Chapter 1180 Sacred Pupil Transforms into Tribulation Lightning


Dense thunderclouds rolled across the sky, blotting out the sun and releasing waves of destruction that caused the world to vibrate violently.

Sitting in the depths of the thundercloud, Xu Lei wore an extremely calm expression and seemed very confident in his methods. This was because even Jia Tu wouldn’t be able to trouble him much inside the tribulation cloud he formed from his Sacred Pupil.  

But the technique had its flaws—it couldn’t attack. Therefore, if the opponent retreated, it would only become a display of lightning.  

However, it was perfect for his present situation. 

Xu Lei surrounded the space portal with tribulation lightning. Therefore, Zhou Yuan had to charge through the lightning tribulation to reach the core of the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation, whereas Xu Lei could sit leisurely to the side. 

Although Xu Lei was a little reluctant to bring out such a defensive measure, it would be worth it if it could obstruct Zhou Yuan from advancing and stop him from disturbing the Sacred Race’s great plan. 


As Zhou Yuan peered up at the thick thunderclouds, he could feel the dangerous waves contained within it, but he still calmly strode forward without much hesitation.  

He broke into the tribulation clouds with that one step.


Thunderclouds whizzed together into a whirlpool as an endless amount of lightning frantically gathered, merged and compressed. 

Shrouded in an aura of destruction, a thousand-foot-long bolt of tribulation lightning crashed down.

Platinum Genesis Qi roared out from the top of Zhou Yuan’s skull, forming a cloud of qi above him. The cloud vibrated violently from the impact, and its surface drooped and shrank a little.


Tribulation lightning bolts were constantly refined, and they struck down with fierce and unmatched power. In just a few breaths, the Genesis Qi cloud broke apart, and a lightning bolt penetrated space and dashed towards him.

“Great Flame Devil!”   

Lava-like patterns appeared all over Zhou Yuan’s body as tyrannical power surged within him. He emitted intense heat, twisting and distorting space. 


The tribulation lightning fiercely struck his body.  

Lightning flowed all over the place, and Zhou Yuan dropped several hundred feet before he could steady himself. By the time he stabilized, his skin was already scorched and smoke was curling up from his body. His injury clearly wasn’t light at all. 

“What a powerful tribulation lightning!”  

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled a little. Tribulation lightning was indeed ferocious. Even with full-strength defense, his body still throbbed with pain from when the lightning struck him. But most troublesome was the destructive power within the lightning. That special power managed to invade his body, and it was corroding his flesh.

If my Great Flame Devil hadn’t reached great heights because of the opportunities in the mystic ruins, my body likely wouldn’t have withstood the tribulation lightning’s power

With a solemn face, Zhou Yuan circulated all his Genesis Qi and gathered his bodily strength to destroy the destructive power invading his body. With the two powers, he gradually eliminated the destructive power wreaking havoc within him.


However, Zhou Yuan’s heart quivered the moment the destructive power disappeared. Astonishment surged from his heart. 

This was because, with his Spirit perception, he could sense that his bodily strength had improved once again.

“ from being struck by the tribulation lightning’s destructive power?”

Light dawned on Zhou Yuan. Since his body had reached such a level, ordinary training methods had little effect on it. However, the tribulation lightning’s destructive power could strengthen his body if he could withstand it.

“There’s such a good benefit from the tribulation lightning?”

However, Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows again after some thought. “If I want to borrow that guy’s tribulation lighting to refine my body, I would have to provoke large amounts of tribulation lightning, but this lightning, which contains ferocious and destructive power, could shake my Spirit and mind if it accumulated in my body. Also, I could fail miserably if I was careless.

“If I can weaken the tribulation lightning’s power and remove some of its violent tendencies, that would be great!”

Zhou Yuan scratched his head, wondering if he was asking too much. But just as he was about to give up on the idea, he suddenly raised his brows. 

“’s not impossible.”

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. He instantaneously appeared in the depths of the thunderclouds and erupted with platinum Genesis Qi, forming a light barrier to protect him and prevent him from being detected. 

Xu Lei sneered, “Stop pretending, no matter who you are, you will be incinerated into ashes under my tribulation lightning!”

Thunderclouds scudded by, and dozens of thick tribulation lightning bolts roared down like dragons, slamming into Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi barrier.

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged within the light barrier, gazing at the several astonishingly powerful lightning bolts, and muttered, “Heavenly Punishment Law Domain.”


A mysterious one-foot Law Domain spread out from Zhou Yuan.

A bolt of tribulation lightning crashed down and split the light barrier, piercing right into the one-foot Law Domain.  

However, the tribulation lightning was immediately weakened the moment it entered the Law Domain. And most astonishingly, the Law Domain’s strength forcibly erased its violent tendencies and tyrannical power.

This was the power of the Law Domain!    

Even if Zhou Yuan's Law Domain was only one foot wide, which was far inferior to a true Law Domain expert’s Law Domain, any object that broke into his Law Domain would be suppressed. 

Only another Law Domain could fight against the power of a Law Domain.

Or…it could be incinerated with a powerful Saint fire.

Although Xu Lei’s tribulation lightning was powerful, it only contained power at the Heavenly Sun stage. Therefore, all the lightning was crushed when it invaded the one-foot Law Domain.

The Law Domain is indeed impressive, Zhou Yuan marveled inwardly, but it’s a pity that my Law Domain, like Xu Lei's tribulation lightning, is limited by my strength. 


As thoughts streamed through his mind, the fierce tribulation lightning continued to strike down, and, weakened by his Law Domain, it bombarded his body.  

Suddenly, lightning roamed around his body and scorched his skin. Even blood seeped out from his pores.

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. Even if weakened, such a vast amount of lightning still brought him endless pain. 

He gritted his teeth, enduring the piercing pain, and continued to circulate his strength to eliminate the destructive power invading his body.

A moment later.   

Zhou Yuan finally relaxed his brows, and surprise lit up his face. He found that his body was indeed strengthened after the destructive power was worn away.

“ a pleasant surprise.”   

A smile spread across Zhou Yuan’s face. He raised his head and peered through the light barrier. His eyes blazed as he stared at the lighting swirling in the sky.  

Perhaps, he could use the power of Xu Lei’s tribulation lightning to improve his body to another level. 

At that time, maybe he could also experience the Sacred Glass Body’s mystery...

After all, it would be a lie if he said he wasn’t envious of Bai Xiaolu’s Sacred Glass Body!

“Xu Lei…   

“It depends on you whether or not I can reach that level.”   

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