Chapter 1175 Xu Lei

Standing atop a mountain, Jia Tu stared at the light screen before him. The murderous intent in his eyes was almost palpable, causing the temperature across the world to plummet.

He didn't think Zhou Yuan could kill Xiao Yin with a single palm strike.

“A foundation of 4.3 billion…”  

“Grade-8 Genesis Qi..."    

“A palm strike comparable to a Saint Genesis art…”    “

Jia Tu’s gaze grew increasingly vicious. He was generally aware of Zhou Yuan’s strength through his spying, and he felt that Xiao Yin was only killed in seconds because he was too careless. After all, he originally appointed another two people to help him deal with Zhou Yuan. 

If they joined forces, Zhou Yuan could have been utterly destroyed.

But that idiot had to show off his ability first, and as a result, he died…

Jia Tu’s face was devoid of expression, and with a wave of his sleeve, a complicated network of light rays emerged on the light screen in front of him.

The intertwining light rays were the boundary network of the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation and where they intertwined were the boundary nodes location.

But the nodes had dimmed in places, which was a sign of damage.

“Zhou Yuan is a scourge. If I knew about this, I would have killed him long ago,” uttered Jia Tu coldly.

There was no mention of Zhou Yuan’s name in the information they collected because he was a mere intermediate Heavenly Sun expert.

At the time, no one thought Zhou Yuan would be such a big threat.

"It seems it was really too risky to set up a huge formation to swallow all nine main veins,” a voice came from behind Jia Tu. It was a white-haired man wielding a crimson-gold rod on his back. As he blinked, golden lightning faintly flashed in his eyes. 

The person who spoke was called Xu Lei, a sacred heaven pride in Shengzu Heaven second only to Jia Tu.

Jia Tu said indifferently, "Although the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation has its flaws, it is ultimately derived from the Saint experts in our Sacred Race. Its complexity and profoundness makes it difficult for even experts with Spirit of the Allroaming stage to identify its hidden flaws.”

“Zhou Yuan...must be carrying some kind of mysterious treasure.”

If it weren't for Zhou Yuan, the five heavens army couldn’t take half a step into the formation even if they all risked their lives. 

Staring at the light screen, Xu Lei suddenly said, “The boundary isn’t fully operated yet. If we remove the boundary and combine our strengths it wouldn’t be too difficult to destroy the people from the five heavens. It should also be the safest method.”


Jia Tu refused without any hesitation. “Once the boundary is removed, we can’t assemble it again with our strength. At that time, we also can’t swallow all nine main veins.”

Xu Lei frowned, but he didn’t argue back, because he also was reluctant to give up on all nine veins and the other sacred heaven pride would also likely oppose. He couldn’t take such responsibility if they were all angered.

Moreover, they wouldn't know how to report back to Shengzu Heaven and could even be punished. After all, the Saint experts had been preparing for years to swallow the main ancestral qi veins.

"Although the situation is a little unexpected, there’s no need to panic. Those lowly ants can’t truly shake the boundary.”

Jia Tu looked at Xu Lei and said, “The ones in front are just appetizers. Do you think they can really get past the final nodes guarded by us?”

Xu Lei pondered for a moment, then chuckled and shook his head.

“They are just ants trying to shake a tree.”  

Jia Tu smiled and said calmly, "So everything is still under control. We’ll just let them feel a trace of hope before we crush them. Their expressions at that time will be quite amusing.”

 "Well, we’ll let them be happy for a while." Xu Lei nodded.

The two sat and stood before the light screen, quietly watching the changes within the boundary.

Half a day flashed by. 

The light specks on the light screen, which represented the boundary nodes, constantly dimmed.

More and more nodes were being destroyed.    

The boundary also grew increasingly unstable. 

Jia Tu's expression remained indifferent. He paid no attention to the ordinary teams from the five heavens because even if they were to create huge disturbance on the periphery, they couldn’t destroy the boundary. His eyes were fixed on the deepest nodes.

Those were along the most important route. 

And that was exactly the direction where the five heavens top experts were heading.

After advancing for a day, they were nearing the line of defense in the depths.

“They are almost here. We can’t be careless anymore. Otherwise that will be like playing with fire,” urged Xu Lei.

Jia Tu also nodded slightly. The next line of defense could be regarded as the last line of defense in the boundary’s center.

"Pass on the order and tell everyone to be ready."   

Then, Jia Tu shifted his gaze to a certain node, where Zhou Yuan should be and his eyes flashed with intense murderous intent. "Xu Lei, I leave Zhou Yuan for you to deal with this time.”

Xu Lei, a Heavenly Sun expert second only to him in Shengzu Heaven, should be enough to deal with Zhou Yuan given his strength. Moreover, the fact that Jia Tu sent out Xu Lei also showed that he didn't look down on Zhou Yuan. 

Xu Lei stretched his body, saying, “But if I go, you won't be able to play.”

There was undisguised arrogance in his tone and words.   

Jia Tu smiled. “It can’t be helped. I have to sit here and overwatch everything just in case.”

Xu Lei raised his brows. "What do you mean just in case? You mean if I lose to Zhou Yuan?”

"Don't pick faults in my words…I just have to take responsibility for our mission, though I don’t think that there would be any problems…

"Right, if you get rid of Zhou Yuan, break his limbs and bring them back. I will refine them into a slave and control it to kill his family." A cruel and bloodthirsty smile twisted the corners of his mouth.

Jia Tu evidently had deep hatred towards Zhou Yuan, who had repeatedly ruins his plans.

“As you wish." Xu Lei waved his hand and stepped forward. The space in front instantly shattered and his figure vanished.

Watching Xu Lei’s departing figure as he left, Jia Tu's expression turned indifferent again. Then, he shifted his gaze to the boundary light speck where Zhou Yuan was and said pitifully, "Poor lowly ant. You’ve worked so hard for a day, but in the end it’s useless.

"You will soon experience what despair is…"

With a flick of his finger, invisible waves rippled the great formation.

At the same time, many Sacred Race experts erupted with terrifying Genesis Qi. They pierced through the boundary with a slight movement and came to the last line of defense.

The people who Zhou Yuan encountered before weren’t considered a threat except the sacred heaven prides.

The real show had only just started. 

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