Chapter 1184 Each Fight With Their Life

At the same time as Bai Xiaolu burned her flesh and blood, Guan Qinglong was covered in blood, and his bare upper body was riddled with fist marks. They seemed to be burned into his body and wouldn’t fade.  

Despite his severe injuries, Guan Qinglong still hadn’t fallen. He tightly gripped his Azure Dragon Blade as blood streamed down his arm and dyed the blade blood-red.

A tall figure clad in heavy armor stood in front of him. The armor was similarly covered with deep sword marks, but compared to Guan Qinglong, his state was much better.

As Guan Qinglong looked at the armored figure exuding an imposing bearing, his expression tensed, and his countenance changed.

“Even Jiang Jinlin and Li Fu have died in battle….”

Guan Qinglong’s expression was particularly complex because this was the first time they received news of a leader’s death since the start of the Battle of Guyuan Heaven. 

It was clear that the Sacred Race elites were incredibly powerful.

Even Guan Qinglong had fallen into a disadvantaged position, and if the situation continued like this, he also might die in battle. 

But…I can’t just die like that. 

Guan Qinglong slowly tightened his grip around his weapon, muttering, “Even if I die, I should do something useful before I die. 

“Captain Zhou Yuan, you are stronger than me. Hunyuan Heaven’s hope is on you.

“I will do everything I can to clear the path for you.   

“For all heavens!”  

The blood trickling down Guan Qinglong’s arm formed an ancient rune on the blade. Guan Qinglong’s tall figure gradually shriveled, and the three Heavenly Suns behind him…suddenly burst into flames.

“This art is called the Heaven Sealing Art!”  

As azure light roamed around his eyes, he suddenly brought his blade down.

The sky and ground split into two where the azure light passed.


“So difficult…” Chu Qing sighed.  

He also received Zhou Yuan’s message. He immediately raised his head, staring at the two figures ahead. Mi Shan and Mi Shi both had weaker Genesis Qi foundations, but their combined strength could still hold him up.

The two sides were equally matched.  

But the delay was detrimental because his opponent was considered the defender, which meant it would be considered their victory as long as they could defend the node.

“Although I’m lazy...I don't want to hold everyone back,” said Chu Qing with a smile. 

He clenched his hand, and a golden shuttle appeared in his grip.

His eyes suddenly grew sharp, and countless images appeared as he sped out.

Mi Shan and Mi Shi unleashed a deafening roar and erupted in astonishing Genesis Qi, meeting him head-on. 

The golden shuttle streaked across the sky, flashing with a familiar rainbow color. 


Wu Yao was shrouded in a dense pink fog that could bizarrely block one’s perception. Strange icy light rays pierced the fog from time to time.

They were long and thin needles.

Wu Yao’s flawless jade-like face was icy and determined. Her bright red dress was torn, exposing her fair skin, but her ripped dress made her even more charming than usual. 

“Hehe, don’t worry. I won’t hurt your beautiful face since it would make my heart ache,” a giggle echoed in the dense fog, but it was impossible to distinguish the direction it was from. 

Both Wu Yao’s body and mind tensed up. She had to be on guard at all times. The dense fog was formed by her opponent’s Sacred Pupil, and it could not only block Wu Yao’s perception but also draw away the Genesis Qi within her body. The situation could become very dangerous if it continued. 

Wu Yao, however, didn’t sit and wait for death.

Something strange began to form in her Divine Dwellings. It appeared to be an object between a state of nothingness and substance. It resembled a light ball, and it was enveloped in the Sacred Dragon Qi—as though it was being nourished.

However, it seemed to be missing something. 

While Wu Yao knitted her brows in a frown, Zhou Yuan’s voice rang in her ear.

“Zhou Yuan?”   

Wu Yao’s mind, which was like a frozen lake, rippled slightly, and Zhou Yuan’s face flashed across her mind. 


Her Divine Dwellings suddenly vibrated. 

Wu Yao’s phoenix eyes suddenly lit up. Her red dress billowed, and a golden flame blazed from her body, producing a faint phoenix cry.


The golden flame formed a ring of fire, incinerating the dense pink fog where it passed.  

Wu Yao’s eyes flashed coldly as she sped out like lightning. Golden flames twisted around her fair hand like a blade of golden flame. It slashed through the air towards a figure hovering in space. 



Berserk Genesis Qi shock waves raged through the air. 

Su Youwei’s beautiful body was blasted back, leaving a long and deep mark in the ground. A streak of blood trickled down from a corner of her lips.

In front of her was a figure covered in chains. The figure’s expression grew cold. “You have great potential, but unfortunately, you’re going to die here.”

He stepped forward.    

He saw a yin yang light disk emerge on the ground, and he happened to be standing on the yang eye, whereas Su Youwei was standing on the yin eye.

Although he knew the situation wasn’t good, he didn’t dare make any strange movements because he could feel the terrifying power contained within the yin yang light disk. 

“This power can’t distinguish the enemy...are you sure you want to trigger it?” asked the chained sacred heaven pride in a serious tone. “If you really trigger it, your probability of dying is likely higher than mine.”

Su Youwei said indifferently, “I’m not afraid of death. I'm just afraid of His Highness being unhappy.    

“He wants to go forward, so I have to push him from behind, even at the cost of my own life.”

Her seal changed as she spoke. 


Terrifying power erupted under the sacred heaven pride’s shocked gaze and engulfed them both. 





Yuan Ying’s face darkened. He repeatedly launched terrifying Genesis Qi attacks to blast away the ghost-like figure constantly speeding over. 

The figure was Zhao Mushen.  

He was dripping with blood, and his body was badly mangled. But his eyes, filled with icy coldness, gleamed covetously as they locked on Yuan Ying.

Yuan Ying had the absolute upper hand throughout the match, but he had suddenly become overcautious and hesitant.

This was because...Yuan Ying had noticed that three fingers were missing when he glanced at his hand. Zhao Mushen had bit off his fingers and swallowed them in their previous clash. 

But what chilled Yuan Ying to the bone was that his flesh and blood had disappeared where he was bitten, and no matter how he circulated his Genesis Qi, he couldn’t restore his fingers. 

“That pervert…” Yuan Ying said sullenly. That guy completely disregarded his life just to take a bite of me. He will bite me at any price. But he’s terrifyingly tenacious and still hasn’t died after suffering several attacks.

In Yuan Ying’s view, Zhao Mushen was more ruthless than members of the Sacred Race.

Although we eat all kinds of living beings, they are all refined into blood pills before being eaten, but this bastard swallowed my fingers raw!  

Yuan Ying sometimes suspected whether Zhao Mushen was part of the Sacred Race.  

A fierce glint flashed across Yuan Ying’s eyes, and he suddenly balled his hand into a fist as he stared at the figure speeding over.

“It doesn’t matter what you are—I’ll kill you first!”   

Space suddenly twisted, and a black liquid seeped out like a moving shadow. It clung to Zhao Mushen’s upper body.

Zhao Mushen coldly stared at Yuan Ying, and black light was flowing in his mouth as though his mouth was a black hole capable of swallowing everything. In truth, the things he swallowed weren’t swallowed into his stomach but transformed into pure universe Genesis Qi. 

Zhao Mushen tried to wrench himself free, but the black liquid clung to him firmly, preventing him from escaping.

His expression suddenly stiffened. 

“Jiang Jinlin and Li Fu have died? 

“Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, even you are at a loss at what to do?”

Zhao Mushen’s eyes flashed, and he bore a look of determination.

“Zhou Yuan, what I am going to do is for the people of my Wanzu Region. I don’t care whether you live or die!”

Zhao Mushen’s body below his chest exploded into pieces, sending flesh and blood splattering everywhere.

Yuan Ying’s pupils shrank. He was evidently horrified by Zhao Mushen’s action, and he soon felt a chill surge toward him. He abruptly lifted his head and saw a head shooting across the air, its mouth wide open and spewing black light. Moreover, an ancient beast seemed to be looming on the head.

Before Yuan Ying could react, the black light had already enveloped him.

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