Chapter 1155 Victory


The Azure Dragon Blade roared through space and smashed into the two Genesis Qi torrents about to hit Zhou Yuan.


At that moment, there seemed to be an earth shattering thunder rumbling and the space around it constantly shattered. 

When the Azure Dragon Blade slashed down, the two Genesis Qi torrents only lasted a few seconds before breaking into countless flecks of Genesis Qi and scattered throughout the world.

The remnants of the blade light continued to slash fiercely towards Mi Shan.

Mi Shan’s face darkened. His Sacred Pupil flashed with sacred light and the space in front suddenly twisted, forming a spatial barrier-like protection.


The Azure Dragon Blade swung down, striking the spatial barrier. The two were deadlocked for a moment and in the end shattered simultaneously.  

However, Mi Shan grunted and the veins on his forehead pulsed. He quivered slightly and the blood trickling down his Sacred Pupil turned more concentrated.

“Guan Qinglong!” 

Mi Shan glared at the tall figure emerging behind Zhou Yuan. The figure, clasping a huge blade, was imposing and domineering, and his appearance caused space to tremble.

It was Guan Qinglong who just removed the seal!  

The troops from the three great heavens burst into cheers. Guan Qinglong’s appearance at the most critical juncture in the battle undoubtedly filled them with excitement and boosted their morale.

 He could even reverse the battle.   

After all, Ji Mo had been killed, Jiang Jinlin and Mi Shi were both seriously wounded and Zhou Yuan's condition was gradually worsening. Mi Shan wasn’t any better, because his strength was hugely consumed from repeatedly activating his Sacred Pupil.

Only Guan Qinglong was still a perfect state.    

After all, he hadn’t made a move after being sealed.

Therefore, he was still full of fighting strength.

"If you don't make a move soon, I really can't hold on any longer." Zhou Yuan also was relieved to see Guan Qinglong. He had already exhausted his strength in the battle, having killed Ji Mo and inflicted severe injuries to Mi Shi. He had outperformed everyone in the battle with his two achievements, including Jiang Jinlin and Guan Qinglong.

But ultimately, he was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage and he only lasted this long due to his many secret means. 

Therefore, if Guan Qinglong didn’t act soon, Zhou Yuan likely wouldn’t survive against Mi Shan and Mi Shi.

If I were at the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, even if Mi Shan and Mi Shi joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to touch me. Zhou Yuan thought to himself. 

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, you have earned the most credit in this battle!" Guan Qinglong looked at Zhou Yuan with unprecedented awe, because he saw how Zhou Yuan turned the tide and prevented the three great heavens’ morale from crumbling.

If Zhou Yuan weren’t present, he might not be able to wait until his seal was lifted.

At the thought of the troops from the three great heavens killed and the situation collapsing, Guan Qinglong felt a chill run down his spine. If that were to happen, his reputation in Hunyuan Heaven would be ruined. After all, he was regarded as Hunyuan Heaven’s commander in chief.

The battle of Guyuan Heaven was a battle for fortune and Genesis Qi for the next thousand years among the heavens. Even if the battle determined only one-fifth of the entire Hunyuan Heaven’s fortune, it was still an extremely terrifying scale. The more they obtained, the stronger Hunyuan Heaven would become in the future.

Therefore, all Hunyuan Heave forces attached great importance to the battle, and Guan Qinglong would undoubtedly attract a lot of criticism if he performed badly.

Therefore, Guan Qinglong was very grateful to Zhou Yuan.

"I'm the captain of the Tianyuan Region team as well as a member of Hunyuan Heaven army, How can I just sit back and watch?" Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

"It's just that I have exhausted my strength…we have to depend on you now captain Guan Qinglong.”

Zhou Yuan could feel the Genesis Qi within his body fading. This was because Promotion had almost reached its time limit. Once he lost the increase to his Genesis Qi, he wouldn’t be qualified to compete with Mi Shan, Mi Shi, or other powerful opponents. 

Therefore, Zhou Yuan desperately wanted to truly reach the advanced Heavenly Sun stage.

He cast his gaze towards the depths of the vast mountain range, where an ancient stone tablet loomed in the thick fog and exuded a special charm.

Zhou Yuan's eyes were filled with anticipation as he gazed at the stone tablet because he knew that his chance of breaking into the advanced Heavenly Sun stage was there.

“Thank you for your hard work, just leave the next battle to me.”

Guan Qinglong nodded. That day’s battle was very frustrating to him because he was well prepared for a big battle, but just as he finished warming up, he was sealed by Jiang Jinlin and Ai Qing's seal. As a result, he became a spectator during the fiercest times.

Now that the seal was finally removed, he looked forward to a battle that he could fight to his heart’s content.

Zhou Yuan nodded, and then smiled kindly at Mi Shan and Mi Shi and slowly drew back.

Whereas Guan Qinglong looked at Mi Shan and Mi Shi with his eyes blazing with fighting spirit. He pointed his Azure Dragon Blade forward and said, "I will face you both alone.”

His voice was imposing and domineering.  

However, no one could question Guan Qinglong's strength. After all, before Zhou Yuan reached the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, he would still be the strongest Heavenly Sun expert in Hunyuan Heaven. 

Only Mi Shan in his perfect state could compete with him.

Even Mi Shi wasn’t strong enough. If Guan Qinglong wasn’t suddenly sealed, Mi Shi's outcome likely wouldn’t be much better than Jiang Jinlin.

Guan Qinglong was now in perfect condition while Mi Shan's Sacred Pupil was damaged and Mi Shi was severely injured. Therefore, even if he was fighting against two, he still had absolute confidence.


Mighty Genesis Qi rose from the top of Guan Qinglong’s skull like smoke signals, and within those azure Genesis Qi, there seemed to be an azure dragon hovering around, exuding an extremely domineering aura.

A terrifying pressure enveloped the area. 

The entire battlefield seemed to have frozen, and the people on both sides looked up at the sky.

The two sides were in a stalemate, and the battle between Guan Qinglong and Mi Shan, who were their top experts, would affect the battle’s direction.

Mi Shan glared at Guan Qinglong, his eyes full of intense killing intent.

How would he not know about his own state? His present chances of winning against Guan Qinglong was less than 30%.

Even if Mi Shan didn't want to admit it, he knew that their Shengwang Heaven and Shengling Heaven had fallen into an extremely disadvantaged position in the battle for the mystic ruins.

All this..    

This wasn’t because of Guan Qinglong, but because of Zhou Yuan who was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage!

Mi Shan stared at Zhou Yuan, who was behind Guan Qinglong, his eyes cold and sinister, as if imprinting Zhou Yuan's face deeply into his mind.


In the end, Mi Shan inhaled deeply and said indifferently, "Guan Qinglong, you win this time.”

The powerful aura surging around Guan Qinglong stilled for a moment as he stared at Mi Shan. "Are you admitting defeat?”

"It's just a momentary loss. It’s nothing.”

Mi Shan was a very rational person. He knew that if the battle continued, not only they wouldn’t win, there could be even greater losses. Therefore, he must swallow the humiliation and retreat.

"Guan Qinglong, don’t be so smug. The Battle of Guyuan Heaven will be very interesting this time. You will understand this when you set foot into the central area. Perhaps the lower five heavens’ result this time would be the worst ever,” sneered Mi Shan, his mouth curved in a ruthless smile.

Guan Qinglong narrowed his eyes. "Oh? Because of you?" 

“Of course not…”   

Mi Shan said with a ruminative smile, "I can only say that you guys are very unlucky. The Shengzu Heaven is the strongest it has been in tens of thousands of years…"

"Guan Qinglong, believe me, when you meet those from Shengzu Heaven, you will understand what true despair is.”

He no longer hesitated and turned away.

At the same time, his cold voice rang throughout the battlefield, "Shengwang Heaven and Shengling Heaven team members, retreat!”


His words caused a huge commotion. Although the Sacred Race army was reluctant to retreat, they understood they had lost their advantaged position. In the end, they retreated one after another.

The huge team retreated swiftly like a tide.

Within minutes, the battlefield that was enveloped in the flames of war suddenly became silent.

The people from the three heavens exchanged glances with each other and it was only after a good while that they snapped out of their dazed state and erupted in earth-shattering cheers, shaking the mountains.

In mid-air, Guan Qinglong peered in the direction where Mi Shan and the others retreated, but there wasn’t much joy on his face, and instead he wrinkled his brows.

Mi Shan's words made him feel a little uneasy.  

“Shengzu Heaven…”   

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