Chapter 1168 The Flawed Array

Zhou Yuan’s voice immediately drew countless shocked gazes as it rang out across the land.

Shock slowly turned into slivers of joy and surprise as the five heavens troops expectantly stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. Amidst their despair, Zhou Yuan’s words had undoubtedly given them a sliver of hope.

“Zhou Yuan, what do you mean?” Bai Xiaolu could not help but grab Zhou Yuan’s sleeve, her large, jet-black eyes staring at him like a drowning man clasping onto the straw of hope.

Guan Qinglong and the others also stared at Zhou Yuan with burning gazes, subconsciously holding their breaths as if afraid that even the tiniest sound would scare away this sliver of hope.

Under their gazes, Zhou Yuan continued to focus on the great array boundary as he calmly said, “The boundary is indeed powerful beyond my imagination. As expected of the Sacred Race Saint experts. If it was in its complete form, I would not be able to understand its depth and profoundness. Unfortunately for them…”

He paused as he turned towards Xiao Bailu. “You previously mentioned that the Sacred Race had not perfected the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation. You are right, the great array before us is not complete.

“It still has flaws!

“Jia Tu likely also knows of these flaws, hence why he tried to crush our spirits earlier. He wanted us to voluntarily back down because he’s very cautious and is worried that an unexpected accident may happen.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across his surroundings, looking directly into their hopeful eyes as he said, “Simply put, their meticulously set up great array boundary is not an impenetrable wall. We…still have a chance!”


The eyes of countless five heavens members began to light up, their earlier despair and frustration gradually turning into burning battle intent.

At the end of the day, none of them wished to withdraw here.

Those that could arrive here were tenacious and determined individuals. They were not afraid of death, but one that was meaningless and hopeless.

The great array before them was far too terrifying, so powerful that it had made them despair. However, Zhou Yuan’s words had wiped away that despair.

Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others breathed heavy sighs of relief. If the morale was destroyed by a few words from Jia Tu, they would not know how to explain when they returned to their respective heavens. In fact, they would likely be blamed heavily for such a failure. was Zhou Yuan able to see the flaws in the great array?

It was a boundary derived from the joint efforts of several Saint experts, and was extremely complex. Let alone someone like Zhou Yuan, even existances with Allroaming stage Spirits might not have such capabilities.

However, Zhou Yuan appeared very certain. Was he making it up to stabilize their morale?

If he was, that would merely be akin to drinking poison to quench one’s thirst. Once the truth was exposed, everyone’s morale would drop even lower than before.

For a time, Bai Xiaolu and the others became anxious and agitated, the earlier joy quickly fading away.

However, Zhou Yuan paid no attention to them. His gaze remained fixed on the figure atop the peak inside the array. It was true that it was impossible for him to see the flaws of the boundary with his Spirit cultivation alone. Fortunately, although his Spirit cultivation was insufficient, he had the Decoder Saint Rune.

Although this Saint Rune did not directly boost his combat power, it could find any weaknesses and had pleasantly surprised Zhou Yuan many times over the years.

Now, there was another hurdle for it to overcome.

Under Zhou Yuan’s gaze, Jia Tu remained expressionless. Interest emerged in his eyes as he gazed at Zhou Yuan and said, “It seems that there’s someone with whose not that shabby in the five lower heavens.

“Hehe, you’re right. This boundary has yet to be perfected.” He voluntarily admitted.

Bai Xiaolu and the others were overjoyed.

Jia Tu cocked his head slightly, an amused expression on his face as he playfully said, “Your read was good. I am rather cautious and was indeed hoping to scare you guys away with my earlier words.

“What can I say, I don’t really like risk.

“However, it seems that you have foiled my plan.”

A smile rose from the corners of Jia Tu’s mouth, a smile that had no trace of warmth and instead made one’s heart shiver. “However, do you guys know what are the odds of you guys messing things up?”

He extended a single finger. “One percent.

“You guys have a one percent chance of destroying the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation.” The smile on his lips grew wider. “And a ninety nine percent chance of every single five heavens person dying here.”

The joy on the five heavens members' faces faded little by little. Everyone turned to look at each other with grave expressions.

“One percent?” A faint smile emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face. “Stop trying to scare us. I feel that we have a fifty percent chance of breaking through this array. Moreover, so what even if it’s one percent?

“We five heavens carry the future of the races on our backs, and we seek nothing but a battle to the death.”


Boundless Genesis Qi erupted from his body. Brandishing the Heavenly Yuan Brush, the slim body gave off vast presence that made the land tremble slightly. It felt as if he feared nothing.

Behind him, countless gazes converged on his back as their originally grave eyes slowly turned determined.

“Only a battle to the death!”

“Battle to the death!”


Roars began to ring out one after another, quickly turning into a deafening din. A giant sound wave soared into the sky and scattered the clouds.

Boundless battle intent swept across the area.

Jia Tu watched with the same cold smile, however, a cruel iciness began flowing out deep in his eyes.

He knew that his words had been rendered useless.

It was fine, he merely wanted to try anyways. Since words were useless, he would let them butt their heads against the boundary till they bled to death. The scene of corpses littered across the ground would be pretty nice too.

Hence, Jia Tu softly chuckled and said, “Fifty percent? Never mind, a fool has no fear after all. You are the one who will be responsible for their deaths. Don’t worry, I’ll temporarily spare your life so you can first bury all of their corpses.”

To be honest, he never once took the five heavens seriously. In his eyes, they were merely ants roaring at a giant.

Would a giant care? A single foot was enough to crush them all.

Jia Tu shook his head as his figure gradually faded. An indifferent voice echoed across the area, “Bring them all and come at us. If you really make it all the way in front of me, I may consider keeping you as a slave.”


The enormous boundary suddenly began to ripple violently. Space warped as countless sceneries flashed across it: mountains, deserts, buildings...

There was also a surging killing intent now that made everyone’s hearts shudder.

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips as he watched, fierce determination rising in his eyes.

He knew that the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation had been properly activated.

The final owners of the nine main channels would hinge upon this formation breaking battle.

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