Chapter 118 Gu Territory

Deep in the mountains.

Beside the bonfire of a certain campsite.

Nearly an entire roasted Rushing Thunder Beast had already entered Tuntun’s stomach. Zhou Yuan on the other hand was fully immersed in the recently discovered Magical Python Scales and was continuously activating it.

Green scales would emerge on his arms, fists and face from time to time like a layer of protective scale armor.

Yaoyao was holding a map, verifying their route as she declared, “We should be out of these mountains in another three days.”

“After leaving these mountains, we will be in an area known as the Gu Territory. It does not fall under the rule of any empire, but is instead governed by an influential family called the Gu clan. In the Gu Territory, the Gu clan is akin to the local tyrant.” Yaoyao elaborated. She had brought along a lot of material on the various regions and territories in the Cangmang Continent, and was hence able to find out all kinds of information after some checking.

“The Gu Territory is already part of the central region and is relatively close to the Saint Remains Domain.” Yaoyao smiled a little, a smile that appeared exceedingly dazzling under the illumination from the bonfire.

“As for the Gu clan, they seem to be a little interesting from what I’ve read.” Yaoyao reached out a slender fair finger and lightly tapped on a certain area of the map.

“Oh?” Zhou Yuan raised his head in surprise. There weren’t many things that could attract Yaoyao’s interest.

Yaoyao explained with some interest, “The members of the Gu clan have pretty strong Spirits. The Gu clan is therefore a clan proficient in Genesis Runes.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. “Could it be that the Gu clan possess a Spirit tempering method?”

“A Spirit Tempering Method alone will not be able to make the clan members’ Spirits strong, talent is also a factor…” Yaoyao shook her head before continuing, “It seems that this Gu clan owns a Spirit Refining Tower where one’s Spirit can be tempered.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart stirred a little. To think that the Gu clan actually had such a treasure.

His Spirit had currently stabilized at the mid Illusory stage and had not been able to make much progress. If he had a chance to enter the Spirit Refining Tower, his Spirit may be able to ascend to the advance Illusory stage.

Once that happened, he would be able to learn and use grade 3 Genesis Runes.

However… a cultivation treasure like the Spirit Refining Tower would surely be tightly guarded by the Gu clan, and outsiders would definitely be unable to enter. Hence, he had no choice but to discard such thoughts.

Zhou Yuan sighed as he recollected himself and said with a smile, “Such a treasure has nothing to do with us. After leaving these mountains, we will first replenish our supplies in Gu City before leaving and heading straight towards the Saint Remains Domain.”

Yaoyao nodded in agreement. She shot a glance at the currently stretching Zhou Yuan as she said, “Thinking about resting? Have you practiced the grade 2 Genesis Runes I taught you?”

Zhou Yuan’s face turned rigid.

Yaoyao’s head was lowered, continuing to look at the map as she said in a drawn out voice, “Don’t slack off. None of the individuals heading to the Saint Remains Domain will be easy to deal with, and your mid Qi Nourishing stage strength is really nothing to look at. How will you be able to vie with the others if you do not work on your strong suits?” 

“If you don’t plan on returning the Great Zhou Empire with your tail between your legs, it will be best for you to behave.”

Zhou Yuan was a little sullen after being chided by Yaoyao, but he could only obediently take out a jade tablet, draw the Heavenly Yuan Brush at this waist and begin practicing the grade 2 Genesis Runes Yaoyao had taught him during the past two months.


Three days later.

Zhou Yuan was silently seated on a certain mountain. The surrounding Genesis Qi transformed into strands of white that ultimately entered his nose as he breathed.

As Genesis Qi flooded in, dark gold Genesis Qi rose in Zhou Yuan’s Qi Dwelling, the silhouette of a dark gold python hissing faintly discernible within.

As the python silhouette breathed, the Genesis Qi that had flowed into the body was completely sucked away.

This training lasted for two hours, before Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly opened.

A dark gold luster filled his eyes as the surging Genesis Qi around him suddenly began to rise steadily. Genesis Qi seemed to conflict with the air, emitting rumbling sounds while cracks began to grow on the boulder he was seated on.

“Advance Qi Nourishing stage!”

Joy streaked across Zhou Yuan’s face as he felt the vigorous Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling. After two months of arduous training, his Genesis Qi cultivation had finally progressed once again, entering the advance Qi Nourishing stage.

After reaching the advance Qi Nourishing stage, Zhou Yuan was now a step closer to the Heaven Gate stage.

The gap between him and the prided geniuses was being shortened bit by bit.


A breath of white air was dispelled from Zhou Yuan’s mouth. With a leap, he landed on the ground where Yaoyao, carrying Tuntun, shot him a glance and gave a slight nod of satisfaction. “You’ve finally advanced. The two months of training weren’t wasted after all.”

“Let’s go, it’s time to leave these mountains.”

Yaoyao leisurely turned around, her footsteps light as she slowly began to head out of the mountains.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and peered into the distance. He had been cooped up in these mountains for two whole months, the outside world was likely already bustling with excitement by now, right?


It took Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao half a day to walk out of the mountains. Along the way, traces of humans grew more and more abundant. As they had anticipated, the majority were youngsters filled with youthful energy that were clearly aiming for the Saint Remains Domain.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao also drew quite a bit of attention. To be more precise, practically every gaze was focused on Yaoyao, filled with amazement at her beauty.

As they walked along the main road, it did not take long for them to see a huge city appear some distance to their front. The city looked simple and rustic, while two huge words were engraved above the city gates.

Gu City.

The city of the Gu clan.

Gu city was considerably grand. People came and go, making it a hubbub of activity, evidence that it was clearly an extremely popular place.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao entered the city, only to find it filled with numerous tall towers, a rather different style in contrast to Great Zhou City.

The two walked in the city, eventually coming to a stop before a large store. When they lifted their heads, the three words ‘Precious Treasures Pavillion’ came into view. A steady stream of people passed in and out of the entrance, a sign that it was a pretty popular.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao exchanged a look and entered.

Zhou Yuan’s daily Genesis Rune practice required jade tablets, various types of beast blood and other supplementary materials. They also needed to restock on the daily necessities that they had used up during their two months in the mountains.

Precious Treasures Pavilion was clearly able to meet Zhou Yuan’s needs.

When they entered the building, the first thing to greet them was the gorgeous decor. Everything was practically glittering under the illumination from the crystal lamps.

Maybe because the Gu clan specialized in Genesis Runes, all kinds of ready use Genesis Runes were sold in the building. However, when Zhou Yuan took a look, he was immediately taken aback by their prices.

The price tag on a grade 2 Genesis Rune had reached a garantum sum of several thousand Genesis crystals.

While a grade 3 Genesis Rune cost over ten thousand!

Grade 4 Genesis Runes were scarcer, their prices reaching the tens of thousands while being low in stock.

“To think that a Genesis Rune would actually be so expensive.” Zhou Yuan involuntarily licked his lips before looking towards Yaoyao. Her battle tactics mostly consisted of throwing Genesis Runes. In other words, she was smashing her opponents with money.

Casually throwing tens of thousands of Genesis Crystals with a fling of the hand, even Alpha-Origin experts would not be able to withstand such a barrage.

Yaoyao paid no attention to Zhou Yuan. Her focus was instead on some worn out and damaged texts that had been placed in one of the displays. Badly damaged ancient Genesis Runes could be seen on the texts that were very worth researching.

“Go buy Tuntun some food.”

Without a shift in her feet, Yaoyao threw Tuntun to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan caught Tuntun, the eyes of the human large in comparison to the small eyes of the beast as they stared at each other for a moment. In the end, Zhou Yuan helplessly nodded, calling out once to Yaoyao before turning around and heading to another area to resupply.

In the resupply district, Zhou Yuan found an attendant girl and gave her a list of everything he required. The latter invited him to have a seat first, before proceeding to prepare the goods.

Thus, Zhou Yuan sat there, Tuntun on his lap as he waited.

While they waited however, Zhou Yuan suddenly felt a strange gaze directed at him. He immediately frowned slightly and turned around, only to be taken aback by what he saw.

A pretty girl with long green hair was standing some distance behind him, her eyeballs practically popping out of their sockets as she stared at him while a string of sparkling saliva dripped down from one corner of her tiny mouth.

Zhou Yuan was baffled by the green haired girl.

It was at this moment that she quickly walked forward. Only then did Zhou Yuan realise that her gaze had not been focused on him, but Tuntun.

“Yes?” Zhou Yuan vigilantly watched the green hair girl.

She wiped away the sparkling strand of saliva at the corner of her mouth. Black and white distinctly separate in her large eyes that seemed to be bursting with scorching desire as she stared at Zhou Yuan, and said in a voice so sickeningly sweet that it would make one involuntarily shiver.

“Little bro, sell this small creature to me!”

“I’m willing to pay any price!”

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