Chapter 1162 Commander in Chief


Not only Zhou Yuan saw the strange phenomenon, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and the others also lifted their heads abruptly and stared into the distance with joy and anticipation.

The ancestral qi waves were the strongest they had ever seen. 

Even the ancestral qi surging in the ancient stone tablet was less than one-thousandth of those waves of ancestral qi.

There was only one thing in Guyuan Heaven that was stronger than the ancestral qi contained in mystic ruins…and that was the nine main ancestral qi veins in Guyuan Heaven!

This was also their final goal in Guyuan Heaven!

The nine main ancestral qi veins were concealed and difficult to detect In ordinary times and it was only when ancestral qi veins were harvested and mystic ruins emptied, which resulted in an imbalance in ancestral qi, would the nine main veins appear in the world. 

Now was undoubtedly the perfect time.   

"The nine main ancestral qi veins have appeared!” Guan Qinglong’s voice rang in everyone’s ears.


The atmosphere was buzzing like never and everyone from the three heavens stared at the distant sky. Their fierce eyes blazed with anticipation, yearning as well fear and apprehension.  

Their ultimate mission in Guyuan Heaven was to compete for the main ancestral qi veins, which would not only bring great opportunities to their heaven but also greatly enhance their fortune.

The main veins concerned their heavens’ strength in the future.

But after several clashes with the Sacred Race, they finally understood how difficult it would be. They might even have to pay a heavy price. No one was confident of leaving Guyuan Heaven alive. 

But they also understood that they had no other choice.   

The atmosphere turned heavy and depressed for a while. Then, apprehensive gazes shifted away, pausing on Guan Qinglong and finally fixed on the young man who just completed his upgrade.  

They didn’t have much confidence in the final battle. After all, the Sacred Race was too powerful, and they hadn’t even met anyone from the most mysterious and powerful Shengzu Heaven.

So now, they hoped to have a pillar that could support them.

Guan Qinglong was their pillar in the past, but they all knew that Guan Qinglong didn't have much advantage against the mysterious Shengzu Heaven.

So now, only Zhou Yuan, who had just finished breakthrough, could give them hope. 

This was because he was much stronger than Guan Qinglong.

Guan Qinglong was also aware of this, but he wasn’t angry and instead he wore a complicated expression. He wasn’t narrow-minded and wouldn’t resent Zhou Yuan for surpassing him. He just didn’t expect this day to come so soon.  

At the same time, he also felt a little glad.  

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t broke-through to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, the three heaven’s morale would no doubt be affected. At that time, how could they win against the Sacred Race. 

The three great heavens needed a pillar that they could put their hope on.

That person wasn’t Guan Qinglong or Jiang Jinlin because they both weren’t qualified.

Only Zhou Yuan was!    

However, Jiang Jinlin wasn’t as open-minded as Guan Qinglong. After all, he was the commander-in-chief of the Wanshou Heaven, but even those from Wanshou Heaven put their hopes on Zhou Yuan.  

So, he had to say something.  

But Ai Qing immediately stopped him, whispering, "What do you want to do? The nine veins have appeared and everyone is under great pressure. Only Zhou Yuan can take on the great responsibility and boost everyone’s morale. If you obstruct this, you are acting against everyone and even those from Wanshou Heaven wouldn’t support you.”

Jiang Jinlin's face alternated between green and white. Ai Qing’s words were unpleasant to the ears but they were the truth. Given Zhou Yuan’s current strength and prestige, if Jiang Jinlin continued to be so stubborn, it would lead to great disagreements in Wanshou Heaven and seriously affect his reputation then.

In the end, he had to swallow back what he wanted to say. 

Ai Qing glanced at Jiang Jinlin with disappointment in her eyes. The person who was considered the leader of the Wanshou Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage didn’t perform particularly well in Guyuan Heaven, whereas Zhou Yuan, who she didn't think much of when she first met him, had turned the world upside down in just one month. 

Such a person was a true heaven pride. 

Compared to him, Jiang Jinlin, the pride of the Mystic Dragon Clan, was dull and ordinary.

Ai Qing stared at Zhou Yuan with her beautiful eyes. Then, her eyes flickered and she stepped forward. A sweet-sounding phoenix-like voice came out of her mouth, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, now that the nine veins have appeared, a great battle is imminent. I propose grand elder Zhou Yuan be the commander-in-chief of the five heavens to deal with the four sacred race heavens.”

Her words drew exclamations from many people because no one thought Ai Qing would make such a bold suggestion. It should be said that it was rare to see a commander-in-chief for all five heavens in the past Battle of Guyuan Heaven. The reason was simply. It was because it was hard to make everyone respect that person. 

But after the initial gasps of exclamations, countless joyful cheers simultaneously rang out. 

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, please take on the role of commander-in-chief for the five heavens!”

"We all will blindly follow commander Zhou Yuan!”

Ai Qing’s suggestion was clearly what the majority had in mind. Now that a war was upon them, the best strategy naturally was to combine the strength of the five heavens. It was just that no one had the strength and prestige to become a commander-in-chief for all five heavens in the past. However, Zhou Yuan, who possessed a foundation of 4.3 billion, was more than strong enough!

Zhou Yuan was a little taken aback by the sudden commander-in-chief position pushed upon him and still hadn’t recovered

Chu Qing rubbed his bare head and said with a smile, "If junior brother Zhou Yuan is the commander-in-chief, my Cangxuan Heaven has no objection.”

Guan Qinglong also nodded and said, “It’s better to have someone in charge. Otherwise everyone would be like scattered sand. My Hunyuan Heaven has no objection.”

Gazes shifted to Jiang Jinlin, whose face was livid. He evidently didn’t expect Ai Qing to make such a proposal. If Zhou Yuan became the commander-in-chief, wouldn't he be superior to me and I would have to listen to his command?

However, while Jiang Jinlin was silent, he could feel the Wanshou Heaven troops’ gazes becoming a little unfriendly. He had no other choice but say, “We only have three heavens here. Qiankun Heaven and Wuxing Heaven aren’t present, how can we decide the commander-in-chief for the five heavens?

 "I heard the Qiankun Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage leader is a rare talent.”

Although Hunyuan Heaven was the strongest among the five heavens, Hunyuan Heaven wasn’t invincible and Qiankun Heaven was the one most threatening to Hunyuan Heaven.

The title strongest of all heavens belonged to Qiankun Heaven in the past, but Hunyuan Heaven suddenly caught up and surpassed them. 

However, the strength of Qiankun Heaven shouldn’t be underestimated. It was always on the lookout for opportunities to regain the title strongest of all heavens. 

Therefore, it would be extremely unwise to underestimate Qiankun Heaven.

Zhou Yuan felt a little helpless. In truth, he had little interest in the commander-in-chief position, so he wanted to slip away from the responsibility through Jiang Jinlin’s words.

However, Guan Qinglong said solemnly, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, we asked you to be the commander-in-chief not because of selfishness, but the Sacred Race is extremely strong and our five heavens would be utterly defeated in Guyuan Heaven if we are like scattered sand.

"The price we would pay then is unimaginable, and in the worst case, all races in the five heavens could be wiped out.”

“Therefore, since you have such strength, you shouldn’t refuse!”

Chi Qing nodded and said: "If Qiankun Heaven isn’t convinced, we could have a match then.”  

After the two expressed their stance, Jiang Jinlin realized everyone was staring at him again. He roared in anger in his heart because he knew his excuse didn’t work. Even Ai Qing was looking at him with an icy expression. 

He could only grit his teeth and say, “Our Wanshou Heaven has no objection.”

Countless eyes stared hopefully at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan realized that he had no choice but to accept the position. He just nodded slightly without saying anything. In his view, commander-in-chief was just a meaningless name.

As he nodded, countless people showed lit up with joy and cheers erupted in waves, causing the mountains to shake.

“Congratulations, commander Zhou Yuan!”

“Congratulation, commander Zhou Yuan!”


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