Chapter 1171 The War Begins

When Zhou Yuan stepped into the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation, he felt the space around him ripple violently. When he regained his senses, he found himself on a floating island.

It was a large island surrounded by distorted space.

Figures continuously emerged behind him one by one, reaching roughly a hundred in total.

They were led by Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the other apex-level experts.

All of them were holding the purple jade strips passed to them by Zhou Yuan earlier.

They had used the spatial coordinates in the jade strips to gather here.

Bai Xiaolu curiously observed the surroundings as she asked in her immature voice, “Is this the interior of the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and did a headcount to make sure that no one was missing.

Guan Qinglong asked in a low voice, “What do we do next?”

Zhou Yuan explained, “This is one of the boundary nodes we are using as an access point to enter the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation’s interior. From here, we’ll dive deeper and deeper into the boundary and ultimately reach its core.

“However, the boundary’s overwhelming power is not something we can face. Take this node for example, even all of us gathered here won’t be able to break the space here.”

Zhou Yuan pointed towards the distorted space in front of them. The terrifying power within made his heart shiver.

Bai Xiaolu and the others also revealed grave expressions. However, their gazes continued to be fixed on Zhou Yuan, because they knew that he definitely had a method to overcome this since he had brought them here.

“Don’t look at me. The next move doesn’t depend on me but all of our five heavens teams.”

Zhou Yuan sighed softly and retrieved a purple-gold jade strip. Light blossomed from it, forming a screen in the air.

There were a thousand scattered dots blinking on the screen.

“These dots represent all of our teams. They’re currently spread throughout various locations in the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation, and have likely already begun fighting with the defending Sacred Race teams...

“Their mission is to destroy all the outer boundary nodes.

“Only when a certain number of these nodes are destroyed will the space where we’re at begin to weaken. When that happens, it'’ll be our chance to dive deeper.”

Zhou Yuan stared at the dots as he pursed his lips. “Simply put, they’re using their lives to build a path for us.”

The place instantly fell silent as gaze after gaze looked towards the screen. They could see some of the dots dimming, and even some that suddenly disappear...

It meant that an entire team had been wiped out.

A cruel and desperate aura spread from the screen.

Several individuals clenched their fists as their eyes turned a little red. Even though they could not personally witness the battles, they could easily imagine how bitter they were.

It was like Zhou Yuan had said, they were using their lives to build a path.

A path into the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.

Zhou Yuan’s head was slightly lowered as a sign of respect for them. This was how battles against the Sacred Race were, cruel and no option to turn back.

“Nearly all of the Sacred Race forces should be gathered here to form the foundation and maintain operation of the great array. However, it also makes their power dispersed. In other words, this is the best chance for us to focus our power and push in.”

Zhou Yuan breathed in deeply, forcibly calming himself. “Everyone, if we do reach the end of our journey and manage to destroy the array, the backlash will completely obliterate the Sacred Race.

“It’s a road of no retreat. We can only advance with all our might!”

Everyone tightly clenched their fists as fierce determination rose in their eyes.

The screen continued to flicker for an incense stick of time.

Over this period, Zhou Yuan and the others personally witnessed nearly a hundred dots disappear, which meant nearly a hundred teams had been wiped out. Every member of these teams had lost their lives.

That was over ten thousand of the five heavens most elite Heavenly Sun experts.

They were individuals with their own stories, and geniuses that were adored by numerous others. However, these very same individuals had lost their lives without leaving even a name behind.

It was a devastating loss.

No one could remain indifferent to such a tragedy. A few of the more emotional girls could not help but muffle their crying.

However, these sacrifices were not in vain.

Zhou Yuan could feel the space before them begin to ripple violently as cracks began to appear.

“Go! Attack the positions recorded in your purple jade strips!” Zhou Yuan's icy voice rang out on the island.

“Don’t waste the lives they used to open a path for us, we must win this battle!”

Behind Zhou Yuan, the hundred figures roared, “We must win!”

Their figures shot forth, charging straight into the warping space, before disappearing into it.

Their departure made the island become rather empty.

Zhou Yuan turned his head and gazed at the ones left standing behind him, Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin, Li Fu, Chu Qing, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, Su Youwei...

These were the five heavens’ strongest Heavenly Sun experts.

There was another group quietly standing behind them with solemn expressions. They would be accompanying the first group of super elites, and in simple terms, were their subordinates. Even so, they would face dangers that far surpassed all of the other teams.

Among them were several familiar faces, Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun and the others.

Zhou Yuan raised his hand and several golden jade strips flew towards the crowd.

“Everyone, it’s our turn next. Our routes are the most important because they lead straight to the key nodes. However, the Sacred Race will also be dispatching their strongest experts to guard these locations, and our goal is to destroy all of them.

“Every single one of you is very important. If you fail, those who paid with their lives to open the path for us would have died in vain.

“The war has already begun, and no one can escape. If we want to win, everyone will have to play their part!” Zhou Yuan slowly said, “That’s why...please use your lives to defeat every person who obstructs us!”

Everyone silently nodded, even Jiang Jinlin, who greatly envied Zhou Yuan, tightly gripped his golden jade strip, killing intent flowing in his eyes.

No one spoke as they silently adjusted their condition.

Another incense stick of time later.

Space began to ripple once more.

Zhou Yuan looked at the crowd, pausing on Su Youwei as he gave her a light nod, asking her to be a little more careful.


Everyone’s figures shot forth and collided with the warping space.

Space rippled as figure after figure disappeared.

The floating island was now deserted, but a sombre aura began to brew.

The war of no retreat had formally begun.

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