Chapter 1159 Grade Nine Lotus Platform

Nine colored halos revolved around the lotus platform, appearing mysterious and unfathomable. The charm that it exuded lingered, and even from just looking at them, one would feel the Genesis Qi within one’s body flowing excitedly.

Countless eyes stared at the scene in front with astonishment and admiration. 

Even top experts such as Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin fell into a stunned state. It took them a long while before they could recover, and even then they still wore complicated expressions.

A grade-9 lotus platform!  

The ancient stone tablet gave Zhou Yuan a high appraisal, which meant Zhou Yuan’s talent and potential were superior to theirs. 

However, they shouldn’t be underestimated because they were already considered true heaven prides and had reached great heights. However, Zhou Yuan surpassed them, which showed his terrifying talent and potential.

Guan Qinglong sighed inwardly. After witnessing that scene, even he, who was always calm and confident, could only smile bitterly.

Zhou Yuan really is a rare monster-like being.  

If Zhou Yuan could use the opportunities from the stone tablet to breakthrough to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, Guan Qinglong had a premonition that he would have to step down from the title of strongest Heavenly Sun expert in Hunyuan Heaven.

Although all kinds of emotions swelled up in his heart, Guan Qinglong was’t a narrow-minded person. He already began to feel that he wasn’t strong enough after the clash with Shengwang Heaven. He felt that he might not have the qualification to take on the most powerful and mysterious Shengzu Heaven.

If Zhou Yuan could breakthrough at this critical juncture and lead Hunyuan Heaven to victory, Guan Qinglong was willing to step down.

However, compared to his open-mindedness, Jiang Jinlin was incredibly jealous of Zhou Yuan. Staring at Zhou Yuan’s face that looked somewhat sacred under the lingering nine-colored halos, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth. He hated the fact that he couldn’t kill Zhou Yuan and take his place. 

But that was only wishful thinking. After all, he understood that if he were to do anything that interrupted Zhou Yuan, he would become a target of public criticism.

In the end, he could only grit his teeth in anger and close his eyes.

After the initial shock, everyone finally composed their emotions and focussed their minds back onto their own lotus platforms. Regardless of how they envy Zhou Yuan, the most pressing matter and realistic thing to do now was to digest their own opportunities first. 


As Zhou Yuan’s grade-nine lotus platform took shape, he ignored the many astonished gazes on him and focussed his attention on cultivation, isolating himself from the outside world.

This was because unimaginable amounts of mighty ancestral qi were gushing toward him like currents, and because of the lotus platform, the ancestral qi didn’t leak away but poured into his body. 

As mighty ancestral qi rushed through his body, his Divine Dwellings quivered frantically as though longing for them. 

Ancestral qi flowed along his meridians and flooded his Divine Dwellings.

The Divine Dwellings suddenly became foggy from the endless rich ancestral qi. The two Heavenly Suns frantically absorbed the ancestral qi and grew increasingly bright at an unbelievable speed. Countless Genesis Qi stars were constantly born inside his Divine Dwellings.

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation soared at an astonishing rate!

The rapid growth stunned even Zhou Yuan. Within minutes, his Genesis Qi foundation skyrocketed to 2.9 billion from 2.4 billion!

An increase of 500 million!  

Moreover, it didn’t stop there and continued to soar at a steady rate.

Zhou Yuan suppressed his joy and excitement and did everything he could to manipulate the ancestral qi to continue to pour into his body and guided them through his meridians. Moreover, his meridians became tougher and more resilient as ancestral qi flowed through them.

As his Genesis Qi foundation skyrocketed, he noticed the dragon-claw runes on his Heavenly Suns were extending.

His dragon claw rune was previously at the five-claw stage.

But within minutes, half the sixth rune was already formed.  

In addition to ancestral qi, countless ancestral qi treasures spewed out from the stone tablet. Ancestral qi treasures were all sorts of substance and objects, including crystal dust, which Zhou Yuan invested them all on Silver Shadow and his Heavenly Yuan Brush

Silver Shadow and the Heavenly Yuan Brush emitted happy waves in response as they devoured all the ancestral qi treasures that came their way.

They were able to devour to their heart’s content this time. 

Those weren’t the only benefits...  

In addition to the increase in his Genesis Qi foundation and the endless ancestral qi treasures, Zhou Yuan could feel his flesh squirming and blood bubbling.

Even his Great Flame Devil was uncontrollably activated.

The temperature within Zhou Yuan's body soared suddenly like an oven.

Ancestral qi containing mysterious ancestral qi treasures gradually merged under the oven-like conditions and in the end transformed into a mysterious liquid that fused with his blood.

Zhou Yuan could feel that every inch of his flesh and blood within his body was emitting unimaginable heat, and it was under that high temperature that his flesh and blood were being wildly refined, growing stronger and tougher. A terrifying power that seemed capable or moving mountains and sea erupted from his blood.

Drops of golden blood were constantly born in his heart under those conditions.

Before he knew it, the Great Flame Devil was improved dramatically.

In addition to the changes in his body, his Spirit was similarly refined and improved.

Zhou Yuan couldn’t stop quivering with excitement and joy at the improvements and transformations of every part of his body.

Although he knew mystic ruins were rare opportunities in Guyuan Heaven, it was only after experiencing one himself that he understood how much better it was compared to a high-class ancestral qi vein!

It had the power to make people feel as if they were reborn.   

Of course, Zhou Yuan understood that such improvements were due to the fact the stone tablet ranked his lotus platform grade-9. The stone tablet possessed a spiritual intellect and it would only give someone it felt qualified such rare opportunities. 

Thank you.  

Zhou Yuan thanked him in his heart, and then began to focus his mind. Since he had such opportunities, he had to grasp them all and swallow everything to the last drop. 

As long as he cleanly swallowed up all opportunities, he knew his overall strength would leapt to a shocking height.

Zhou Yuan looked forward to seeing how strong he would become.

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