Chapter 1181 Strengthen Body with Tribulation Lightning


Thunder continuously rumbled within the dense and berserk thunderclouds. Bolts of tribulation lightning constantly rained down like enraged dragons. A monstrous, destructive force battered the platinum Genesis Qi barrier below them.

Space distorted under the thunderous rumbling.

Xu Lei sat in the depths of the thunderclouds, staring coldly at the Genesis Qi light barrier. He could sense Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi steadily weakening.

“Hmph, no matter how talented you are, you have no chance of surviving inside my tribulation clouds!” Xu Lei snorted coldly.

It was just that he also paled a little, and dark blood surged within his Sacred Pupil. It was clear that the tribulation cloud art took a toll on his Sacred Pupil, and it would take him a period to fully recover.  

However, he felt it was worth it as long as he could obstruct Zhou Yuan and stop him from interfering with the Sacred Race’s plan.

“Let’s see how long you can endure.”

Xu Lei drew a deep breath, light roaming within his Sacred Pupil. The thunderclouds suddenly rolled more frantically, and tribulation lightning continued to rain down.

He estimated he could completely eliminate Zhou Yuan and turn him to ashes in less than an hour.

“Cherish your last moment alive.” Xu Lei smiled, closing his eyes. 

He closed them for exactly one hour.

As Xu Lei opened his eyes, he couldn’t help scrunching his brows in a frown because he saw that the Genesis Qi light barrier still remained, even if it was slightly tottering. Moreover, Zhou Yuan still stubbornly stood tall, although his Genesis Qi was much weaker than before.  

Xu Lei somehow felt a little uneasy.

Hasn’t that guy endured for too long?

Xu Lei wanted to peep into the light barrier to understand the situation, but for some reason, a peculiar power within the light barrier prevented his perception from penetrating. 

Xu Lei’s eyes flickered around, and eventually, a ruthless look flashed across his eyes. Since there’s something wrong, I should change my move. No matter what, I can’t let that boy have the slightest opportunity!

“You’re still not dead? Then I’ll increase the power!”   

Xu Lei folded his hands into a seal. Streaks of blood crawled over his face like worms and then tunneled into his Sacred Pupil between his brows. 

Blood-colored light bloomed from his Sacred Pupil. 


Wisps of blood-colored light roamed around the rolling thunderclouds, turning the tribulation lightning a dark-red color. They emitted a bizarre and terrifying aura.

Unable to further bear the tribulation lightning’s power, the clouds began to dissipate.

“Go!”  Xu Lei thundered.   

The dark-red tribulation lightning struck down, crashing into the Genesis Qi light barrier.


The barrier vibrated violently, producing crackling and rumbling, and even Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi fell into a state of chaos. 

A muffled grunt sounded.  

“He’s really tenacious,” remarked Xu Lei, but he still praised himself for his cautiousness. Although he was unaware of what Zhou Yuan was doing inside, he knew it wouldn’t be anything good, so he had suddenly increased his power, which should be a surprise to Zhou Yuan.

“Now, destroy it in one go.”

More and more blood streaks gathered on Xu Lei’s face and merged into his Sacred Pupil. While the thunderclouds continued to brew dark-red tribulation lightning, the bolts pelted the Genesis Qi barrier in quick succession. 

Under such a terrifying offensive, the space around the Genesis Qi barrier began to show cracks. 

However, blood trickled down Xu Lei’s Sacred Pupil due to the power required to activate the tribulation lightning, making him appear even more frightening.

The Genesis Qi in his body was gradually being exhausted.

However, Xu Lei still gritted his teeth, not intending to relent. He knew that Zhou Yuan was an extremely difficult opponent, so he had to concentrate all his energy to defeat him. Otherwise, if he let Zhou Yuan catch his breath, the situation could change again.

Xu Lei stared intently at the Genesis Qi barrier growing weaker from the impact.

It’s severely damaged now.   

Almost there.   

Xu Lei curled a corner of his lips in a sneer and exerted his final strength. 

Like a fierce dragon, the last bolt of dark-red tribulation lightning slammed into the Genesis Qi light barrier. 


The barrier finally reached its limit; it shattered and lit the sky with countless flecks of light. 

Xu Lei stared at the shattered barrier with a faint smile, but his smile only lasted a few breaths.

Horror filled his eyes.

Zhou Yuan was sitting cross-legged in the center of the barrier. His clothes were in tatters, exposing his scorched skin, and Zhou Yuan was even faintly emitting a barbecue smell.

However, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were extraordinarily bright like the stars.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked at Xu Lei’s horrified face with a slight smile.

“You're still alive?!” Xu Lei exclaimed.

Zhou Yuan is still alive after being struck by tribulation lightning so many times?! How is this possible? What kind of monster is he? 

Zhou Yuan ignored Xu Lei’s terrified gaze and stood up tremblingly. He looked at his scorched body and grinned, showing his white teeth. “Your tribulation lightning is very powerful, and it had almost killed me.

“But, unfortunately for you, it was only an ‘almost.’

“Also, I should thank you for increasing your power. Otherwise, I would have endured everything for nothing.”

He looked sincerely at Xu Lei.

“What do you mean?” asked Xu Lei.

Zhou Yuan’s body swayed slightly. Then, his scorched skin peeled off, and a tough body with boundless strength replaced his burnt black flesh.

Every contour of his body exuded power, but he didn’t appear particularly well-built.

Zhou Yuan extended his hand and squeezed slightly. Thunder seemed to rumble in his palm. As he thrust his palm down, space showed signs of distorting. 

He moved about his body randomly, and a strange thunderous roar—an abnormal sound from his flowing blood and vibrating muscles—echoed inside him. An indescribable power flooded his limbs and bones. He suddenly threw out a punch and blasted a hole into the sky. 

Looking at Zhou Yuan’s body from afar, Xu Lei felt a danger that made his hair stand on end.

Then, he suddenly saw a light flow across Zhou Yuan’s body.

The light looked sacred and was transparent like glass.

Dust whirled across the world, but when it neared Zhou Yuan, it actively avoided him.  

Xu Lei stared blankly at the scene. Then, his heart quivered violently, and his face twisted uncontrollably because he finally understood what had happened.

“Saint Glass Light?!  

“You used my tribulation lightning to strengthen your body?!”

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