideous scars, and blood constantly seeped out from her fair jade-like skin, indicating that her internal injuries had reached an extremely serious stage.

However, she paid no attention to the throbbing pain brought by her internal injuries. Although she appeared gentle on the surface, her mind and heart were very tough. She could reach such a level in these years not only because of the training in the Zixiao Region but also because of her resilience.

She peered into the deep hole with an indifferent gaze and then turned to a certain location. She took out a formation flag and put it up.

After she completed her mission, she sat down and hugged her knees in exhaustion, slightly raising her blood-stained yet still-beautiful face.

“Your Highness, I didn’t hold you back, right?”    


Half a body was slowly crawling along the ground, leaving a hair-raising trail of blood wherever it passed.

Half of Zhao Mushen’s body had exploded to pieces, and his intestines were being dragged across the ground as he crawled. However, he didn’t care because his blood and flesh would be restored after he swallowed the sacred heaven pride. 

Furthermore, he only had a bald head left before he swallowed his opponent.

His hoarse laughter rang in the air, “Hahaha…so what if you are a sacred heaven pride? Are you more ruthless than I am?”

He took out the formation flag and inserted it into the ground.   

Feeling the node shake, he lifted his head. “Zhou Yuan, I hope you won’t disappoint me.”


Zhou Yuan moved his fingers away from the light spots, and the images abruptly stopped flashing across his mind. 

He stared silently at the dimmed spots for a long while because he could imagine how tragic the battles were even from the flashing images. 

This was a victory they had traded their lives for.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, looking at the nodes shaking increasingly violently. The entire Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation was in disorder and was not as perfect as before.


Cracks spread rapidly across the space portal.

“No matter what the outcome is, you have nothing to be ashamed of before anybody.”

Ignoring Xu Lei’s shocked and angered gaze, Zhou Yuan stood up and, with a slight movement, appeared in front of the portal.

The boundary shook violently.   

Meanwhile, the Sacred Race teams and the teams from the five heavens halted their battle and raised their heads. They saw Zhou Yuan standing in front of the portal in the void’s depths.

This was why the formation fell into chaos and could no longer form a barrier.


Under countless intent gazes, Zhou Yuan punched out!

Platinum Genesis Qi roared out like a dragon.

He unreservedly erupted with the power of his Genesis Qi foundation. 


The windblast generated from the fist slammed into the space portal like an enraged dragon. Cracks rapidly extended across the portal until the portal exploded into countless streams of light. 

A spatial vortex hovered behind the portal.   

It led to the boundary’s core, which could affect the Sacred Race’s plan if destroyed. However, it wasn’t that easy for that to happen because it was guarded by the strongest sacred heaven pride.

Everyone’s last hope was on the figure standing in front of the vortex.

“Captain Zhou Yuan, we will win!”  

The troops from the five heavens yelled.  

As though contagious, more and more voices rang out.

“We will win!”   

“We will win!”   


Hoarse and exhausted voices echoed throughout the boundary formation.

Bai Xiaolu and the others listened calmly and weakly to the mighty voices. They knew that Zhou Yuan’s name would resound throughout all the heavens if they won.

Of course, if he lost, everything would end.

All of them would die here.  

Standing in front of the spatial vortex, Zhou Yuan didn’t turn his head back once when he heard their voices. He lifted his foot and stepped into the spatial vortex without any hesitation.

Even Zhou Yuan lacked the confidence to beat the Sacred Race’s strongest Heavenly Sun expert. But no matter what, he couldn’t shrink back.

This battle…    

I either live or die.   

There is no other path.   

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