Chapter 1178 King of Secret Arts

Bang! Bang!

Two figures repeatedly clashed like lightning above the ancient city of ruins. In less than a few minutes they had already collided over thousands of times. 

Terrifying Genesis Qi shock waves erupted with every collision, destroying countless old buildings below.  

Even the shock waves from a battle of that level could inflict severe damage to Heavenly Sun experts with a Genesis Qi foundation of less than 3.5 billion, which highlighted how fierce the clashes were. 


Genesis Qi again broke out from another fierce clash. Hovering in mid-air, Xu Lei remained expressionless, but his eyes appeared especially chilling. 

His Genesis Qi foundation was 100 million more than Zhou Yuan’s and he cultivated grade-8 Golden Tribulation Lightning Qi, which was known for its destructive power. But even so, he didn’t have much advantage in this battle.

“That guy’s Genesis Qi grade is likely higher than my Golden Tribulation Lightning Qi..." Lu Xiao’s heart trembled a little when he learned about Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi grade because his Genesis Qi was already considered top-quality amongst grade 8 Genesis Qi.

Grade-8 Genesis Qi was likely the top grade in the five lower heavens and the legendary grade-9 Genesis Qi must be unheard of. Even amongst the Sacred Race, it was extremely rare.

This was why he was so astonished when he learned that the platinum Genesis Qi that Zhou Yuan cultivated was so powerful. 

Although it wasn’t quite at the level of grade-9 Genesis Qi, it could be ranked at the top among grade-8 Genesis Qi! 

Moreover, the mottled black brush in Zhou Yuan's hand must have reached the threshold of a Saint object, otherwise it couldn’t face his crimson-gold rod without falling into an inferior position. A Saint expert in Shengzu Heaven personally refined the crimson-gold rod for him so it likely would reach the level of Saint objects in the course of time.

Zhou Yuan was only able to withstand Xu Lei’s offensives because of the grade of his Genesis Qi and the mottled black brush. 

“If that’s the case…” Xu Lei’s eyes were icy as he folded his hands into a seal.

Golden light rays gushed out from the top of his skull, rapidly accumulating above him until they formed a golden thundercloud. Golden lightning roamed around the cloud, releasing terrifying power that quaked the world.  

"Golden Lighting Body Art!”

As Xu Lei thundered, golden lightning bolts rained down and struck his body.

But Xu Lei didn’t inflict the slightest injury to Zhou Yuan, and instead the Genesis Qi within his body soared at an unbelievable rate as the lightning bolts bombarded him. 

Xu Lei’s Genesis Qi skyrocketed to 4.8 billion within a few breaths!

It increased by almost 400 million!   

As Xu Lei hovered in the void, golden lightning constantly flashed over his body, making him resemble the god of lightning. 

Xu Lei peered down at Zhou Yuan, looking particularly smug. “Zhou Yuan, my secret art is considered one of the best among the Sacred Race’s Heavenly Sun stage. You’re quite capable of forcing me to use such a secret art to defeat you.”

They could be considered at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Sun stage; therefore, ordinary secret arts had little effect on them, but Xu Lei could still increase his Genesis Qi foundation by another 400 million, which means his secret art was remarkable. 

“A secret art that can increase your foundation by 400 million—amazing,” exclaimed Zhou Yuan. But immediately afterwards, an ancient rune on the Heavenly Yuan Brush suddenly lit up, causing universe Genesis Qi to frantically whizz over. 


Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation crazily rocketed.   

It directly soared from 4.3 billion to 4.8 billion!    

An increase of 500 million!   

His Promotion Rune gave him an increase of 700 million before he broke-through to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage. But after he reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage and neared the peak of that cultivation stage, any increase was much more difficult than before. 

Therefore, its effect weakened and dropped to 500 million.    

Even so, the arrogance on Xu Lei’s face faded. 

“An increase of 500 million?! How is that possible?” Disbelief filled Xu Lei’s eyes. What kind of secret art is that? How could it provide such a huge increase?

His gaze paused on the Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand because he felt a faint aura being released from there.

That aura…it seems to be a true Saint object!  

But its power is too weak to be a Saint object. 

“Could that be a Saint object in the past?” Xu Lei quickly arrived at the answer and his face became sullen. 

While Xu Lei was still in shock, Zhou Yuan looked at him with a corner of his lips curled in a sneer.  “You think it’s over?”

He crouched down, slammed his palm into the ground and a Saint rune flashed in his palm. 

“Earth Saint Rune!”  


The ground quaked as ripples visibly spread out.

Then, incomparably thick Genesis Qi rushed madly into Zhou Yuan’s body from the depths of the earth.

Little snakes appeared to be slithering under Zhou Yuan’s skin, attempting to break out, but were firmly imprisoned inside his flesh in the end.

Under Xu Lei’s astonished gaze, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi soared once again. 

5 billion!   

It was an increase of another 200 million!   

"You!" Facing Zhou Yuan’s might, even Xu Lei was somewhat speechless. His round eyes clearly revealed how his heart was trembling.

Even extraordinary secret arts had little effect on people at their level, but Zhou Yuan possessed two of such secret arts?! Moreover, the two weren’t in conflict with one another?

Zhou Yuan lifted his head. As he looked at the terrified look that crossed Xu Lei’s face, his scornful smile intensified. “Sorry, but you can call me...the king of secret arts!”


Before Xu Lei responded, he already sped out and streaked across the sky.

An ear-piercing sonic boom spread like an invisible wave.

Zhou Yuan’s speed couldn’t be compared to Xu Lei’s before, but now, under his 5 billion Genesis Qi stars, he surpassed even Xu Lei.  

Therefore, by the time Xu Lei snapped out of his shock, Zhou Yuan was already standing in front of him as though teleported. 


“Million Whale!”  

Ancient whale cries echoed throughout the world, and the mottled brush in his hand turned into a giant pillar. He fiercely thrust it towards Xu Lei with indescribable power.

Xu Lei wasn't an ordinary person; therefore, at the critical juncture, following a resounding roar, his crimson-gold rod erupted in a blaze of light. He similarly fought back with full-strength. Mighty and domineering, tens of thousands of golden lightning bloomed behind him and met the giant pillar head-on.


Resounding metallic noise resounded as space tore apart. 


Soon, a figure blasted away miserably, crashing into the ancient city ruins and split the ground with a thousand feet deep crevasse. It was unknown how many buildings were crumbled into powder along the way.

It was only when that figure charged out from the ruins that his face was revealed. It was Xu Lei!

His face was dark and unpleasant, and it was obvious that Zhou Yuan completely suppressed him in the previous clash.

“Fine…” His eyes were sinister and cold.  


Before he finished his sentence, the space in front of him exploded again and Zhou Yuan charged out like a wild beast. Terrifying Genesis Qi battered his body like a rainstorm.

Xu Lei roared and lightning swiftly revolved around his body. Unwilling to show any weakness, he faced Zhou Yuan with all his strength.


The two frantically clashed over and over again, leaving countless images in the air.

The force from every collision tore space and swept down large areas of ruins.

Regardless of how much Xu Lei didn’t want to admit it, he had fallen into a disadvantaged position in the Genesis Qi collision.

Zhou Yuan's 5 billion Genesis Qi foundation put him at a disadvantage in every aspect.


Xu Lei was miserably blasted away once again, but this time he didn’t recklessly charge forward because he knew it was pointless. He would only fall into a worse situation and add to his injuries if he competed against Zhou Yuan with Genesis Qi. 


Xu Lei drew a deep breath and formed a cross with his arms in the air. That strange motion caused the stars to quiver.  


Space vibrated behind him and thunder rumbled madly. Lightning intertwined with each other and formed an ancient pattern. A giant seemed to be roaring skywards like the god of thunder within the lightning pattern.

An extremely terrifying aura enveloped the world.

Zhou Yuan paused, his expression serious. 

“That move…”   

While Zhou Yuan tensed up a little, Xu Lei’s icy voice that was full of killing intent reverberated throughout the world like rolling thunder.

“Saint Genesis Art, Nine Palaces of Rolling Thunder!”    

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank.  

It was indeed a Saint Genesis Art!   

It seems this guy is furious.  

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