Chapter 1164 Bai Xiaolu

When the calm voice rang out from the mountain range, an uproar swept through the three heavens side. Many people revealed angry looks, clearly feeling that this was way too arrogant of Qiankun Heaven.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained impassive. The other party’s response did not surprise him.

After all, he had only been acknowledged by Hunyuan Heaven, Wanshou Heaven and Cangxuan Heaven, and had yet to gain approval from Qiankun Heaven. Moreover, Qiankun Heaven was essentially Hunyuan Heaven’s greatest rival, and they had clashed countless times over the years. Qiankun Heaven claimed that they were no weaker than Hunyuan heaven, and thus refused to fully acknowledge Hunyuan Heaven’s title as the leader of the heavens.

In a manner of speaking, Hunyuan Heaven had gone and elected an overall commander behind Qiankun Heaven’s back. How could Qiankun Heaven possibly acknowledge him?

Jiang Jinlin glanced at Zhou Yuan. “I’ve heard that Qiankun Heaven’s commander is no ordinary person this time, and is a disciple of Nirvana Palace, one of the oldest factions which is also the current leader of Qiankun Heaven’s eight great factions. Elders in my clan have told me that their greatest Heavenly Sun expert in this generation is an astounding genius that only comes once every thousand years, and is likely not any less talented than captain Zhou Yuan.”

There was a slight bit of gloating in his eyes. After all, he had been outshone by Zhou Yuan, which was naturally not a great feeling. Since someone who could compete with Zhou Yuan had now appeared, he was certainly more than happy to watch them fight it out.

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “I don’t really care about the position. If captain Jaing Jinlin was capable enough to take it up, I would have given it up to you without any hesitation.”

Jiang Jinlin’s face twitched. How could he not understand what Zhou Yuan was trying to say? Zhou Yuan had blatantly declared that he wasn’t capable enough to become overall commander.

Guan Qinglong said, “I am confident in captain Zhou Yuan.”

Soon after, he made a gesture and the three heavens group descended from the sky. A black sprawling mass quickly filled the mountain forest.

“If Qiankun Heaven has any objections, you should come out and discuss with us. If you have a better suggestion, we three heavens will not reject it without consideration.” Guan Qinglong’s strong voice rang out.

Not long after, something seemed to stir deep in the mountain. The ground shook a little as figure after figure flooded out like a tide.

It was the Qiankun Heaven and Wuxing Heaven main force. Their numbers were pretty comparable to the three heavens.

All five heavens were finally gathered.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the group and could not help but feel somewhat amazed. Qiankun Heaven was powerful indeed, and it was no wonder they could compete with Hunyuan Heaven. After a quick sweep, he had already discovered several strong Genesis Qi undulations.

He estimated that there were no less than five experts with Genesis Qi foundations that surpassed 3 billion.

Wuxing Heaven was much weaker compared to Qiankun Heaven, but was still clearly stronger than Cangxuan Heaven. This made Zhou Yuan feel a little helpless. It seemed that Cangxuan Heaven was destined to be the weakest.

As Zhou Yuan stared at the giant army, a figure walked out. It was a man wearing long robes. His robes were decorated with glowing earth, wind, water, fire and lightning runes that seemed to flow on its surface.

“I am Wuxing Heaven’s Li Fu. Greetings friends from Hunyuan Heaven, Wanshou Heaven and Cangxuan Heaven.” Although the man looked ordinary, his eyes were exceptionally striking. They seemed to occasionally flash with light of the five elements, accompanied by a faint melodious five element sound.

Zhou Yuan, Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin cupped their hands together. Li Fu was extremely strong, and their senses told them that his Genesis Qi foundation was over 3.6 billion. He was most likely Wuxing Heaven’s commander.

“It seems that captain Li Fu has also discovered a mystic ruins and benefited substantially from it.” Guan Qinglong slowly said. It was very improbable to reach this level without some luck.

Li Fu displayed a gentle smile and said, “You must be Hunyuan Heaven’s captain Guan Qinglong. What keen eyes, we did find a mystic ruins previously, but also bumped into the Shengming Heaven main force there.

“We nearly lost to them, but fortunately, Qiankun Heaven’s captain Bai made a timely arrival and helped us repel them.”

Although Shengming Heaven was last among the four Sacred Race heavens, only a fool would underestimate them.

“So that’s what happened.” Everyone was struck by a flash of understanding. It was not strange for there to be more than one mystic ruins in the vast Guyuan Heaven.

Guan Qinglong said, “Captain Li Fu, could you invite Qiankun Heaven’s captain Bai over to meet us? It will be better for us five heavens to stand united in the upcoming battle.”

Li Fu awkwardly said, “Captain Bai does not wish to meet you guys.”

Zhou Yuan, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the others frowned. If Qiankun Heaven was unhappy with them, a representative should come out and explain things properly. Hiding away and refusing to meet them honestly made them somewhat speechless.

Li Fu helplessly said, “Captain Bai has only heard of Hunyuan Heaven’s Guan Qinglong, and the name Zhou Yuan is completely unfamiliar. What right does he have to be the five heavens’ overall commander?”

Guan Qinglong’s expression darkened, while Jiang Jinling chuckled inwardly.

No anger was visible on Zhou Yuan’s face. Instead, he slowly walked forward with a faint smile. “I’m Hunyuan Heaven’s Zhou Yuan. If captain Bai has any complaints, feel free to come forward and tell me. Why are hiding behind others like a girl?

“Won’t you know whether I’m qualified once you test me?”

Li Fu’s expression instantly changed, but before he could speak, all of them heard an icy shout from the mountains behind.



The entire mountain range suddenly began to shake. The three heavens watched in shock as a giant mountain rose from the mountain range.

They were shocked not by the giant mountain, but by the figure lifting it with a single hand from below.


The figure threw the mountain, and its enormous shadow loomed over Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly. He could tell that the thrower had not used a single wisp of Genesis Qi, relying solely on raw strength.

Lifting a mountain with a single hand.

Such strength was overwhelming.

However, it was naive to think that this could intimidate him.

Zhou Yuan’s five fingers slowly clenched into a fist as burning magma runes spread on his body. An aura of violence filled the air as the ground below him melted into a magma pool.

He allowed the mountain to continue along its trajectory before punching just as it arrived.


His figure was as tiny as an ant compared to the mountain, but when he punched, the mountain froze in the air. A terrifying head erupted, turning the entire mountain to ashes.

After the blessings from the stone tablet, Zhou Yuan’s Great Flame Devil had reached the advanced level.

After turning the mountain to dust, his gaze turned towards the front where a figure was falling from the sky.

When he saw the figure, he could not help but be stunned.

It was a little girl dressed in white. Her skin was fair as snow, and she looked very cute. A hammer leaned on her tiny shoulder, its giant shadow burying her entire body.

“I’m the captain of Qiankun Heaven, Bai Xiaolu.

“You want me to test you?!”

Ferocity flashed in her eyes as she stared at Zhou Yuan.

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