Chapter 1183 Two People Died in Battle

The huge pits and abyss-like cracks left in the wasteland showed how fierce the previous battles were.

A dark-yellow dragon was lying on its stomach in a giant pit. Its scales had shattered, and blood was constantly flowing out of its body, staining the ground a faint golden color.   

The giant dragon’s body was motionless, and although its eyes were open, its vitality was completely gone.


Grinning, a figure dripping with blood summoned a cauldron in front of the dragon and added materials to light the cauldron. As the fire blazed, the intense heat caused even space to distort.

The figure lifted the cauldron lid with the flick of his sleeve, and a stream of blood-colored light swept by, severing the dragon claws and tossing them into the cauldron.

“Haha, the Blood Genesis Pill refined from the blood and flesh of a member of the Mystic Dragon Clan can make anyone hungry,” he said with a smile.

As he sliced the dragon flesh from the dragon’s body, he moved closer and stared at the dragon eyes that were still filled with disbelief and terror. “You’re not bad since you could wound me to this extent. Unfortunately, you still died in the end.

“And I will enjoy your dragon flesh.”

The figure’s eyes were blood-red like whirlpools and chilled one to the bone. In particular, when he laughed, many shuddered uncontrollably.  

The figure was a sacred heaven pride from Shengzu Heaven.  

The dragon corpse in front of him was his opponent…Jiang Jinlin of the Wanshou Heaven’s Mystic Dragon Clan.  



In the mountains, a figure was hammering a boulder to create a coffin lid.

The figure was a youngster dressed in black and wore a bright smile. 

He examined the coffin lid and nodded in satisfaction. Behind him was a stone coffin carved with exquisite and detailed patterns. A body with twisted limbs lay inside the stone coffin. The body, icy-cold and stiff, was clearly dead.

It was Li Fu, the commander in chief of Wuxing Heaven.

The black-clad youngster lifted up the coffin lid and turned to look at the corpse inside the stone coffin. His clothes suddenly ripped apart, revealing the hideous scars all over his body, as if he had been struck by lightning, burnt and slashed.

“You wounded me severely,” said the black-clothed youngster with a smile, "but I will be the bigger person and won’t make a fuss about it. Look, I even created such a beautiful coffin for you.

“So, you can rest in peace now.”    

The youngster dug a deep hole, buried the stone coffin, and then lit three incense sticks and bowed sorrowfully.

But when he raised his head, a strange smile spread across his face.

“I've done a ceremony for, can I eat you now?”


“Jiang Jinlin…Li Fu…”  

Zhou Yuan already knew who the two fading light spots represented when he looked at the light screen.

He remained silent for a good while, composing his emotions. Then, he bowed his head and mourned for the two who had died in battle.

Although his relationship with Jiang Jinlin wasn’t too good, they were still on the same side and could be considered comrades.

If a rabbit dies, a fox grieves, let alone a human.   

“Haha, it seems that two people on your team have died.” Xu Lei’s laughter rang in the void. It seemed that he had also learned the result through another channel.

He stared mockingly at Zhou Yuan, saying, “Are you beginning to feel despair? The door to the core is right in front of you, and you have reached the limit of what you can do. still can’t go in.

“Give up. This is the huge gap between you lowly ants and my Sacred Race. Even if the five lower heavens have an abnormal monster like you, it still can’t change the result. In the face of absolute power, you are still small and insignificant, like a speck of dust.”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, looking emotionlessly at Xu Lei, but the indifference made Xu Lei shudder inwardly.

Zhou Yuan didn’t say anything to Xu Lei and just silently gripped the purple-gold bamboo slip in his hand, passing a message through the slip.

“This is Zhou Yuan, and I have two pieces of news to tell you all.  

“The first news is that I have defeated the sacred heaven pride obstructing me, and I am now just outside the space portal that leads to the boundary core.

“The second piece of news is that...Jiang Jinlin and Li Fu have both died in battle.

“If the majority of the other important nodes aren’t destroyed, our gamble will end in failure…

“But we can’t retreat now…   

“So, I hope… 

“Everyone, regardless of who you are fighting for, we should fight to the death!”   



On a square with no end in sight, countless stone statues suddenly crumbled to pieces.

Two figures shot out, leaving deep marks on the ground.

Bai Xiaolu’s long black hair flowed behind her, and her body had become slender and long like a willow branch. Although she appeared delicate and weak, the power she possessed could crush a mountain.

However, Bai Xiaolu’s condition wasn’t particularly good. Her glass-like skin was riddled with countless wounds, and her right arm was twisted and seemed to have snapped with tremendous force.

Bai Xiaolu lifted up her slender arm and twisted it expressionlessly. Following a loud snap, her arm was moved back into position, and she glared ahead with an extremely icy gaze.

A burly figure at least ten feet tall stood like an iron tower. A fierce beast extended out as his flesh squirmed. Half its body was still stuck inside him while the other half roared and waved frantically in the air.

From a distance, it resembled a monster formed from several fierce beasts. 

It was De Moyue, the sacred heaven pride who obstructed Bai Xiaolu.

The two had already been through an extremely fierce and bitter battle, but De Moyue seemed to have the upper hand.

Bai Xiaolu’s eyes were icy-cold, and just as she was about to launch another offensive, she paused abruptly because she heard a voice in her ears.

It was Zhou Yuan’s voice, which came through the jade bamboo slip.   

“Jiang Jinlin and Li Fu have died in battle?”  

Bai Xiaolu’s countenance changed. She carefully listened to Zhou Yuan’s every word and exhaled deeply at the end.

“Our situation is bad….”  

She knew Zhou Yuan couldn’t enter the boundary’s core if they didn’t destroy the majority of the nodes. But as Zhou Yuan had said, they couldn’t retreat because even if they chose to give up, they would still be killed in the end.  

Moreover, the Heavenly Sun stage elites from the five great heavens would be wiped out, and it would be a huge loss to the five heavens.

Although Heavenly Sun experts weren’t particularly special, they were still the new blood the five heavens had put in considerable effort and resources to cultivate.

“It seems…we have to fight to the death,” muttered Bai Xiaolu.   

She folded her hands into a seal, and a glass rune emerged in the center of her brows. Several light rays rapidly spread out and enveloped her body.

A terrifying power brewed within her.  

De Moyue’s pupils shrank slightly.   

“You are burning your own flesh and blood...what a lunatic.”   


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