Chapter 1174 Heavenly Dragon Palm Seal

“Lowly ant species of the five lower heavens, you should stop now.” The leader of three figures suddenly spoke when Zhou Yuan and the others stepped into the boundary node. He only spoke casually but his voice resembled thunder, shaking the mountains below as it reverberated throughout heaven and earth.

Moreover, he unreservedly revealed his Genesis Qi foundation of 4 billion, and an oppressive atmosphere filled the space.

"You are a sacred heaven pride from Shengzu Heaven?" Zhou Yuan sized up the person before him, and noticed he was carrying a huge red spear and his burly body exuded an oppressive pressure. His face was ordinary-looking, but a chilling fierceness flashed in his eyes.

He looked like a humanoid beast. 

From his bearing, Zhou Yuan knew he was much stronger than the brothers Mi Shi and Mi Shan, who they previously encountered.

"I am Xiao Yin, a Shengzu Heaven’s sacred heaven pride!"   

The huge red spear in his hand pointed at Zhou Yuan as he grinned, giving off a ferocious, arrogant and condescending aura.

“I heard you’re the commander-in-chief for the five lower heavens in Guyuan Heaven? You don’t seem that special. I would make a huge contribution to the team if I kill you here.”

Zhou Yuan looked at him indifferently, unaffected by his taunting. He turned his head and said to Li Qingchan and the others, “Go put up the flags, I will handle the situation here.”

Li Qingchan nodded. “Be careful.”   

Without any hesitation, she darted away with the others. They scattered and searched for locations to put up the flags.

“Where are you going?!”  

Xiao Yin gave a sinister smile. He thrust his arm and a red spear roared out with a blood-red torrent like a blood-red Jiao-dragon. Shrouded in earth-shattering Genesis Qi, it tore through the sky and sped towards Li Qingchan and the others. 

However, before that tyrannical offensive neared Li Qingchan and the others, a figure appeared in front of them like a ghost.

Zhou Yuan balled his hand into a fist and white hair broke out from his skin, enveloping his fist like a glove. 


His fist directly slammed into the blood-red Jiao-dragon, causing a resounding metallic noise. Even the entire void wildly distorted. Then, the blood-red spear blasted backwards, producing sorrowful wailing, and in the end, crashed into several mountain peaks.

“You only have a Genesis Qi foundation of 4 billion yet you dare act so arrogant. Do the sacred heaven prides in your Sacred Race not have a brain?”

Zhou Yuan stared sharply at Xiao Yin as three Heavenly Suns loomed behind him. At the same time, 4.3 billion Genesis Qi stars unreservedly erupted from his body and terrifying pressure gushed in all directions like thousand-feet waves.

“A 4.3 billion Genesis Qi foundation?!” Xiao Yin’s pupils shrank.   

"Moreover, that guy's Genesis Qi..." Xiao Yin stared at Zhou Yuan's platinum Genesis Qi because he could feel that the Genesis Qi was of a high grade.


But before he could ponder more carefully, Zhou Yuan took one step forward and instantly appeared right in front of Xiao Yin. Expressionless, he punched out.

Monstrous platinum Genesis Qi burst forth. An ancient dragon roar resounded deep in the Genesis Qi, shaking one’s Spirit.

Zhou Yuan had circulated all his 4.3 billion Genesis Qi in that punch. As a result, space rippled violently and spatial cracks spread through space as the punch blasted out. 

“Do you still think I’m a lowly ant species?!”

Xiao Yin’s face twisted fiercely and his eyes reddened in fury when he heard Zhou Yuan’s taunt. Although Zhou Yuan’s 4.3 billion Genesis Qi foundation was stronger than his, Xiao Yin had no intention of retreating because as part of the Sacred Race he couldn’t retreat from the bastards of the five lower heavens.

“Mysterious tablet secret art!” Xiao Yin roared.

His clothes burst to pieces, revealing a stone tablet rune on his chest. The rune squirmed and released rays of mysterious light that rapidly spread to every part of Xiao Yin’s body.

His Genesis Qi foundation soared at an astonishing speed!

His Genesis Qi foundation reached the level of 4.2 billion within a few breaths!

“Mystic Jiao-Dragon Fist!” 

Xiao Yin balled his hand into a fist and punched out. A Jiao-dragon shadow suddenly rose from his body and dived down, merging into his fist. Them, a tremendous Jiao-dragon fist wrapped in surging Genesis Qi thrust directly towards Zhou Yuan.

Xiao Yin also unreservedly put all his strength into that punch. 

"Compared with our Sacred Race, what are you?!" Xiao Yin roared with laughter. The Jiao-dragon Genesis Qi he cultivated was ranked grade 8 and was known to be tyrannical. Moreover, he activated a secret art to raise his Genesis Qi foundation even more. Any opponent wouldn’t dare attack recklessly even with a 4.3 billion Genesis Qi foundation.  

 But that was only...what he believed.

Zhou Yuan's face didn’t ripple in the slightest in the face of Xiao Yin's full-strength counterattack. He carefully sensed the World Subduing Heavenly Dragon Qi surging in his body, and felt an unprecedented vast feeling. 

This was the first time that Zhou Yuan completely and unreservedly circulated his Genesis Qi to its peak after his breakthrough to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage. 


A majestic ancient dragon roar echoed constantly throughout his body, cleansing his flesh and blood. It was amidst the dragon roar that a divine light flashed across his mind. It was as though he was enlightened. Then, suddenly, he balled his hands into fists and his fingers folded into a seal. 

The Genesis Qi he cultivated from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture contained powerful arts that one could only understand once one’s Genesis Qi reached a certain level. 

Zhou Yuan had a feeling that the lightning-like Genesis art that suddenly flashed would be extraordinary.


As Zhou Yuan thrust out his palm, a platinum light formation spread forth from his palm. Then, the light formation tore apart itself and a monstrous platinum dragon shadow, shrouded in indescribable power, charged out.  

Space shattered before the platinum dragon shadow.

Thousands of spatial debris scattered everywhere.    

The platinum dragon shadow rapidly enlarged in front of Xiao Yin and the powerful and dangerous aura it emitted made even Xiao Yin's body tense up and his hair stand on end. But the most terrifying thing was that even his Jiao-dragon spirit was shuddering in fear. 

His Mystic Jiao-dragon Fist required a Jiao-dragon’s spirit as sacrifice to possess such a fierce power, but the platinum dragon shadow had utterly suppressed the Jiao-dragon seal.


But it was too late to change his move or even retreat. A fierce light glinted in Xiao Yin’s eyes. He decided neither to advance nor to retreat, and instead blood-red Jiao-dragon scales surfaced on his body. 

“That kid has some skill, so it’s best to counter his offensive first, then join forces with the others and use our trump cards to kill him.”

The others that Xiao Yin mentioned were naturally the other two who possessed a 3.8 billion Genesis Qi foundation. Their Genesis Qi were of the same origin and there was a secret art that could combine the three’s strength into one. They no doubt could finally suppress Zhou Yuan then.

It was just that Xiao Yin, who was arrogant, didn’t want to join forces with others. This was why he came alone to first test Zhou Yuan’s strength!

"I don't believe that I, a high and mighty Shengzu Heaven sacred heaven pride would lose to a lowly species!”

Xiao Yin's ferocious nature was aroused. His speed suddenly skyrocketed and then, shrouded in majestic power, he collided with the platinum dragon shadow roaring towards him.


Berserk Genesis Qi shock waves raged across the air.

The mountain forest was instantly razed to the ground. 


Li Qingchan and the others in the distance also halted for a moment and stared in astonishment at the collision. 

This was the first time they saw Zhou Yuan attack after his breakthrough.   

Zhou Yuan was hovering in the air while Xiao Yin was ferociously speeding across the air, but the astonishment on Li Qingchan's face intensified.

This was because she noticed a huge hole appearing on Xiao Yin's chest.   

And around the hole was platinum Genesis Qi crazily corroding his flesh.

The other two Sacred Race experts also stared wide-eyed at the scene. 

“How… is it possible?”   

Xiao Yin peered down at the hole on his chest and disbelief filled his face. He didn't think Zhou Yuan's offensive would be so terrifying.

The vitality in his body was fading rapidly.   

Strong unwillingness mixed with shock came to Xiao Yin's eyes. He still had other means to use more trump cards to bring out and he still hadn’t activated his Sacred Pupil…It shouldn't end like this. I planned to block Zhou Yuan’s attack and then begin to counterattack.

But…now, he had no chance to counterattack.   


Xiao Yin roared skywards, his voice full of unwillingness and anger. His wailing stopped abruptly, and his body plummeted from the void like a golden mountain or jade pillar, smashing a deep pit into the ground. 

Li Qingchan’s and the others’ mouth fell open. 

The battle has ended before we even put up a flag?!   

A Shengzu Heaven sacred heaven pride was killed?!

The other two Shengzu Heaven experts shuddered at the scene and almost cursed out loud. Xiao Yin…that bastard is too arrogant. We planned to attack Zhou Yuan together with our secret art…But now that their leader, Xiao Yin, was killed, what use would joining forces be?!

“Idiot! Idiot!” The two roared in anger in their hearts.   

In the void, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained indifferent as he watched Xiao Yin fall to the ground, though there was a hint of astonishment in the depths of his eyes. He had a feeling the Heavenly Dragon Palm Seal would be extraordinary, but he didn’t think it could kill Xiao Yin in one strike. 

Its power wasn’t inferior to a ray of rainbow sword light.

Of course, his Heavenly Dragon Palm coincidentally had a restraining effect on Xiao Yin's Jiao-dragon Fist.

He refined a Jiao-dragon spirit, but because of that, he was utterly destroyed under the Heavenly Dragon’s might.

That guy…to put it simply, has bad luck.    

Zhou Yuan happened to grasp a Genesis art from the World-Subduing Heavenly Dragon Qi to restrain it completely. 

But Zhou Yuan felt it likely wasn’t a coincidence and perhaps the Jiao-dragon fist’s provocation triggered the World-Subduing Heavenly Dragon Qi.

He shook his head and turned his attention to the other two Sacred Race experts.

They instantly shuddered and broke the boundary and fled. 

Zhou Yuan didn't chase after them. He lifted his head and stared at somewhere in the void, where he faintly felt he was being watched from, and a cold sneer curled his lips. Then, he stretched out a finger and pointed to Xiao Yin lying dead on the ground.

At the same time…  

On a mountain summit in the depths of the Sacred Derivation Boundary, Jia Tu stared expressionless at the light screen in front of him and suddenly thrust out his palm. A towering mountain was silently annihilated.

“Zhou Yuan…”  

His quiet voice was so full with thick killing intent that there seemed to be a bloody taste in the air.

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