Chapter 1176 Powerful Enemies Appear

When Bai Xiaolu stepped out of a node, the surrounding space changed again.

But there wasn’t a ripple of expression on her face. After several fierce battles, her clothes were a little torn and exposed her fair glass-like skin, but because of her Saint Glass Body, she still looked untainted by a speck of dust.

The powerful enemies she encountered in those nodes couldn’t stop her half a step. 

She stared silently at the changing space, waiting for it to stabilize. Finally, she appeared to be standing on a tremendous square surrounded with huge mottled and ancient statues.

Bai Xiaolu stepped across the square, seemingly relaxed, but in truth, her body was very tense and terrifying power was on the verge of exploding from her body.  

This was because she knew that the boundary node in front of her was extremely important, and it was almost the last line of defense.

She halted her footsteps around one hundred steps forward and peered coldly ahead with her huge black eyes.

A figure was sat cross-legged atop a stone statue with a beast leg dripping with blood in his hand. His sharp teeth pierced through and crushed the bone, splattering blood everywhere.

The person was burly and tall and his upper body was bare, revealing all the vivid beast patterns inscribed on him. As those patterns squirmed, the roar of beasts resounded. 

Staring at him, Bai Xiaolu’s expressions grew serious because she felt a dangerous aura emitting from him.

Moreover, the fierce beast patterns that shrouded his body were equally terrifying.

He was clearly an expert specialized in cultivating physical strength.

“Flawless Saint Glass Body?" The man grinned at Bai Xiaolu, and his teeth still stained with blood made him look even more terrifying.

“I didn’t think someone in the five lower heavens can cultivate their body to such a level.”

Standing up, he erupted with a ferocious aura, as though thousands of fierce beasts were roaring behind him.  

"I am De Moyue, a Shengzu Heaven sacred heaven pride, remember my name…because I will eat your body bit by bit after defeating you.”

Bai Xiaolu's little face was icy-cold. Then, her body grew slender and long, and her skin radiated a sacred glass light, as though untouchable.

“I have no interest in your disgusting body, so I have to crush you after I defeat you…" her voice was icy and filled with thick killing intent.


Before her voice faded, several images of her appeared as she shot out. She clenched her slender hand and a golden hammer appeared in her grip, as though lifting a mountain, and slammed towards De Moyue.


Terrifying shock waves broke out and destroyed all the ancient stone statues.


Piercing sharp blade light rays gathered on the Azure Dragon Blade in Guan Qinglong's hand, slicing boulders as they passed like tofu.

He circulated his Genesis Qi without any reservation. 

He solemnly focussed his gaze ahead. 

There, a tall figure clad in heavy armor stood, and only a pair of eyes filled with killing intent was exposed from his facial armor. Even if he merely stood there, a murderous aura assaulted Zhao Mushen’s face as though he was facing a powerful army.

That aura made Guan Qinglong feel piercing pain in his skin.   

It was an extremely dangerous and powerful enemy! 

His opponent’s Genesis Qi foundation likely broke the 4 billion level!

“Remember me, I am Yuan Jiu, a Shengzu Heaven sacred heaven pride, the one who will kill you.”  Yuan Jiu’s indifferent voice rang out.

Then, as he stamped his feet, cracks split the ground and he roared out with surging killing intent.


At the same time, another sacred heaven pride emerged in front of Jiang Jinlin. His eyes were like blood-red whirlpools.

 “Mystic Dragon Clan? 

“I can pluck out your tendons and remove your bones to make a top-quality Blood Genesis Pill.”


Chu Qing stared at the two familiar figures in front of him.

They were brothers Mi Shan and Mi Shi.   

Chu Qing couldn't compete with them before, but after the opportunities from the ancestral qi stone tablet, his Genesis Qi foundation had skyrocketed to 3.5 billion.

Mi Shan and Mi Shi missed the opportunity from the ancestral qi stone tablet, and although their strength had improved, their Genesis Qi foundations were only 3.4 billion and 3.3 billion, respectively. Thus, they couldn’t be compared to Chu Qing.

But the two were a threat to Chu Qing since they joined forces to deal with him.    


As Chu Qing sighed, black hair swiftly grew from his bare head like spikes and finally fluttered behind him like a black cloak.

"Junior brother Zhou Yuan is waiting for us, please brothers can you…

“Get lost!”  

Chu Qing’s gaze suddenly turned cold and fierce.

The next moment, three figures, shrouded in mighty Genesis Qi, simultaneously sped out and clashed.


"You are Li Fu, the strongest Heavenly Sun expert in Wuxing Heaven?”

A black-clad youngster smiled kindly in front of Li Fu, and his wide smile made him appear friendly.

It was just that his words made his bright smile look a little strange.

"I am Ji Tianluo, a sacred heaven pride from Shengzu Heaven…"

"After you die, I will prepare a good coffin for you.” 


The forest ground was covered with fallen leaves.

Wu Yao stood amidst fallen leaves, staring at the big tree ahead with her sharp phoenix eyes, where a woman in white was sitting and looking at her condescendingly.

“Such a beautiful person." The woman in white giggled as she studied Wu Yao's flawless face and beautiful figure. Her graceful curves made even her drool.

“I am Gu Yan, a Shengzu Heaven sacred heaven pride.”

She giggled. "Your face is so beautiful, can you lend it to me?”

She stretched her neck slightly, and vaguely there was a faint blood-color line across her neck, as though her entire face was just a mask.

However, facing the bizarre white-clothed woman, Wu Yao didn't utter a word and just balled her hand into fist and punched out.


Thunder reverberated throughout the world as a black thunderbolt full of destructive power rumbled out, drowning the woman in white.


Su Youwei clasped a star-like sword in her hand as her Yin-Yang Heavenly Suns rotated behind her, absorbing and spewing out monstrous Genesis Qi. 

She turned around sharply and swung her sword.

A black-and-white sword light roared out like a yin-yang dragon, slashing through the air towards somewhere in the void.


A scarlet chain fiercely blasted out, colliding with the black-and-white sword light, causing terrifying Genesis Qi shock waves to sweep out and destroy everything in all directions.

The chain retracted and a figure loomed where it was. The figure was thin with scarlet chains twisted around her. But those bizarre chains seemed to possess a spiritual intellect. If it was inserted into a person’s body, it could suck up blood as it squirmed.

Su Youwei's pretty face turned solemn. Although she knew the person in front of her should be a sacred heaven pride from the Shengzu Heaven and possessed tyrannical strength, she fearlessly launched another offensive.

"His Highness is facing a great obstacle alone, how can I hold him back? So, no matter who you are, please go die.”

Yin-yang light flowed around her beautiful face, making her look extraordinarily mysterious.


"Boy, remember my name, I am…" 

"I'm not interested in knowing your name. After I kill you, I can try the taste of a sacred heaven pride from Shengzu Heaven?!”

Zhao Mushen wore a strange smile as he stared intently at the figure in front of him that exuded vast Genesis Qi. His opponent’s Genesis Qi was evidently stronger than his, but not only was he unafraid, he quivered with excitement.

This was because he was excited for something good to eat.

So, he took the initiative and sped out.   


At almost the same time, the top Heavenly Sun experts from the five heavens all encountered the trickiest enemies.

No one could predict what the outcome would be and how many people would die or live in the end.

Zhou Yuan was similarly facing a powerful enemy.

 It was a man with white hair and a crimson-gold rod.   

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