Chapter 1172 Amusement and Killing Intent


The first thing that greeted Zhou Yuan when he emerged from the distorted space was a sky full of flying sand. He had ended up in what appeared to be a desert.

Space rippled behind him as figures arrived one after another.

This small squad was mainly composed of a few advanced Heavenly Sun experts. However, there were also some familiar faces among them such as Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun and the others.

Due to Zhou Yuan’s influence, they had been allowed to partake in the mystic ruins reward, and had benefited substantially, advancing to the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. Moreover, because of their talent, their foundations were very respectable despite recently being new intermediate Heavenly Sun experts.

“You guys didn’t need to follow me. My path will likely be the most difficult.” Zhou Yuan helplessly smiled at them.

Li Chunjun’s raspy voice sounded in reply, “We should repay you for all you’ve done for us.”

Zhou Yuan had helped them far too much in Guyuan Heaven, and they also seeked to reciprocate. Although there was not much they could help with given his current strength, they were determined to do their best within the range of their abilities. Hence, they were unafraid of the extreme danger following Zhou Yuan entailed.

Li Qingchan said, “We can’t always let you carry all the burdens.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu's eyes turned into crescents as she flirtatiously said, “Relax, we know our limits and won’t be a burden to you.”

Luluo pouted and said, “Honestly, I just feel that following you will yield a little more rewards.”

Their words warmed Zhou Yuan’s heart. “I hope that senior sister Qingchan can help me command the team. If we encounter the more powerful nodes, your main task will be to set up the array flags at the designated locations to suppress the boundary’s power.

“However, the Sacred Race will likely send people to stop you, making it very dangerous to guard these flags. Everyone be careful.”

Li Qingchan was obviously the most reliable and rational among the group. It would be difficult for Zhou Yuan to spare any attention if he encountered a strong foe, and he would more than likely be relying on Li Qingchan to give commands most of the time.

Li Qingchan nodded in acknowledgement.

After giving these instructions, Zhou Yuan did not delay any further. His eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at the desert, before he took a step forward, appearing a thousand feet away in an instant.

He was heading deeper into the desert.

With Li Qingchan leading them, the team closely followed.

However, Zhou Yuan stopped after a few minutes as his icy gaze looked towards the front, where a conspicuous stone mountain towered over the desert.

Powerful Genesis Qi undulations appeared on the mountains as sharp and alert gazes locked onto their group.

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change. The strongest member among the defenders only had a Genesis Qi foundation of around 3.3 billion. Such strength might have posed a slight threat to him before his cultivation breakthrough, but now, it was completely incapable of stopping him.

Li Qingchan and the others breathed small sighs of relief. The first boundary did not seem too problematic.

However, space on the stone mountain suddenly rippled and a figure slowly appeared.

The newcomer’s aura was as deep as the abyss. His face was as fair as jade, and a signature pair of dragon phoenix earrings hung from his ears. Every fibre of his being gave off an immeasurable and unfathomable feeling.

“Jia Tu?!”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly at the sight of this person.

Shengzu Heaven’s strongest sacred heaven pride!

Zhou Yuan was a little stupefied, because Jia Tu should be defending the final node. Why had he appeared here?! Had he given up on the node he was supposed to be stationed at?

Behind him, the expressions of Li Qingchan and the others changed drastically. They hastily circulated their Genesis Qi, preparing to face this formidable foe.

He should have originally been the final obstacle, but had appeared in front of them so soon after entering the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation. This undoubtedly messed up their rhythm.

“You’re the overall commander of the five lower heavens? You should be called...Zhou Yuan?” Jia Tu’s deep eyes observed Zhou Yuan with a faint smile. “Do you really think that you guys will be able to break the Sacred Derivation Boundary Array?”

Zhou Yuan replied, “Who can for sure whether we can? Moreover, there should be no need to tell me such nonsense if you were still calm.”

Jia Tu nonchalantly said, “I merely felt a little interested since it’s so rare to see an ant who dares to challenge me. However, you are indeed somewhat loathsome. That’s why I'm going to pour some water over your enthusiasm.”

A strange smile rose from the corners of his mouth.

He extended his hand and space began to distort. A spatial crack was torn open and Jia Tu reached inside and grabbed a figure out.

Zhou Yuan’s expression immediately changed, “Youwei?!”

The one who had been dragged out was Su Youwei!

“I believe you have a special relation with this girl, right?” Jia Tu grinned like a cheshire cat. His hand clasp around Su Youwei’s fair and slender neck, as Genesis Qi chains tightly bound her.

“You fool, you underestimated the Sacred Derivation Boundary Array far too much. Anyone who enters will become lambs for the slaughter. Zhou Yuan, you’d better remember that you’re the one who's responsible for their deaths.”

Su Youwei’s face turned red as she frantically struggled. However, it was to no avail.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned extremely dark.

“Do you want to save your little lover?” Jia Tu snapped his fingers. The space in front of Zhou Yuan began to ripple as a spatial crack emerged. “Then leave this place. I’ll let her go once all of you are out. Otherwise, don’t blame me for destroying this flower.”

The expressions of Li Qingchan and the others changed drastically. They wanted to speak but ultimately could not find the words. Jia Tu was too cunning and devious. If they took the path he offered, the entire plan would fall apart.

Jia Tu chuckled. “Have you made your decision?”


The only response he received was Zhou Yuan’s figure abruptly shooting forward. Countless afterimages were left behind in the air as he shot straight to the top of the stone mountain.

“Impudence! How dare a lowly ant like you charge at a sacred heaven pride!” A Shengzu Heaven expert shouted as he released all 3.3 billion of his Genesis Qi foundation. He seemed to turn into a torrent of energy as he charged straight at Zhou Yuan.


The two collided like meteors. However, the Shengzu Heaven expert released a horrified shriek. His entire body burst apart due to the terrifying force of the collision, scattering into bloody pulp in the sky.

Zhou Yuan’s figure pierced through the bloody mist and landed on the stone peak.

“Is this your decision? What a heartless man.” Jia Tu could not help but sigh at this scene.

His eyes abruptly turned ice-cold as Genesis Qi erupted from his palm.


Su Youwei’s neck was twisted. Genesis Qi flooded into her body, destroying all signs of life.

Jia Tu threw aside her body and said, “See, you killed her.”

Zhou Yuan stared at Jia Tu with indifferent eyes. Soon after, a mocking smile rose from the corners of his mouth. “Jia Tu, I can’t believe you’d even resorted to such despicable tactics. It seems that you’re more shaken than I thought. Are you really afraid that I’ll succeed in destroying the boundary?”

Jia Tu’s eyes narrowed. “Oh?”

“All of this was merely an illusion, including you.” Zhou Yuan walked in front of Jia Tu and placed a hand on his shoulder. “I know that you’re trying to anger me, and make me lose my rationality. From there, it’ll be more likely for me to make mistakes…”

With an indifferent expression, Zhou Yuan raised his leg and sent it stomping down.

A terrifying Genesis Qi shockwave unfurled from his body like a storm. The approaching Sacred Race experts were blown away by the Genesis Qi pressure, vomiting blood as their bodies were sent flying.

“However, you have achieved your goal.” Amidst the bloody mist, Zhou Yuan's hand swung downwards, scattering Jia Tu’s figure.

Blood-chilling killing intent surged in his eyes, nearly turning tangible. Jia Tu had succeeded in fully rousing Zhou Yuan’s killing intent. It was a long time since he had wanted to kill anyone so badly.

The last time he had felt this way was when that old dog Sheng Yuan hurt Yaoyao till she fell into a deep slumber.

Zhou Yuan coldly said, “Jia Tu, wait for me to reap your life at the final node.” 

Jia Tu’s figure faded as an emotionless chuckle rang out.

“Hehe, how arrogant. Who do you think you are…

“You’re only an ant that doesn’t know it yet, and you should be honored that I toyed with you.

“I”ll be waiting then...don’t die on the other sacred heaven prides’ hands along the way. Otherwise, it will be far too disappointing.”

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