Chapter 116 Gathering Clouds

Wu Huang’s expression was ominously dark. Genesis Qi violently surged around him like waves on a stormy night, wave after wave emerging from his body and shaking the entire pavillion.

However, his piercing gaze and Genesis Qi pressure seemed to have no effect on the young lady in purple. She stared at the ashes that had once been the go board as she somewhat disappointedly put down the stone in her hand.

The young lady in purple indifferently said, “Wu Huang, this is my advice to you. Do not overlook that person.”

“Don’t forget that he is ultimately the source of our blessings. From a certain point of view, he is the one who made us, but since we managed to take the initiative, it will be best to maintain vigilance at all times.”

“That’s if you don’t want it to be taken back in the end.”

Fire burned in Qi Huang’s eyes as he retorted, “You’re referring to that crippled dragon? Do you really believe he has the qualifications?”

“Besides, I’ve told you this more than once. Stop it with the belief that we stole his blessings. We were merely retrieving what belongs to us!”

“It is he who is the thief!”

“A thief that was created due to a mistake of the heavens!”

The young lady in purple called Wu Yao shot him a calm look as she responded, “The crippled dragon you speak of has quelled king Qi’s rebellion a month ago. Even the six Alpha-Origin experts you secretly dispatched as support ultimately lost.”

“Moreover, that so-called crippled dragon personally slew the Alpha-Origin Wang Chaotian in battle.”

Wu Huang let out an icy chuckle. “From the information I’ve obtained, that crippled dragon only has the strength of the Qi Nourishing stage, and had relied on the power of a silver armor like object to kill Wang Chaotian. You and I should clearly understand that there will definitely be consequences after relying on such an external power, such power cannot be used so easily. Therefore, that crippled dragon probably had no choice but to resort to such a measure.”

“Who knows whether he died due to the repercussions.”

“As for slaying Wang Chaotian…” The corners of Wu Huang’s mouth lifted in a mocking manner as he continued, “A battle achievement that relies on an external power does not enter my eyes.”

The young lady in purple frowned slightly. “Wu Huang, there will eventually come a day where you will lose because of your pride and arrogance.”

Wu Huang calmly said, “Because I have that right.”

The young lady in purple slowly shook her head, her interest waning. She had already warned Wu Huang. If he still persisted in his attitude, she could not be bothered to speak any further on this matter.

Upon seeing this, Wu Huang’s expression softened as he quietly said, “Relax, after I obtain the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain, I will think of a way to completely eliminate the Great Zhou Empire so as to prevent any potential trouble in the future.”

Wu Yao did not comment. She waved her small hand and said, “Go make your preparations. I will also be leaving after tomorrow. Who knows when we will next meet.”

Wu Huang stared at her, passionate feelings flowing within the depths of his eyes as he said, “Wu Yao, I will show you that I am the true dragon. Only you and I are the most compatible in this world.”

The moment he finished speaking, he decisively turned around with a wave of his sleeves and left.

Wu Yao’s gaze lingered in the direction he had left in, not even the slightest change in her eyes. In the end, she turned her head and looked towards a certain distant place.

“Sacred dragon of the Zhou clan…”

“Although I’ve borrowed your blessings, this is a world where the strong prey on the weak. Never mind if you are crippled here, but if you are truly able to climb back up…”

The tip of Wu Yao’s soft tongue slowly emerged and licked the rosy lips of her little mouth as a bewitching light appeared within her eyes.

“Then I… will devour you again!”


The next day.

Before the main hall of the Great Wu royal palace.

Numerous ministers and military leaders were looking upwards where red Genesis Qi was soaring into the sky from a tall pavillion. The Genesis Qi was akin to a dazzling sun and gave off extremely hot undulations, so hot that even the surrounding air had started to distort due to the burning heat.

“We respectfully send off the crown prince!”

“We will be praying for our crown prince’s triumphant return!”

Many voices buzzed from below.


Red Genesis Qi whizzed forth like a cloud of fire. A tall figure stood atop the fire cloud with his hands behind his back, disdain on his face. He ignored the crowd that had come to send him off and instead cast his gaze towards a certain building deep within the palace.

“Wu Yao, I will prove to you who exactly is the true dragon.”

He withdrew his gaze moments later. Without any further hesitation, he disappeared into the horizon under the watching gazes of the crowd.


Sword Empire.

Below a lonely peak shaped like a sword.

A figure walked out from within the mountain. As he approached, one would discover that it was a young man in ash colored robes. However, a black cloth had been wrapped around his eyes.

On his back was a plain looking black sword that had no tip. A faint but astonishing sword Qi spread from it. Wherever he passed, the rocks on the ground would silently split apart, the interior of the cut pieces smooth as a mirror.

He raised his head as the eyes concealed by the black cloth were seemingly cast towards the distance.

“Saint Remains Domain…”

His voice sounded exceptionally hoarse.

“I need a true rival to sharpen my sword.”

“The Battle Maniac from the Ning clan and Wu Huang from the Great Wu Empire should be good opponents, right?”

The black sword on his back trembled slightly, as if itching to get it on with the other elites of the same generation.


The Thousand Beast Empire.


A deafening roar echoed within the city. The entire city watched as an enormous winged beast flapped its titanic wings and rose into the air.

A young lady was seated in a kneeling position atop the winged beast’s back. She had a head full of long green hair and eyes filled with liveliness, an overall bizarre appearance.

A small ice-blue bird hopped on her soft shoulders as it chirped. Its eyes seemed to be filled with an endless frost.

“Hehe, little frost, we can finally go out and play!”

The young lady stroked the small bird, her tiny face blooming with excitement.

“I heard that the Saint Remains Domain is going to be really fun this time and there’s going to be many formidable characters there. Hehe, not a single one of our peers here in the Thousand Beast Empire has been able to beat us in a fight. I hope that those fellows will not be too boring.”


With a loud shout from the young lady, the winged beast roared. Its wings beating powerfully as its speed rapidly rose, riding the winds into the distance.



In a certain martial courtyard.

A burst of violent Genesis Qi swept outwards, sending a dozen figures flying while turning the courtyard into a complete mess.

“Haha, all of you are too weak!”

“Meaningless, meaningless. Tell father that I am going to the Saint Remains Domain. Staying here is just too meaningless!”

Only a single figure remained standing within the mess, his thick muscular body akin to a metal tower. His gaze swept across the area, eyes filled with battle lust.

It was as if he was a ferocious ape.

He grinned and let out a hearty laugh, no hesitation whatsoever as he stamped his foot on the ground and his body soared into the sky. Several leaps later, he disappeared.

Everyone in the courtyard breathed a sigh of relief as they watched him leave before bursting into cheers.

“That monster is finally gone…”

“We will no longer be tortured by him.”

“I feel a little sorry for those going to the Saint Remains Domain, it’s pretty much over once that maniac has his sights on you…”



North of the Cangmang Continent, the noble Zouqiu clan.

Outside the dwelling of a certain young lady, a servant girl’s cautious voice sounded, “It’s time miss. The clan leader has sent me to notify you that we may leave.”

Inside the building, a lovely snow-white figure lay under a thin quilt on a soft bed. Even so,  the quilt was unable to hide her extremely alluring curves.

Upon hearing the servant girl’s voice, the figure rose from the quilt. The quilt fell, immediately revealing a body as fair as lamb fat. Her long hair hung in front of her, covering two heart-poundingly busty mounds.

“Come in.” She raised her head, only to reveal an exceedingly charming little face akin to a little pixie’s, a face that would make one feel a rush of excitement.

The servant girl carefully pushed open the door and walked in. Even though she was also a girl, the erotic sight on the bed caused the servant’s girl gaze to involuntarily sweep across that unreasonable to the extreme figure.

The servant girl quickly started to retrieved some clothes and helped the young lady put them on.

The long black dress that now covered her body made her lovely figure appear even more mesmerising. Slender yet bountiful in all the right places, those curves alone were enough to draw the gaze of everyone in the area.

“Hehe, thank you little Bi. Tell father that I will definitely bring back a groom this time!” The little enchantress beamed as she gave a little peck to the servant girl’s cheek.

The servant girl helplessly reminded, “Miss, clan leader said that you must obtain the greatest gift!” 

“What kind of gift can compare to finding a good husband?” The little enchantress winked as she chuckled.

“Alright, I’m off!”

However, she did not tease the girl any further. With a wave of her hand, after images of her figure rapidly appeared and disappeared, disappearing into the distance several breaths later.

The servant girl could not help but praise as she watched her lady’s phantom like movement technique.

“Milady’s movement technique definitely stands at the peak of those from the same generation in the Cangmang Continent.”


This was an eerie mountain where white bones piled up like hills, the entire area smothered in an aura of the dead.


A sound suddenly rang out from the mountain as a procession of figures lumbered out. Their footsteps were stiff and rigid, skin an unhealthy white and eyes akin to empty holes. At closer inspection, one would realise that there were no signs of life on their bodies.

Almost as if they were dead men.

They carried a huge sedan on their shoulders. The spookily white sedan decorated by ghastly pictures drawn in blood-red gave off a strangely sinister aura.

A chilly wind blew past, lifting the white curtains of the sedan.

A young bloodlessly-pale face appeared under the curtains. His eyes were the color of ash and the aura of death seemed to swirl around him, a sight that would make one shiver all over.

A hundred ghosts carrying a sedan.

The white sedan faded into the distance as an eerily cold voice seemed to echo.

“As the Yama King passes, the living scurry away…”



Numerous famous geniuses from all across the entire Cangmang Continent had begun to move. Their target was one and the same; every gaze pointed towards the Saint Remains Domain at the center of the continent.

As a result, countless gazes from the entire Cangman Continent converged to this place.

Everyone wanted to know how amazing it would be when the numerous prided geniuses and elites of the younger generation clashed.

The Saint Remains Domain had already become the focus of the entire continent.

A storm was gathering, and the hidden dragons will naturally begin to reveal themselves.

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