Chapter 1160 The Rear Wave Rises

The stone tablet’s eruption lasted almost one month.

However, the majority withdrew from cultivation after around seven days because their bodies had reached their limit and could no longer tolerate any more ancestral qi. They had to wait until their bodies digested the ancestral qi before they could continue to absorb more.

The three great heavens army was still very excited after they withdrew from their cultivation state because of the significant improvements they gained from the opportunity. 

For the rest of the time, they occasionally cast curious and awed glances at the 25 lotus platforms above the stone tablet.

They were the top experts in the three great heavens.

Seven days after the great army withdrew from cultivation, the stone tablet had erupted for more than half a month.

During this period, the figures on the 25 lotus platforms one after another opened their eyes and Genesis Qi soared into the sky like smoke signals, which were visible within thousands of miles.

Qin Lian opened her eyes on the 16th day, and powerful Genesis Qi gushed forth from her body like a storm.

She beamed with unconcealable joy.    

Her Genesis Qi foundation had soared to 3 billion after the cultivation!

An increase of almost 500 million!

It would have taken Qin Lian at least a few years as well as countless cultivation resources to achieve such a level in Hunyuan Heaven. But it only took her three months in Guyuan Heaven. It was clear that the opportunities in Guyuan Heaven were remarkable and rare.

Qin Lian’s beautiful figure moved slightly and she descended from the lotus platform.

"You also increased your Genesis Qi foundation to 3 billion?" A surprised voice sounded beside her. Qin Lian turned to see Dong Ye from the Zixiao Region.

Dong Ye was surprised because her Genesis Qi foundation was also 3 billion, but there was still a huge gap between her and Qin Lian before they entered Guyuan Heaven. Qin Lian was catching up to her now.

Although pleased with her improvements, Qin Lian didn’t show it and instead, she cast her gaze to the lotus platform that was still spewing out ancestral qi. "3 billion isn’t that impressive. I feel that someone will increase their Genesis Qi foundation to 4 billion after this!” 

Surprised, Dong Ye immediately followed her gaze. “You think Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation might reach 4 billion?!”

“What? Is it not possible?” Qin Lian smiled.    

Dong Ye said snappily, “From what I know, even if a glass Heavenly Sun was cultivated to its peak, one’s foundation can’t exceed 4 billion. That’s the limit.”

Qin Lian said calmly, ”Do you think Zhou Yuan is just an ordinary Glass Heavenly Sun expert?”

Although Dong Ye previously found Zhou Yuan unpleasant to the eye because of Su Youwei, she couldn't deny that Zhou Yuan had remarkable battle accomplishments in Guyuan Heaven. She never thought much about Zhou Yuan’s strength when they first came to Guyuan Heaven but now she was no match for Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan's talent and potential were far beyond her imagination.

He was like a blazing sun that covered up everyone else’s rays of light.

Let alone her, even Guan Qinglong was overshadowed by Zhou Yuan.

She reflexively refuted what Qin Lian said, but after calming down, she had to admit that there was a high possibility of what Qin Lian said would come true. 

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation could exceed 4 billion.

A Heavenly Sun expert like him had never been seen in Hunyuan Heaven in many years.

Is it really going to reappear in the world this time?   

While Dong Ye was in a very complicated mood, more people awakened on the 25 lotus platforms. 

When Jiang Jinlin awakened, his Genesis Qi was as vast as the clouds, roaring like dragons. His Genesis Qi foundation had reached a terrifying level of 3.7 billion.

But before Jiang Jinlin rejoiced, he sensed even stronger Genesis Qi erupting from not far away, which drew countless exclamations.

 It was from Guan Qinglong.  

Azure Genesis Qi swept across the sky and turned half the horizon an azure color.

His Genesis Qi foundation reached 3.9 billion!   

 Astonishment filled everyone’s faces. 

But Guan Qinglong sighed inwardly because he tried to aim for 4 billion, but failed in the end. It indeed wasn’t as easy to break the limit as he thought. 

“Guan Qinglong, you’re ambitious.” A nonchalant voice sounded.  

It was from Jiang Jinlin. How would he not understand what Guan Qinglong wanted to do from his expression?  

Guan Qinglong's expression was calm when he said, “It is said that there are so called sacred heaven prides in the most mysterious Shengzu Heaven…and to become a sacred heaven pride one has to possess a foundation of 4 billion Genesis Qi stars.”

He peered into the distance and said, “Mi Shan said that the current generation of Heavenly Sun experts from Shengzu Heaven is one of the strongest in tens of thousands of years. If no one from our five great heavens reaches that level, the final battle would be very difficult.” 

Jiang Jinlin's expression turned a little sullen when he heard this. He was an extremely arrogant person, but he was also powerless in the face of the Sacred Race’s heaven prides who appeared to be blessed by heaven. 

“Fortunately, our Hunyuan Heaven has good luck…"

Guan Qinglong smiled and his gaze shifted to the last four lotus platforms that were still radiating dazzling light. On them sat Zhou Yuan, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and Zhao Mushen.

"Although they have potential, it's a pity that they have weak foundations,” Jiang Jinlin remarked after he swept a glance over them.    

Besides Zhou Yuan, Wu Yao and the others all had a weak foundation. So, in his opinion, even with the opportunities from the stone tablet, it would be hard for them to rise to important positions. 

"The rear wave pushes the front wave. You will pay the price if you look down on them." Guan Qinglong naturally knew how Jiang Jinlin felt. After all, the feeling of being overtaken by the rear waves was never good. Moreover, all four were from Hunyuan Heaven.

Jiang Jinlin snorted coldly, “I look forward to seeing how fierce those rear waves can be!”

He floated down and landed next to the stone tablet.

While digesting the ancestral qi in his body, Jiang Jinlin occasionally cast furtive glances at the four lotus platforms that were still brightly lit. 

On the 25th day, there was finally movement from three of the four lotus platforms.

Wu Yao, Su Youwei, and Zhao Mushen opened their eyes almost at the same time.

The Genesis Qi throughout the world surged violently at that moment.

A dragon silhouette hovered in the sky above Wu Yao. But upon a closer look, one would notice a faint aura brewing within the dragon silhouette.

On the other hand, above Su Youwei was a black-and-white sun and yin and yang fused mysteriously.

A mysterious beast shadow appeared above Zhao Mushen that seemed capable of swallowing the world with its imposing bearing.    

Many people were dumbstruck by such a spectacle. 

Moreover, the three's Genesis Qi was surging madly.  

In just a few breaths, Wu Yao’s and Su Youwei's Genesis Qi foundations soared to the level of 3.7 billion.

Whereas Zhao Mushen was better. He reached 3.8 billion and surpassed Jiang Jinlin!


Countless people inhaled sharply. Wu Yao’s and Su Youwei’s foundation were previously less than 2 billion but it had skyrocketed to 3.7 billion. The increase was too terrifying!  

Many even felt they could break the limit of 4 billion if the three didn’t have a weak foundation before this.

All eyes were filled with awe as they stared at the three.

They felt that a new leader was slowly rising.

Jiang Jinlin's expression turned a little unpleasant. To him, Wu Yao and Su Youwei were just beautiful vases, but now, the two so-called vases were the same level as him.

Guan Qinglong also wore a somewhat complicated expression, but he was more delighted than anything. He gazed at Wu Yao's slender and proud figure, and felt that she finally was beginning to display a radiance that belonged to her. 

The veteran Heavenly Sun experts dominated the first half of the Battle of Guyuan Heaven, but this likely would change in the second half.

Guan Qinglong's gaze slowly shifted to the last young figure still sitting silently on the nine-colored lotus platform. There was a hint of anticipation in his complicated expression. 

Zhou Yuan…how far will you reach this time?

His question was finally answered after one month since the stone tablet was opened up.

As the world slightly quivered, the figure on the last lotus platform slowly opened his eyes after one month.

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