Chapter 1173 Sacred Heaven Pride

When Jia Tu figure disappeared, the intense killing intent on Zhou Yuan's face gradually faded, but his eyes seemed even colder. Immediately afterwards, he waved his hand and commanded, “Tidy up the battlefield, set up the flags, and destroy the boundary node.”

Filled with murderous aura, figures sped towards the Sacred Race team that Zhou Yuan wounded.

The Sacred Race team was wiped out after a short moment.

Li Qingchan immediately commanded the team members to disperse and put up flags within the node domain. Soon, the boundary violently vibrated, the space began to distort and the sand that filled the sky gradually receded.

Li Qingchan came to Zhou Yuan's side and stared at him with her beautiful and icy eyes. She previously also felt Zhou Yuan’s intense killing intent and knew he had some sort of relationship with the girl called Su Youwei.

It was indeed infuriating that Jia Tu's used this as an illusion.

But she didn't say much because she believed in the young man in front of her. He had achieved outstanding things over the years, but what was most outstanding was his tenacity. If Jia Tu thought that such a method could shake his heart, he greatly underestimated him.

Jia Tu's teasing behavior only intensified Zhou Yuan's killing intent.

“Is everything alright?" Li Qingchan whispered, her beautiful eyes glistening like moonlight.

Zhou Yuan smiled. "I'm just thinking what method of death I should give him.”

Li Qingchan nodded and said in a rare gentle voice, "But don't underestimate him. Since he’s the strongest sacred heaven pride in Shengzu Heaven, his strength must be unfathomable.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and said solemnly to Li Qingchan, "Senior sister Qingchan, I really didn't expect you to have a gentle side.”

Li Qingchan flicked her slender fingers and the sword in her hand flashed out half an inch from its scabbard. Cold light immediately filled the air and the temperature plummeted.

"Ahem, the node here has been destroyed. Let’s hurry and move on to the next place.” Feeling the chilling atmosphere, Zhou Yuan coughed dryly and immediately gave another order. He sped away first and smashed the space in front of him with a punch.

Li Qingchan’s lips twitched slightly when she saw his panicked figure, but since Zhou Yuan could still joke with her, his mind clearly wasn’t affected by Jia Tu, which made her a little relieved.

With a wave of her hand, she led the team and immediately followed.

For the half day following this, Zhou Yuan led the team to break through six boundary nodes in one go.

The process was very smooth, but Zhou Yuan understood that this was because his strength was too tyrannical, so he ignored everything and pushed through.

However, Zhou Yuan grew increasingly serious during this process of advancement.

This was because almost each of the six nodes was guarded by one or two Sacred Race experts with a foundation of 3.5 billion.

Of course, his route was guarded by the strongest people. It was evident that the number of top experts in the Sacred Race was indeed much more than the five heavens.

According to Zhou Yuan’s speculation, if the Sacred Race weren’t that ambitious and tried to swallow all nine main ancestral qi veins in one bite and instead concentrated their efforts to seize the strongest main veins, it would be hard to contend against them.

 It was no wonder that the Sacred Race obtained the greatest benefits in almost every Battle of Guyuan Heaven in the past. The five heavens could only have their leftovers

In a boundary node. 

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged, inhaling Genesis Qi to recover. The fierce battles during that half-day also took a toll on him.

And as boundary nodes were constantly broken, the Sacred Race experts that guarded the nodes were stronger than before. Therefore, he must be in top condition.

While recovering his Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan took out a purple-gold jade bamboo slip, from which light radiated and formed a light screen.

Countless specks of light flickered on the light screen, which were exactly the teams from the five heavens that entered the great formation.

"The damage is even greater..." Zhou Yuan just scanned the screen roughly and found that some light specks had completely dimmed and vanished. The entire army seemed to have wiped out after a tragic battle.

But their sacrifices weren’t worthless. The nodes that were destroyed gradually shook the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.

Zhou Yuan inhaled deeply, suppressing the emotions fluctuating in his heart, and looked at the most important routes.

Among these routes, Bai Xiaolu was the one who advanced most rapidly. She had destroyed four nodes in total, which was only just behind him.

Jiang Jinlin, Guan Qinglong and the others were a little slower, and likely had encountered more difficult and powerful enemies.

Zhou Yuan looked at Zhao Mushen’s, Su Youwei’s, and Wu Yao’s routes. Although they weren’t advancing as swiftly, the light specks that represented their state were still very bright, indicating they hadn’t suffered much damage.

The enemies they encountered would be stronger the further they advanced.

Zhou Yuan stood up, turned his head to look at Li Qingchan and the others, saying, "The next node is quite important. The other side would inevitably have their top experts guard it. Everyone be careful.”

Li Qingchan and the others nodded seriously.

They all understood that they weren’t qualified to participate in a battle of Zhou Yuan's level, and the only thing they could do was protect the formation flags.

Zhou Yuan threw out a punch, smashing the void with dragon-like Genesis Qi.

The domain suddenly twisted and tore apart. He took the lead and stepped through.

As he stepped through the spatial crack, the scene in front changed almost instantly, becoming a vast sea of forest that extended endlessly. 

Zhou Yuan immediately cast his gaze into the distance.

He peered at a mountain peak.

One person led the way in front and the other two closely followed.

The one who took the lead didn’t conceal his Genesis Qi at all. It raged across the world like a storm, causing space to vibrate.  

The Genesis Qi foundation of the two behind him was both around 3.8 billion!

Li Qingchan’s and the others’ expressions changed slightly. Someone with a foundation of 4 billion could be considered as a sacred heaven pride!

A sacred heaven pride had led two top sacred race experts to stop them!

“Shengzu Heaven’s sacred heaven pride…”

As Zhou Yuan calmly studied the three figures before him, a dark stream of light gathered in his palm and transformed into a mottled dark brush. 

“Finally someone presentable came."

Zhou Yuan pointed his Heavenly Yuan Brush forward, his eyes filled with fighting spirit and murderous intent. His body slowly exuded an overbearing aura that blotted out the sky and swept across the world.

“Let me see, how capable the sacred heaven prides from Shengzu Heaven are!”

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