Chapter 1156 Divide

When the Sacred Race team withdrew from the battlefield, the people from the three great heavens  collapsed in exhaustion.

The battle was essentially a tragedy.    

All heavens, including the three heavens of all races and the two Sacred Race heavens suffered heavy casualties. 

The entire battlefield was devastated, corpses were strewn across the ground, and a blood stench filled the air.

Many people heaved with sobs as they held their comrades’ corpse in their arms. Cries of sadness spread through the battlefield, making everyone’s heart feel heavy.

Zhou Yuan fell silent when he saw this scene. 

Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and others also rushed over to his side. They were all riddled with wounds of varying sizes and they evidently had been through fierce battles.

"How are the casualties on the Tianyuan Region’s side?" Zhou Yuan asked.

Qin Lian said mournfully, "There are more than 200 people killed and more than 500 people seriously injured.”

What those simple numbers represented was incredibly upsetting.

Zhou Yuan said in a low voice, "Put away their bodies and bring them back to Hunyuan Heaven. They fought for the Tianyuan Region, and the Tianyuan Region mustn’t treat them badly.”

Qin Lian and the others nodded.  

"If our captain hadn’t displayed his remarkable power, the battle could have been more tragic and our losses would be even greater,” said Mu Youlan, looking at Zhou Yuan admiringly.

Everyone witnessed Zhou Yuan's dazzling achievements in the battle.

"Your prestige in the Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage is now equal to Guan Qinglong." Qin Lian nodded in agreement. If Zhou Yuan hadn't come forward and killed Ji Mo as well as severely wounded Mi Shi, the outcome could have been very different to what it was.

This was obvious from the looks of gratitude and awe from the experts of various forces. 

Although Zhou Yuan was a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region, the majority of Hunyuan Heaven forces never thought Zhou Yuan was qualified to be on the same level as them. But this thinking was completely wiped away after the battle. 

Although Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, he wasn’t an ordinary intermediate Heavenly Sun expert.  

But Zhou Yuan didn’t care too much about this. He didn’t care about prestige. After all, the Sacred Race was their greatest enemy. If he sat and watched them defeat the three heavens, he wouldn't be able to turn the tide then, no matter how strong he was.

Chu Qing and Li Qingchan also darted over. From the look on their faces, it was obvious that Cangxuan Heaven had also suffered heavy losses.

Zhou Yuan could only clap Chu Qing on the shoulder, and then, when he wanted to hug Li Qingchan to comfort her, he quickly retracted his hand seeing her icy gaze and smiled helplessly.

But that eased the heavy atmosphere a little.

On the battlefield, the various forces were gathering their troops and counting their losses.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, captain Guan Qinglong has something to discuss with you,” Someone came over and reported respectfully. 

Zhou Yuan glanced at a high slope in the distance, where the captains of various forces gathered. He nodded and headed over there with Qin Lian, Chu Qing and the others.

As he arrived, the several captains cast respectful looks his way. Even the arrogant people from Wanshou Heaven quelled their arrogance and showed respect.

Jin Ling'er stood with Jin Feng, staring at Zhou Yuan. Her beautiful eyes that always looked wilful blazed.

The Genesis Beast Clan admired power and Zhou Yuan created remarkable battle achievements with strength of the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. How would she not be utterly convinced?

“No wonder Little Ancestor thinks highly of him.” Jin Ling’er bit her red lips and her beautiful eyes gleamed magnificently.

Jin Feng suddenly coughed and whispered, “Elder sister, what are you doing? Don't forget Little Ancestor’s warning.”

“What?” Jin Ling’er questioned.  

Jin Feng gave a hollow laugh. Jin Ling’er looked at him blankly and finally remembered something. Before coming to Guyuan Heaven, their Little Ancestor had warned them about something. Strictly speaking, it was for her.

What was the warning?  

Don't try to hit on Zhou Yuan, otherwise there will be serious consequences! It's so serious that even Little Ancestor will be beaten up!

Jin Linger almost sneered at the warning then. As the pride of the Golden Monkey Clan, she had countless admirers both within and outside the clan, how would she even lay her eyes on a mere human? Besides, who would dare beat up her Little Ancestor? Given his status, there were only a handful of people in the Wanshou Region who would have such courage.

Therefore, Jin Linger was puzzled about her Little Ancestor’s warning.

Jin Ling'er pouted her little lips and said, "Little Ancestor is annoying.”

However, the gleam of admiration in her eyes still faded. Her Little Ancestor’s warning indeed had an effect.

Zhou Yuan didn't care about Jin Ling'er's gaze, because in front of him were Jiang Jinlin and Ai Qing.

Jiang Jinlin's face was incredibly pale and the Genesis Qi around him was much weaker than before. His body was covered in deep scars, and even if he possessed the powerful body of the Mystic Dragon Clan, he couldn’t heal those severe injuries right away.

Jiang Jinlin looked a little uncomfortable when he faced Zhou Yuan because he had never attached any importance to Zhou Yuan before the battle. Otherwise they wouldn’t send Jin Ling'er to assist him. It was clear that they didn’t believe in Zhou Yuan's ability.

But the final outcome was unexpected to anyone.  

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t reversed the tide, the three great heavens would have been defeated instead. 

Even Jiang Jinlin, who was very arrogant, didn't dare look down on Zhou Yuan after Zhou Yuan killed Ji Mo and inflicted severe injuries to Mi Shi. 

Jiang Jinlin’s strength was similar level to Mi Shi’s. If Mi Shan hadn’t rescued Mi Shi with his Sacred Pupil, Zhou Yuan might have even killed him.

Therefore, Jiang Jinlin didn’t dare to underestimate Zhou Yuan anymore.

Ai Qing’s expression turned a little complicated as she gazed at Zhou Yuan. She originally thought the strongest person in the Hunyuan Heaven team was Guan Qinglong. But now, it seemed Zhou Yuan from the Tianyuan Region had revealed hidden talents. But what was most terrifying was that Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. Once he reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, wouldn't he surpass even Guan Qinglong? Perhaps, he would become the strongest Heavenly Sun expert in the five heavens.

Guan Qinglong looked at Zhou Yuan and said solemnly, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, no one can question your contribution in the battle against the two heavens of the Sacred Race. I want to express gratitude to you on behalf of everyone."

The others also nodded, showing their gratitude. Zhou Yuan's distinguished battle accomplishment was superior to everyone else’s. 

Even Jiang Jinlin remained silent and didn’t raise any objections.

However, Zhou Yuan seemed unconcerned about their gratitude. He just waved his hand and stared at the dense fog that shrouded a distant mountain range. In the dense fog, an ancient stone tablet seemed to have existed since ancient times, exuding a special charm.

"Everyone, now that the enemy has retreated, is it time to discuss how the mystic ruins will be divided?" said Zhou Yuan with a smile.

He wasn’t referring to the distribution among core members, but the arrangement for the various forces’ ordinary members.    

This was because one required a foundation of around 2 billion Genesis Qi stars to get close to the ancient stone tablet, which meant only the top experts from each force could obtain the core opportunity.

But that meant many people would be unable to get near the stone tablet and hence enjoy the rare opportunity.

They had also made contributions in the battle and so they should be rewarded accordingly. Otherwise, who would continue to risk their lives in battle? And without them, it would be difficult to succeed by just relying on the top experts.

Fortunately, the various forces leaders were prepared.

Although the stone tablet was inaccessible to people with a foundation under 2 billion Genesis Qi stars, once it was activated, it would erupt with mighty ancestral qi and countless ancestral qi treasures that would spread to the periphery. And those were the opportunities that many people hoped to obtain.

The closer one was to the stone tablet, the more ancestral qi and ancestral qi treasures one could obtain.

According to what they previously agreed on, the positions in front of the stone tablet would be divided into three groups.

The first group was naturally closest to the stone tablet, and thus would receive the first wave of ancestral qi.

After the first wave of ancestral qi was absorbed by the first group, it would flow to the second group, and the third group…

From their previous agreement, there were only two forces that secured the first position, which were the Wushen Region in Hunyuan Heaven and the Mystic Dragon Clan in Wanshou Heaven. Moreover, they had Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin, who led the army, in their team.

Guan Qinglong turned to Zhou Yuan and said with a smile, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan has contributed the most in the battle. The Tianyuan Region is of course included in the first group.”

Jiang Jinlin didn't say anything. He no doubt would have opposed it if he heard this before the battle. After all, his share of ancestral qi would lessen with more people in the first group and no one would be happy about their benefits going to other people. But Zhou Yuan's battle accomplishments were so remarkable that there was nothing he could say. If Zhou Yuan wasn’t qualified to be in the first group, the Mystic Dragon Clan and the Wushen Region also wouldn’t be qualified.

“Thank you.” Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and then said, "I don't know if I can also get a space in the second group.” 

He of course requested the position for the Cangxuan Sect. After all, all Cangxuan Heaven forces would be allocated to the third group if based solely on battle accomplishments. But Zhou Yuan was a member of the Cangxuan Sect and so he must seek benefits for his senior and junior brothers. After all, in such an occasion, even Chu Qing’s words carried little weight.

Guan Qinglong glanced at Chu Qing and the others behind him, hesitated, and finally nodded.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan comes from the Cangxuan Sect, so of course they are qualified to share some of your credit.”

Jiang Jinlin frowned and was about to argue, but Ai Qing pulled him back.

“It’s not good to provoke Zhou Yuan. Don’t get on his bad side because of a little benefit. Think about it, what if he breaks through to the advanced Heavenly Sun stage in the mystic ruins?” Ai Qing whispered into Jiang Jinlin's ears.

Jiang Jinlin's countenance changed slightly. Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage yet he could already inflict severe injuries to Mi Shi. How strong would he be once he reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage? At that time, even he and Guan Qinglong likely would be no match for him.

Thinking of that scene, even Jiang Jinlin, who was very arrogant, gulped secretly. 

So, he also nodded slightly and said, "I have no objection.”

Once the two commanders-in-chief made a final decision, the positions were decided.

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