Chapter 1182 Saint Glass Light

Xu Lei’s face alternated between green and white when he saw the glass light circulating around Zhou Yuan’s body. The anger in his eyes almost gushed out because he finally understood that Zhou Yuan had tricked him! 

The tribulation lightning he had formed with his Sacred Pupil had not only failed to injure Zhou Yuan but had also helped strengthen Zhou Yuan’s body to another level!

This guy deliberately concealed himself with the Genesis Qi barrier to make him appear miserable from being struck by tribulation lightning, but he was, in fact, using the lightning’s power to strengthen his body!


“How dare you use my tribulation lightning to refine your own body?!” Xu Lei’s tribulation lightning was violent, powerful and contained destructive tendencies. If too much accumulated in one’s body, it could lead to an explosion.

No one would be that crazy to endure it with their bodies!  

He didn’t understand exactly why Zhou Yuan wasn’t destroyed by the destructive power contained within the lightning.

However, Zhou Yuan had no interest in answering to alleviate Xu Lei’s puzzlement. Instead, he checked the changes within his body. Even without him circulating Genesis Qi, his surging power was enough to send a chill down one’s spine.

According to his estimation, he could kill anyone with a Genesis Qi foundation of less than 3 billion on the spot with one punch. 

“Unfortunately, I still haven’t refined the real Saint Glass Body.” Zhou Yuan sounded a little disappointed. Although wisps of Saint glass light were born from his body, his body still wasn’t considered a true Saint Glass Body. However, this was normal because if he did reach that level, he could face Nascent Source experts with his bodily strength alone.  

Bai Xiaolu’s glass body also hadn’t reached that level.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan chuckled again. He was too greedy because the birth of glass light was already very difficult and would have taken years of painstaking practice in normal circumstances. 

He already profited hugely to achieve this level from Xu Lei’s tribulation lightning.

After all, he had taken the hardest first step, and with continued practice, he would no doubt achieve a true Saint Glass Body in the future.

Therefore, he should be satisfied with producing glass light.    

Glass light was rumored to linger outside one’s skin like a faint halo, and it could act as a strong defensive shield. With the mysterious light’s protection, not only would his power greatly increase, his defensive ability would also be greatly enhanced. It could be called divine light protection. 

Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan peered up at the thunderclouds in the sky. The tribulation lightning’s power was almost exhausted, and the thunderclouds showed signs of dissipating.

However, Xu Lei seemed unwilling to back down. He still desperately tried to maintain the tribulation lightning.


Thunderclouds surged in the sky, and thunder rumbled, seemingly about to erupt.


Zhou Yuan opened his mouth and unleashed a long roar. His roar was like a dragon and almost formed a solid sound wave.

The sound wave swept everywhere, passing by and dispersing the thunderclouds still trying to accumulate.

When the thunderclouds disappeared, a brilliant shaft of sunlight shone through.   

Standing amid flares of light, Zhou Yuan smiled indifferently at Xu Lei’s sullen face. “Do you have any tricks left?”

Xu Lei’s face paled a little. He slowly closed his Sacred Pupil, which was dripping with blood. He had paid a huge price to summon the tribulation lightning, but it was no use in the end. 

And now, he was left temporarily incapable of activating his Sacred Pupil, his strongest trump card. 

Xu Lei understood that he was no longer a match for Zhou Yuan, given his present conditions.

However, he was very resolute. Although reluctant to admit defeat, he no longer attacked recklessly because he knew that he could be killed.


Xu Lei took a deep breath and drew a step back.

His retreat meant that he gave up on defending the space portal. He stepped into a slightly distorted space, and if he took another step back, he could leave the boundary node and Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“Zhou Yuan, you won this time,” uttered Xu Lei emotionlessly.   

“Thank you, then,” said Zhou Yuan with a smile. “It’s a pity that your tribulation lightning didn’t last long enough. Otherwise, I could have improved a little bit more.”

The corners of Xu Lei’s mouth twitched when he heard Zhou Yuan’s ridicule!

“A prisoner also has a full meal before their death sentence. Zhou Yuan, it’s actually for your own good if I obstruct you here because when you meet Jia Tu, you will be utterly defeated till not a piece of your skin is left complete. You will no longer be able to cultivate and will become crippled."

“I really want to see, then.” Zhou Yuan smiled, but there wasn’t a hint of fear in his eyes. Instead, his eyes blazed with anticipation and fighting spirit. He had never feared a battle because, in his opinion, strong enemies were polishing stones to improve his strength.

He had met many powerful enemies over the years, and it was from them that he became increasingly strong.

Xu Lei couldn’t help but snort upon seeing that Zhou Yuan was unaffected by his threat. His mind is so tough; it’s no wonder he possesses such strength.

“But don't be so smug. I can’t obstruct you, but you can’t enter this space portal either,” sneered Xu Lei.

Zhou Yuan calmly looked at the portal that stood firmly in the illusory space. It looked faint, but it was connected to the entire formation’s power. Therefore, even if Zhou Yuan exhausted all his strength, he couldn’t move it in the slightest.

There were two requirements to enter the depths of the boundary from this portal: one was to defeat Xu Lei, and the other was to destroy the majority of the other important nodes.

Only then would the boundary be shaken and reveal its flaws.

The other important nodes were undoubtedly the routes taken by Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others.

“I wonder how the others are…”  

Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment and then took out a purple-gold bamboo slip. It suddenly glowed and formed a faint light screen in front of him.

His gaze locked on the innermost light spots.

His pupils shrank uncontrollably the moment his gaze landed on the light screen.  

This was because he saw two light spots had gone out.    

In other words, two people had died in the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.  

Who were they?!  

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