Chapter 117 Magical Python Scales

Cangmang Continent.

Deep within the mountains in the southwest region.


The deafening roar of a giant creature echoed in the mountain forests. The creature had the appearance of a lion which was covered in silver scales, while cackling lightning danced on the surface of its body.

It was a grade 2 Genesis Beast, the Rushing Thunder Beast.

A beast like this would usually be avoided by even advance Qi Nourishing stage practitioners.

However, a human figure was currently dashing towards the Rushing Thunder Beast at this very moment. Dark gold Genesis Qi exploded from the surface of the figure’s body as a ferocious without equal punch was thrown, its power so great that even the ground below the figure’s feet cracked open.


The Rushing Thunder Beast roared as lightning gathered on its head. In the next instant, it transformed...

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