Chapter 1161 Nine Main Veins Appear


When Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, everyone felt the world stirring restlessly, which affected even the Genesis Qi in their bodies and caused them to lose control of it. Everyone was so terrified that they urgently suppressed it with all their strength and then stared in horror at Zhou Yuan. 

They of course knew that Zhou Yuan caused such restlessness.

This made everyone stand in shocked silence because they had never seen anyone affecting others’ Genesis Qi during cultivation. 


But just as they were suppressing the agitated Genesis Qi in their bodies, they heard rushing water. 

“What is that?” someone exclaimed.  

Countless people lifted their heads to see mighty universe Genesis Qi gathering, and because the Genesis Qi was too rich, it formed a tide of Genesis Qi.

The thousand-feet-tall tide of Genesis Qi swept across the world.

That strange phenomenon caused the whole world to tremble.


A resounding dragon roar rang out from the vast Genesis Qi tide. Countless people followed the source of the roar and saw a gigantic dragon silhouette soaring in the tide. An indescribable oppressive aura filled the air and even people like Guan Qinglong felt intermittent feelings of suppression.

The giant dragon opened its mouth, swallowing the Genesis Qi tide formed from universe Genesis Qi.  

In the end, the giant dragon dived down and turned into a tremendous light pillar, completely enveloping Zhou Yuan. 

Mighty Genesis Qi flooded Zhou Yuan's body, causing the space behind him to vibrate and three Heavenly Suns slowly emerged. 

The advanced Heavenly Sun stage!  

Zhou Yuan finally broke through to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage with the help of the ancient stone tablet’s opportunity!


Gasps and exclamations arose from the spectators and awe and surprise filled their eyes. 

Moreover, as the three Heavenly Suns emerged, Genesis Qi that made many people’s scalp go numb erupted from Zhou Yuan like a volcano. 

Countless eyes suddenly went wide. 

Gasps of astonishment rippled throughout the area.

Even Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin were dumbstruck for a moment and their mouths fell open.

This was because they could feel from the Genesis Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan that his Genesis Qi foundation had reached the level of 4.3 billion!

4.3 billion!   

If this was their reaction, what about the others from the three great heavens?

They stared blankly at Zhou Yuan and it was only after a long while that mutters could be heard. 

“Is my perception wrong?”    

“4.3 billion? Impossible?”   

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan had raised his Genesis Qi foundation by almost 2 billion in this upgrade?!” 



Many advanced Heavenly Sun experts wore strange expressions because they realized that the foundation they had painstakingly cultivated for years couldn’t be compared to Zhou Yuan’s increase during his upgrade. The gap between them made them feel despair.

The gap was too great!   

They smiled wryly and sighed. Then, they couldn’t help looking at Zhou Yuan with unprecedented awe. This was because when a gap between two people was so great that it made one feel despair, one would lose all feelings of jealousy.


Qin Lian retracted her astonished gaze, and then raised her chin proudly as she looked at Dong Ye, who was standing dumbfounded. 

Dong Ye gulped. She couldn’t hide her envy this time and exclaimed, “Your Tianyuan Region is so blessed.”

A powerful Heavenly Sun expert such as Zhou Yuan was extremely rare even in the entire history of Hunyuan Heaven.  

Qin Lian remarked, “it’s not surprising that Zhou Yuan has such achievements since supreme sovereign Cang Yuan thought highly of him and accepted him as an official disciple.”  

However, her face was full of unconcealable joy. Zhou Yuan’s upgrade this time would allow him to become the new leader of the Tianyuan Region’s Heavenly Sun stage and the Tianyuan Region would no doubt rise to fame through this. The Tianyuan Region’s reputation would greatly improve when they returned to Hunyuan Heaven.  

Who would dare say the Tianyuan Region is deteriorating in the future?

“That guy.”  

Zhao Mushen lifted his head, looking at Zhou Yuan with a frown. He originally thought he would surpass Zhou Yuan with his upgrade, but it turned out that Zhou Yuan’s upgrade was even more terrifying than his. 

As one’s Genesis Qi foundation neared the 4 billion hurdle, every little increase was incredibly difficult. Therefore, Zhao Mushen knew how much stronger was Zhou Yuan’s 4.3 billion compared to his 3.8 billion.

Even Zhao Mushen, who was also known to be remarkable, couldn’t help sighing because it seemed that the more he tried to catch up to Zhou Yuan, the bigger the gap there was between them.

He felt that he, who had the Taotie Blessing, should have been the only protagonist.

Wu Yao stared at Zhou Yuan, her lips pursed slightly and her expression somewhat complicated.  

She, who was extremely prideful, had never truly admired anyone in her generation, even Guan Qinglong. But when facing Zhou Yuan, a trace of that emotion was born. 

This was because she was aware of the process of how Zhou Yuan rose and how difficult it was.

Father, although you took his Blessing back then, it seems you have perhaps helped him instead. For some reason, such a thought flashed across her mind.

Without the setbacks he suffered during his childhood, Zhou Yuan would sail smoothly and might not be able to achieve what he had today, even if he had the disposition of the sacred dragon. 

Therefore, in a way, King Wu’s action back then had perhaps helped Zhou Yuan.

Compared with Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao, who both had different thoughts, Su Youwei just gazed silently at Zhou Yuan with a slight smile on her beautiful face. Zhou Yuan was always the dazzling sacred dragon in her heart, regardless whether it was in Great Zhou City when he was dull and weak or now. That never changed to her.

Amidst astonished gazes, the three Heavenly Suns behind Zhou Yuan finally vanished.

The lotus platform beneath him also began to fade and finally dispersed as powder.

At the same time, cracks appeared on the ancient stone tablet as though it had consumed all its strength and rapidly extended to every corner.


The ancient stone tablet showed signs of collapsing, but there were no broken fragments or dust because the entire stone tablet was gradually turned into nothingness.

Within seconds, the tremendous mountain-like stone tablet vanished from the world as if it never existed.

Zhou Yuan peered in the direction where the stone tablet disappeared and bowed his head. He knew how important this opportunity was to him. The Battle of Guyuan Heaven was nearing its peak, but he wasn’t afraid of the other three heavens of the Sacred Race and only the most mysterious Shengzu Heaven made him feel fearful.

Without the opportunities from the stone tablet, he wouldn’t have the confidence to face the Shengzu Heaven. 

He could finally try now… 


While Zhou Yuan was in deep thoughts, he noticed abnormal movements across the world. He abruptly raised his head and peered solemnly at the void.

Guan Qinglong and the others also looked up with a change of expression.

The Guyuan Heaven world seemed to be shaking violently and the ground constantly cracked, mountains crumbled and sea receded…

It was as though the world was changing.    

It was under such tremendous changes that Zhou Yuan felt the ancestral qi between heaven and earth increasingly sharply.

He could feel nine waves of ancestral qi brewing in the world, which was so vast that they made one shudder.

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath.   

Those are signs that the nine main ancestral veins in Guyuan Heaven are appearing! 

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