Chapter 1157 Stone Tablet

The next day, after everyone from the three heavens had a rest, the army set off for the ancient stone tablet hidden in the mountain’s depths.

But everyone suddenly stopped around ten thousand feet from the stone tablet.

They peered through the fog and stared at the ancient stone tablet in the distance.

The stone tablet was at least ten thousand feet tall. It resembled a mountain and seemed full of mystery when shrouded in fog 

Even at such a distance, one could distinctly feel a frightening oppressive pressure released from the stone tablet, making the majority of the army unable to advance any further.

“Everyone, get into your allocated positions!" Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin issued an order.

The troops from the Wushen Region, Tianyuan Region, and Mythic Dragon Clan sat down cross-legged where they were, which was the first position.

The others looked enviously at them as they stepped back some distance and split into the second and third groups.

This was because ancestral qi would erupt from the front of the stone tablet and so they could only absorb more ancestral qi in that direction.

Zhou Yuan turned to the Tianyuan Region team and swept his gaze over the several familiar figures sitting in non-eye catching areas. They were Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo and the others. They also smiled at him to express their gratitude. 

They weren’t members of the Tianyuan Region, so if they were assigned positions according to normal circumstances, they would be in the third group and their share of benefits would be much lower.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan secretly transferred them to the Tianyuan Region team, and given his prestige in Hunyuan Heaven, no one would dare object. After all, the Tianyuan Region was only in the first position because of Zhou Yuan’s remarkable battle accomplishments. 

A little help from him was considered a great opportunity for Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others.

“Those with a foundation of at least 2 billion or able to withstand the stone tablet’s pressure, come with us!” After the large army was settled, Guan Qinglong's imposing voice rang again.

Very quickly, a group of people all exuding powerful Genesis Qi gathered.

Many gazes behind were filled with envy and awe.

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across everyone and saw Wu Yao, Su Youwei, and Zhao Mushen were also present. Zhao Mushen’s Genesis Qi was the strongest among the three. Moreover, Zhou Yuan could sense his foundation had reached the 2 billion level, which was only four billion less than his. 

This should be the benefit he got after swallowing Wang Xuanyang.

As for Wu Yao and Su Youwei, although their Genesis Qi foundation hadn’t reached 2 billion, the two women were outstanding and so they could tolerate the stone tablet’s oppressive pressure. 

But no matter what, the fact that the three, who were only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, were able to join the advanced Heavenly Sun experts and enjoy their opportunity showed how remarkable they were. Once they reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, Zhou Yuan felt their strength would skyrocket once again and might even surpass Guan Qinglong!

"Junior brother Zhou Yuan, sorry to trouble you about the Cangxuan Sect matters. Junior sister Qingchan told me to say thank you.” A low voice sounded next to Zhou Yuan and he turned around to see Chu Qing’s signature shiny head.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Senior brother Chu Qing, have you forgotten that I’m also a member of the Cangxuan Sect?”

Then, he shifted his gaze to the Cangxuan Sect’s area and saw a cold but beautiful woman sitting in the front looking at him with her bright eyes. Their gazes met and Li Qingchan calmly looked away.

However, Zhou Yuan could still see gratitude in her eyes.

After all, compared to their senior brother Chu Qing, who constantly tried to escape responsibilities, Li Qingchan was truly concerned and worried about many of Cangxuan Sect matters.

“Let’s go.”   

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze with a smile.   

The top experts from the three heavens all stepped into the thick fog and headed towards the ancient stone tablet in anticipation.

Soon, as Zhou Yuan and the others walked out of the dense fog, the ancient stone tablet finally revealed itself clearly in front of them.

Everyone’s eyes blazed brightly.  

The stone tablet towered into the clouds and its surface was old and mottled. Those traces left over countless years gave off an extraordinary charm that caused nearby Genesis Qi to fluctuate strangely.

Moreover, waves of mighty ancestral qi were released from the stone table, shocking everyone. The ancestral qi gradually condensed in certain areas to form lotus platforms. 

The ancestral qi lotus platform didn’t surprise anyone because Guan Qinglong had mentioned them before.

But they were delighted that the number of lotus platforms was more than what Guan Qinglong previously told them.

Even so, there were only 25 seats.

And the number of elite experts from the three heavens who came here exceeded 25. 

Guan Qinglong went into discussion with Jiang Jinlin and the others again, but Zhou Yuan didn’t participate because he knew that, given his accomplishments in the battle, not only was he eligible to obtain a lotus platform, even Qin Lian could get one.

The discussion soon ended. On the Hunyuan Heaven’s side, the Wushen Region Wanzu Region, Zixiao Region and the Tianyuan Region each got two lotus platforms, while on the Wanshou Heaven, the Mystic Dragon Clan, Spirit Phoenix Clan and the Golden Monkey Clan also received the same number each. But on the Cangxuan Heaven’s side, except for Chu Qing, everyone else didn’t contribute enough in the battle.

The twenty-five seats were quickly allocated.

Those who hadn’t been assigned a lotus platform had no choice but sit below the stone tablet and cultivate there. But the opportunity they would receive still far outweighed the troops in the distance.


Guan Qinglong stared at the ancestral qi lotus platforms formed above the stone tablet with blazing eyes. "Although the previous battle was tragic, it’s time to collect our harvest.

"Of course, what opportunities you would obtain depends on your own good fortune.

“Let’s go!” 

Before his voice died away, 25 figures raced across the sky, each landing on one of the 25 ancestral qi lotus platforms.

As they descended, the ancient stone tablet seemed to sense something. The ground quaked violently and vast amounts of ancestral qi erupted out.  

The ancestral qi first swept up, forming a huge ancestral qi canopy over the stone tablet and even blotted out the sun. 


Soon after, ancestral qi rolled out like waves and eventually engulfed everyone from the three great heavens within tens of thousand feet.

Whereas, the 25 ancestral qi lotus platforms erupted in rays of dazzling light and gradually drowned the several figures.

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