Chapter 1170 Battle to Break the Array

“You’ve found them?!”

On the mountain top, Impatient and surprised gazes looked towards Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were blood-shot, and there were traces of blood at the corners of his eyes. He looked tired beyond belief. Even with the Decoder Saint Rune, the process had clearly taken a lot out of him.

If his Spirit was not tougher than most, it might have been scattered into nothingness half-way through.

What a terrifying boundary. Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. If the boundary had been perfected, even using up his entire Spirit would not have yielded him any results.

Fortunately, their luck had not been completely used up yet.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and gazed at the nervous and excited faces of the crowd around him before nodding.


The crowd cheered as relieved smiles appeared on their tense faces.

They understood how important this step was. If Zhou Yuan failed to find the array’s vulnerabilities, even throwing away every single one of their lives would not be able to shake the boundary.

All they could do then was helplessly watch as the Sacred Race seized the nine main channels.

While everyone was breathing sighs of relief, a whiff of fragrance drifted towards Zhou Yuan. A fair and slender hand carefully wiped away the blood at his eyes.

“Your highness, it’s been hard on you.” Despite being somewhat of a clean-freak, Su Youwei did not throw away the dirty cloth, but instead kept it in her sleeve without flinching. She revealed a small smile at Zhou Yuan, oozing with so much warmth and tenderness that it could soothe away all tiredness.

Her heart ached a little at the pressure Zhou Yuan was under.

The overall commander did bring many tangible benefits, but Zhou Yuan had done so much because of it. However, Su Youwei understood that this was his character, which had never changed over the years.

Several envious gazes watched them. Although there were many talented beauties among those gathered here, Su Youwei was undoubtedly top-tier in both looks and character.

In fact, in their brief period together over the past few days, many young elites had shown their good will towards Su Youwei in hopes of earning her favor.

Wu Yao’s phoenix eyes rippled faintly as she watched.

Guan Qinglong seemed to sense this, and quickly cupped his fists together towards Zhou Yuan. “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, you will definitely be awarded the highest honor if our five heavens obtain a favorable result in the battle for Guyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained impassive as he shook his head. He had given so much because he had a goal of his own. His main goal for coming to Guyuan Heaven was to obtain the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.

Since it had yet to appear, it must be somewhere among the main channels.

Hence, he could not possibly sit by and watch the Sacred Race seize all nine channels.

The Ancestral Dragon Flesh was key for Yaoyao’s revival, and he would not hesitate to slaughter a path to it no matter the obstructions.

Zhou Yuan nodded to Su Youwei in thanks before waving his sleeve. A thousand azure jade strips appeared in front of him.

“Split yourselves into a thousand teams. Each team will be given one of these jade strips, in which I’ve imprinted directions and instructions.

“The teams will spread out in the boundary and rattle its foundations.

“However, this is only the first step.”

With a flick, another hundred or so purple jade strips flew out.

“These purple jade strips hold several of the boundary node locations and will be given to our most elite experts. The nodes will definitely be guarded by powerful experts, and your mission is to do everything in your power to destroy these nodes.

“Only by destroying them layer by layer will we ultimately bring down the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.”

Everyone’s faces turned solemn at Zhou Yuan’s stern voice.

“Don’t worry overall commander Zhou Yuan, we will make sure everyone clearly understands your instructions.” A serious look appeared on Bai Xiaolu’s young face.

Zhou Yuan nodded and somewhat tiredly closed his eyes. “We’ll attack tomorrow.”

His voice was calm, but filled with rising killing intent.

Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the others quickly left to spread his instructions.

A day passed in the blink of an eye.

Fully recovered, Zhou Yuan stood on the mountain top, coldly observing the boundary that encompassed the sky and land. He could faintly sense countless mocking gazes watching them from inside.

Perhaps, the Sacred Race members would never expect that he would really find the boundary weak points.

“Overall commander Zhou Yuan, everything is ready.”

Bai Xiaolu’s voice sounded from behind. Zhou Yuan turned around and gazed at the mountain range, where a thousand teams of the five heavens most elite Heavenly Sun practitioners were neatly lined up. Strong gales blew through the mountains, but was unable to disperse the heavy killing intent.

Zhou Yuan looked straight at them and slowly said, “Everyone, there are only two endings that await us: break through the boundary and seize the ancestral qi main channels, or fail and die!

“Once we enter, there will be no turning back.

“If anyone does not wish to participate, they may withdraw now.”

His voice rang out in everyone’s ears.

However, no one responded, their nervous faces filled with firm resolve.

Everyone understood the importance of this battle.

If they gave up on the nine main channels, the Sacred Race would produce countless more experts in the future, and become even stronger. Once the Sacred Race began to invade the five heavens, their family and friends would be mercilessly slaughtered, and refined into blood pills for the Sacred Race’s enjoyment.

The survivors would be reared like pigs.

In the higher realms of Guyuan Heaven, the Nascent Source, Law Domain and even the Saint experts were fighting, desperately trying to win one more sliver of hope for the many races.

No one was exempt in the battle against the heartless, cruel and powerful Sacred Race.

Hence, no matter how nervous and uneasy they felt, no one backed down.

Zhou Yuan gazed at the determined faces and took a deep breath before nodding to Bai Xiaolu and the others.

“Teams of the five heavens...attack together with me!”

As his stern voice rang out, Zhou Yuan took the lead, rising into the air before shooting towards the vast array in the distance.


Behind him, a thousand teams rose like a swarm of locusts. They covered the sky, land and sun, seemingly endless in number.

Within the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation, Jia Tu was seated on a peak. He lowered his head to look at the ants burrowing in the ground before smiling as he pointed at the ant hill. The ant hill was instantly destroyed as countless ants fled for their lives.

He stretched his back and lifted his head to gaze outside the great arrow. A heartless and cruel smile rose from the corners of his mouth.

“The ants...have finally come to seek their deaths.”

Several Shengzu Heaven sacred heaven prides appeared behind him.

“Do you guys think the five heavens have found the vulnerabilities of the array?” someone asked.

“Impossible. Even if the array has imperfections, it is impossible to find them in a few days.” One of the sacred heaven prides snorted disdainfully.

“Their trash leader is probably putting up an act.”

“I do hope that they will come on. Otherwise, it will be too boring.”


While they were conversing, the five heavens teams arrived. They swiftly approached the distorting layers of space and stopped in front of it.

The sacred heaven prides also stopped talking and looked over with various expressions.

The young figure at the front of the army raised his head and looked towards the great array. His gaze seemed to pierce through the array, looking straight at them as he extended a hand and lightly waved.


Countless figures rose into the air behind him and charged towards various locations amidst the distorting layers of space without any trace of hesitation.


At the moment of impact, Jia Tu and the others felt the great array tremble faintly. However, the array did not send out blasts of destructive power like they had imagined. The five heavens army had not been turned to dust.

The teams had suddenly disappeared upon touching the warping space.

At the same time, Jia Tu and the others sensed countless unfamiliar Genesis Qi undulations suddenly erupting in various locations within the array.

The atmosphere on the mountain seemed to solidify.

The sacred heaven prides’ faces darkened.

Jia Tu remained expressionless, but the coldness in his eyes nearly froze the air around him.

“That kid…

“I underestimated him.”

How could they not know by now that the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation’s vulnerabilities had been found by Zhou Yuan!

Jia Tu exhaled before he turned his head and indifferently said, “Stop dreaming and go guard the key nodes in the boundary...

“Since the five heavens are so courageous...

“This place shall be their grave.”

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