Chapter 1169 Finding the Vulnerabilities

While the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation was starting up.

Within the great array, Jia Fu stood on a peak with his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent as he watched space begin to warp and distort.

“Hehe, Jia Tu, it seems that your plan to scare them off has failed.” Laughter suddenly sounded behind him. He tilted his head and saw several figures appear.

Every single one of these figures gave off extremely terrifying Genesis Qi undulations. All of them had reached the 4 billion mark!

They were the other sacred heaven prides of Shengzu Heaven.

“I already said it wasn’t necessary. What threat can these lowly ants possibly pose? We’ve been searching for mystic ruins ever since the battle for Guyuan Heaven began, and never got the chance to begin slaughtering them. If they were really scared off by you, things would be boring.” The speaker was a tall, muscular man. Blood-red runes decorated his bare upper torso. The runes looked similar to numerous ferocious beasts that seemed to roar savagely as they squirmed.

He grinned, but the savagery in his eyes only gave others the chills.

Jia Tu flatly said, “De Moyue, our mission is to safeguard the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation as it devours the nine main channels. This matter is of utmost importance, and if mistakes happen, none of us will survive the rage of the Saints.

“I do not wish to see anything go wrong when victory is already so certain. Hence, it will be best if we can intimidate them into retreating.

“However, it seems that not all of the five lower heavens are trash. That person from earlier slightly exceeded my expectations.”

“The one who said he has a fifty percent chance of breaking our Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation?” said another sacred heaven pride in a clearly amused voice. His pupils gave off a blood-red glow and looked like two blood-red vortexes, both bizarre and sinister.

Jia Tu softly chuckled. “Delusional ravings of an ignorant fool”

The other sacred heaven prides laughed as well. Their laughter was filled with mockery.

Even if it was not perfect, the great array was derived by the Saints of their Sacred Race. It was profound beyond their comprehension, and let alone a mere Heavenly Sun practitioner, even Law Domain experts would feel powerless against it.

“Now that the great array has been activated, instruct the other three heavens to prepare to enter their stations to defend.

“Our Shengzu Heaven troops shall be scattered at the key nodes.”

Jia Tu seamlessly gave out commands as messengers left one after another to spread them.

“Of course, this is to be prepared just in case. The great array has already distorted and folded space, making it an impenetrable fortress. Although there are flaws within it, I don’t believe that the five heavens will be able to find them.”

If they carelessly attack without first pinpointing the weak points, no matter how many of them there are, all that will remain are corpses.

“We shall wait here for the entertainment to start.” Smiling, Jia Tu gazed outside the great array. “Let’s watch how many times the five heavens will smash their heads trying. When they finally despair, they will shift their frustration and anger to that fellow from earlier.

“Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it.”


“Zhou Yuan, do we really have a fifty percent chance of breaking this array?” On the mountain top, Bai Xiaolu somewhat nervously looked towards Zhou Yuan.

The others also cast their gazes over.

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “Whether or not we will doesn’t depend on a single person, but the resolve of every individual. It will be a battle filled with extreme danger. Only by courageously pushing forward, and casting away all thoughts of retreat will we be able to grasp onto victory amidst despair.”

He did not directly answer Bai Xiaolu’s question because it was meaningless. The fifty percent he quoted earlier was indeed mostly to console the others. If everyone fought with their lives on the line, it was not impossible to break the array.

Bai Xiaolu also regained her cool and realized the childishness of her question. Her large, jet-black eyes looked towards the warping space in the distance. “What should we do next?”

There was now some confidence in her voice. Evidently, Zhou Yuan’s earlier performance had earned him the acknowledgement of Qiankun Heaven’s strongest Heavenly Sun expert.

Zhou Yuan concentrated on the great array and said, “We’ll naturally be attacking the array and foil the Sacred Race’s plans.

“However, the array has already activated, and power within is terrifying beyond imagination. If we recklessly attack, even I will be instantly obliterated by its power. Only by first finding the flaws and weak points can we plan a path to invade the array, and destroy all of its nodes to ultimately bring it down.”

Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others nodded. They could also sense the surging power within the array, and it was honestly not something the likes of them could withstand. If the imperfect array wasn’t focused on the nine main channels, they would not dare to have any thoughts of approaching.

Bai Xiaolu expectantly asked, “Do you know where the weak points are?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and helplessly said, “Do you really think I know everything? That’s an array conceived by their Sacred Race Saints after all. If I could accurately pinpoint the weaknesses after a few glances, won’t that be looking down on the Sacred Race Saints a little too much?”

Bai Xiaolu was somewhat taken aback. “If you can’t find the weak points, how are we going to do this? We might as well pack up and return home.”

Zhou Yuan ignored her and sat down on the mountain top. The Saint Rune spun in his pupils as he concentrated on the enormous space-warping boundary.

The Genesis Qi in his body frantically surged out, providing energy for the Saint Rune.

He intended to borrow the Saint Rune’s power to find the vulnerabilities.

“Give him some time.” Bai Xiaolu wanted to say more, but was stopped by Guan Qinglong.

By the side, Jiang Jinlin frowned and said, “If he can’t pinpoint the array’s weaknesses...what shall we do?”

Bai Xiaolu and Guan Qinglong were silent.

“I believe his highness will succeed!” A soft but firm voice rang out. Everyone looked over and saw that it was Su Youwei, her face seemingly glowing with jade light, so beautiful that it was impossible to guard against.

To everyone’s surprise, Wu Yao’s phoenix eyes also swept a glance at Zhou Yuan’s back and said, “Although he’s my mortal enemy, if you guys knew what he had experienced, you’ll understand that creating miracles isn’t hard for him.”

Arms crossed, Zhao Mushen said with deep and cold eyes, “I do not want to flee back to Hunyuan Heaven like a dog that has lost its home. I’m quite interested in those Sacred Race sacred heaven prides, so it’s best that we have a little confidence in him.”

After the trio spoke, more and more apex experts from the five heavens also nodded in agreement.

Everyone began to spread out, forming several protective circles around Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan seemed oblivious to the outside word. The Saint Rune continued to rotate in his pupils as blood began to drip from the corners of his eyes. However, he did not care, because what seemed to be a waterfall of countless Genesis Runes seemed to rush down his eyes.

He was searching.

His search lasted for a full five days.

On the fifth day, Zhou Yuan slowly shut his blood-shot eyes that seemed as if they were about to burst apart.

His somewhat hoarse voice softly rang out, “Found them.”

Every gaze on the mountain immediately converged on his body.

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