Chapter 1177 Battling Xu Lei

 Zhou Yuan was in the ruins of an ancient vast city. Dilapidated buildings seemed to extend beyond his line of sight, showing its remarkable scale. 

But Zhou Yuan wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to this. His eyes were fixed on a run-down tower, where a white haired-man was sitting cross-legged and gently tossing a handful of blood-red pills into his slightly opened mouth.

As Zhou Yuan swept his gaze over the blood pills, his eyes turned a little colder because he could detect a rich blood smell from them. They were clearly Blood Genesis Pill, a common pill seen among the Sacred Race and was refined from the flesh, blood and Genesis Qi of many living creatures. 

But they seemed to be the Sacred Race’s favorite snack.

“Do you want some?”    

Noticing the change in Zhou Yuan’s expression, he smiled and said, “You don’t need to look at me with those eyes. Just as your humans slaughter pigs for food—in the Sacred Race’s eyes, the lowly creature in Tianyuan World is no different to pigs or dogs.

“You humans eat the flesh of pigs but our Sacred Race can’t eat your flesh?”

Zhou Yuan's expression remained indifferent, and he ignored his argument. The man called Xu Lei possessed tyrannical strength and was many times stronger than all the sacred heaven prides he had previously encountered. He was a true powerful enemy. 

"I thought I would see Jia Tu here,” said Zhou Yuan.

Xu Lei smiled. "Trust me, if you see him, you will feel despair.”

"Also, if we let you lowly ants come to the core of the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation, isn’t that saying we’re incompetent?”

“Whether you are incompetent or not, I will know after I try. But your appetite is pretty big,” Zhou Yuan calmly mocked him.

The appetite Zhou Yuan was referring to naturally was the fact that the Sacred Race intended to swallow all nine main ancestral qi veins. 

Xu Lei said indifferently, “Our Sacred Race is the most noble race in Tianyuan World. We naturally should enjoy the best opportunity between heaven and earth. You lowly ants should be grateful to the Sacred Race for surviving till now, but you dare take the food that the Sacred Race wants.”  

“The most noble race? Ridiculous.” Zhou Yuan shook his head.    “

"Of course you lowly ants don’t know how noble our Sacred Race is. The living beings in all your heavens are only born from incarnations of the Ancestral Dragon, but my Sacred Race is different—we have our own god!” Xu Lei chuckled and a fanatical and reverent expression suddenly came to his face.


Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. Given his strength, he really wasn’t qualified to know such secrets about the Sacred Race. Xu Lei also had no intention of telling him anything more. He slammed his crimson-gold rod into the ground and thunder rumbled across the sky. Then, golden flashes of light raged out, destroying all nearby buildings into nothingness. 

Feeling the murderous intent in Xu Lei’s eyes, Zhou Yuan composed his emotions. With a calm look on his face, three Heavenly Suns erupted from his Divine Dwellings.


His Genesis Qi foundation of 4.3 billion was unreservedly displayed! A pillar of platinum light pierced the sky and an oppressive pressure filled the air.

“4.3 billion.” Xu Lei narrowed his eyes slightly. “It’s rare for a Heavenly Sun expert like you to appear in the five lower heavens, but unfortunately, you’re still lacking in my opinion.”

As he took a step forward, three Heavenly Suns emerged behind him.


Golden lightning-like Genesis Qi revolved around his body, causing space to tremble. His Genesis Qi foundation rapidly soared past the level of 4.4 billion and neared 4.5 billion!

This was the powerful foundation of the sacred heaven pride ranked second in the Sacred Race!

But what made Zhou Yuan’s eyes shrink was that he saw familiar ancient markings on the three Heavenly Suns behind Xu Lei. 

They were dragon runes!    

Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns! 

They were six-claw Heavenly Suns!   

Zhou Yuan assumed a serious and solemn expression, but he wasn’t too surprised. Given the resources and unique talents of the Sacred Race, it shouldn’t be surprising that a sacred heaven pride could refine Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns. 

He, as expected, is indeed a strong enemy.   

Zhou Yuan hesitated no more. As Genesis Qu undulated from his body, three Heavenly Suns emerged behind him, resonating with the sound between heaven and earth, and immediately made the universe Genesis Qi become frantic.


Xu Lei stilled for a moment and surprise crossed his face when Zhou Yuan summoned his Heavenly Suns.

“Seven-claw Heavenly Sun!?”   

This was because he noticed that Zhou Yuan also possessed Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns and he had more dragon-claw runes than him. 

"Interesting, it seems that the five lower heavens have some residual blessing since you could refine seven-claw Heavenly Suns!" Although Xu Lei spoke indifferently, the killing intent in his eyes greatly intensified.

"If I kill you here, maybe you will be the last person in the five lower heavens with seven-claw Heavenly Suns.” Xu Lei chuckled.


As his voice died away, he vanished with a flash of golden light. 

“Amazing speed!” 

Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank. Xu Lei was the fastest person he had seen in his generation. Even Zhou Yuan couldn’t capture his movements. 

“Decoder Saint Rune!”   

Saint Runes roamed in the depths of Zhou Yuan's eyes.

He turned into a shadow and sped to the right.


The moment he acted, a crimson-gold rod wrapped in golden lightning swung down, fiercely slamming into where Zhou Yuan was previously standing.


Cracks instantly split the ground and rapidly extended in all directions like earth dragons, tearing down countless dilated buildings on the way.   


A surprised voice rang in the void, “You’re not bad since you could evade my attack.”

It should be said that he was the best in the entire Shengzu Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage in terms of speed, and even Jia Tu was inferior to him. 

Zhou Yuan's figure blurred and he flashed across the air.

"Hey, you can't escape!"   

But a mocking laughter rang in his ears and golden lightning flashed out from the ground. The lightning intertwined with each other, forming a net to block all of Zhou Yuan’s escape routes. 


Shrouded in a vast sea of golden lightning, he ruthlessly aimed the crimson-golden rod at the top of Zhou Yuan’s skull with mountainous force.

The momentum was so great that it almost solidified the atmosphere.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned extremely serious because he knew he couldn’t evade the opponent’s fierce attack this time.

Since I can't evade, I’ll meet it directly! 

He clenched his hand and the Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed out, its white tip instantly turning a dark color.

Platinum Genesis Qi roared and surged above the tip, like a dragon hovering around it and about to swallow the world.


The crimson-gold rod collided with the mottled black brush.

They both had erupted their Genesis Qi foundation without any reservation in that fierce collision.


Space stilled for a moment under the impact and then, indescribable Genesis Qi shock waves turned into tornados and suddenly tore down everything in their way, including thousands of buildings. 


Two figures blasted back in the Genesis Qi tornados.

Space shattered and crumbled as their feet slammed across the air.

Xu Lei tightened his grip around his crimson-gold rod as he stared coldly at the young figure in the distance.


Although his Genesis Qi foundation surpassed Zhou Yuan’s, he didn’t obtain the overwhelming advantage as he imagined because Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi grade was far beyond his expectation.

Zhou Yuan's Heavenly Yuan Brush pointed to the ground. As he stared at Xu Lei, his eyes grew increasingly fierce.

“Fine, before I get rid of Jia Tu, I will use you as warm up!”

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