Chapter 1179 Destroy Lightning Palm in one Slash

“Nine Palaces of Rolling Thunder!”

As Xu Lei’s murderous voice rang out, thousands of golden lightning bolts roared in the lightning pattern behind him. The lightning accumulated until a thousand-foot-tall golden lightning palm thrust out from the lightning pattern.  

It resembled the god of lightning’s palm.    

It was as large as the sky, and the endless, roaring lightning twisting around it constantly shattered space.

Countless ancient light runes were flickering on the lighting palm, emitting an indescribable aura of destruction. 

Under that lightning palm, even a mountain range would be crushed into a puff of smoke as though it had never existed. 

Even Zhou Yuan’s face grew especially serious when he saw such an offensive. It was no wonder that Xu Lei was second only to Jia Tu in Shengzu Heaven, considering he could cultivate such a powerful Saint Genesis Art. 

Even Zhou Yuan felt extreme danger as the palm descended, and even he might die if he couldn’t use a force of equal strength to withstand it.

However, there wasn’t a flicker of fear in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. As he stared at the sky, fighting spirit blazed in the depths of his eyes.

Although Xu Lei was strong, Xu Lei was underestimating Zhou Yuan if he thought he could get rid of Zhou Yuan like that. 


Zhou Yuan blew out a puff of white air from his nose and swiftly folded his hands into a seal. Then, the rainbow gourd, which hovered between an illusory and solid state, suddenly vibrated in his Divine Dwellings.

Rainbow lights shot up from the top of Zhou Yuan’s skull.


An indescribably sharp qi gathered in the world. It was so sharp that it could slice the world in half. 

The invisible sword intent slashed apart even the clouds high in the sky.

The blaze of rainbow colors surged, expanding rapidly, and turned into a thousand-foot beam of sword light in just a few breaths.

Rainbow colors and an abundant amount of crystal dust swirled around the sword light. The sword light was so dazzling and vast that it resembled a galaxy in the night sky.

It was naturally the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light.

The rainbow sword light that Zhou Yuan previously brought out was only a ray of rainbow light and couldn’t be compared to the current one in terms of power or momentum.

If the ray of sword light that Zhou Yuan previously cultivated only just crossed the threshold, then the current beam of sword light showed signs of perfection. 

This was one of the many benefits he received from the stone tablet in the mystic ruins!

“Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd, Sky Severing Sword Light!”    

As Zhou Yuan muttered, the galaxy-like rainbow sword light soared into the sky, splitting the void in half and leaving a deep black mark in the sky, which only faded after a good while.

The sword light slashed and streaked towards the lightning palm crashing down.

Even time seemed to still during their collision, and unexpectedly, there weren’t any loud booms or Genesis Qi shock waves.

With a flash, the rainbow sword light instantly appeared behind the lightning palm, then rapidly faded. The thousand-foot sword light shrank to less than tenth of its size in seconds.  

But the lightning palm slowly split into two from the center.

The lightning palm fell, turning into a sky of golden light. 

As Zhou Yuan raised his head, the golden light reflected on his face made him appear more fierce and merciless.

The remaining rainbow sword light slashed towards Xu Lei, following the weak waves of Genesis Qi from the lightning palm. 


Shrouded in golden lightning Genesis Qi, the crimson-gold rod collided with the remaining rainbow sword light.

The sword light shattered, and Xu Lei grunted and spurted out a mouthful of blood. He reeled back thousands of feet in embarrassment before he could steady himself.

Shock and disbelief filled his face. 

“How could…”  

He couldn’t believe Zhou Yuan could slice apart his Nine Palaces of Rolling Thunder.

Even Zhou Yuan’s remaining sword qi greatly hurt him!

“Your Saint Genesis Art’s power is lacking.” Zhou Yuan chuckled as he looked at Xu Lei.

The outcome didn’t surprise him because he had the upper hand, whether it was in Genesis Qi foundation, Genesis Qi grade or a Saint Genesis Art’s power. What did Xu Lei have to compete with him?

Xu Lei’s face was overcast, and he fiercely frowned as he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. After the clash, he had to quell the arrogance in his heart because although the person in front of him was a lowly ant, the strength Zhou Yuan possessed did not allow him to be underestimated.

Otherwise, Xu Lei could be killed in the hands of this lowly ant if he continued to underestimate him, and this wasn’t something he could accept.

Xu Lei drew a deep breath, suppressing the unwillingness and bitterness in his heart. Staring at Zhou Yuan indifferently, he suddenly flung his sleeve.

The space behind him twisted and distorted, and a tremendous light portal emerged.

Zhou Yuan’s expression tensed. 

“This space portal leads to the core of the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation. Do you want to go?” Xu Lei sneered. “But I won’t make it easy for you. Zhou Yuan, your strength is indeed more tyrannical than I had imagined. And, I’m impressed that you could cultivate to such a level in the five lower heavens. But unfortunately for you, I won’t let you pass!”

The vertical line on the center of his brows slowly opened.

A mysterious and ice-cold Sacred Pupil appeared.

Four stars rotated within the Sacred Pupil.  

Four star level!    


Endless lightning spewed from the Sacred Pupil. Then, thunderclouds gushed forth from the Sacred Pupil and expanded into monstrous thunderclouds in just a few breaths. They all gathered in front of the space portal.

The dense thunderclouds were filled with terrifying waves of energy and destructive power.

Xu Lei seated himself in the depths of the thunderclouds, locked his eyes on Zhou Yuan and said indifferently, “Zhou Yuan, this is one of my Sacred Pupil transformation techniques…the Sacred Lightning Tribulation Cloud!

“Due to many restrictions, this technique can’t be used to attack, and it can only be used for defense, but no one dares to enter the tribulation clouds. 

“Zhou Yuan, if you want to enter the space portal, you have to make it through the tribulation clouds!” 

Xu Lei was no longer obsessed with defeating Zhou Yuan, and instead, he set up defensive measures.

Victory would still belong to him if he successfully guarded the portal.

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows as he studied the black thunderclouds blotting out the sky. The thunderclouds were extremely mysterious and seemed to contain tribulation lightning. Moreover, the destructive power they possessed made one shudder with fear.

The Sacred Race was really a race blessed by heaven. The power of their Sacred Pupil was so unfathomable and mysterious that it made countless people envious.


Zhou Yuan’s eyes glinted fiercely as he stared at the portal in the depths of the thunderclouds. 

No one can stop me today!

So what if there is tribulation lightning?  

I’ll just tear them to shreds!    

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