Chapter 1154 Can Destroy Stars

When Zhao Mushen swallowed Mi Shi’s severed arm, Zhao Mushen's blood and flesh squirmed where his arm was and an arm dripping with blood rapidly formed. His speed of recovery stunned even Zhou Yuan.

Moreover, he vaguely felt that the Genesis Qi within Zhao Mushen's body had soared.


At the same time, Mi Shi let out an anguished scream. Clasping his severed arm he stared at Zhao Mushen with a grim face, because he had a feeling that it wouldn't be easy to regrow his broken arm.

Broken limbs weren’t serious to top cultivators and could be regenerated with elixirs and pills. But Mi Shi felt he had permanently lost an arm.

It seemed that he might not be able to regenerate his severed arm even with the help of elixirs or rare pills.

This was because Zhao Mushen had swallowed his arm.

Therefore, Mi Shi was as angry as he was shocked. He wanted to swallow Zhao Mushen alive. He didn’t think an ant-like intermediate Heavenly Sun expert could push him to such a miserable state. 

Facing Mi Shi's baleful gaze, Zhao Mushen stepped back and stood behind Zhou Yuan.

"He is severely injured now, so I will leave him to you,” said Zhao Mushen after a cough.

Zhou Yuan smiled. "I wondered why you would sacrifice yourself. So it was because of greed. You were after his arm.”  

Zhao Mushen said expressionlessly, "You don't need to care about my motives. You just need to focus on the results. Although I took advantage of when you wounded him and caused him to temporarily fall into a state of weakness, it is still considered a contribution.” 

Zhou Yuan didn't deny it. Moreover, he couldn’t be bothered arguing with him. “Fine, you can take partial credit.”

Waving his Heavenly Yuan Brush, he looked at Mi Shi with fierce, piercing eyes. Mi Shi was considered truly wounded and now was the best time to get rid of him once and for all.

"If you really want to thank me, you can help me dig out his Sacred Pupil. I think it will taste very good,” said Zhao Mushen suddenly.

The corners of Zhou Yuan's mouth twitched. He felt his stomach churned with nausea. This guy’s taste seems to be getting weirder, and his swallowing means is terrifying.

He ignored Zhao Mushen's request. Genesis Qi circulated around his body and locked on Mi Shi from afar.  


But just as Zhou Yuan planned a final attack on Mi Shi, a loud noise echoed throughout the world and a terrifying wave of Genesis Qi erupted.

Countless people immediately turned to the source of the noise and their expressions changed abruptly.

It was from the battle between Jiang Jinlin and Mi Shan.

Mi Shan was hovering in space, his face filled with cold murderous intent and blood constantly flowed out from his Sacred Pupil. Opposite him in the sky, Jiang Jinlin was standing stiffly and a hideous hole appeared on his tough body shrouded in dragon scales. The hole was almost bone-deep and even his organs were visible through the hole.

Moreover, there seemed to be a special corrosive power contained in the hole, obstructing Jiang Jinlin's powerful vitality from rapidly recovering.


Blood wildly gushed from Jiang Jinlin's mouth, while his golden dragon eyes stared intently at Mi Shan, filled with rage and unwillingness.

Mi Shan had once again used the power of his Sacred Pupil, which seemed capable of manipulating space, and pierced his body with sharp spatial fragments.

Even the powerful body of the Mystic Dragon Clan couldn’t endure such injuries.

“Hmph, if I hadn’t consumed the Sacred Pupil’s power to save Mi Shi, you would be dead!” said Mi Shan contemptuously.

Jiang Jinlin let out an enraged roar from his throat. But in the end, due to his injuries, he plunged from the sky and crashed to the ground, smashing a deep pit into the mountain forest.


And Jiang Jinlin's defeat was like a storm in the battlefield that made experts from the three heavens pale.

No one expected there would be so many ups and downs in this battle. Zhou Yuan finally wounded Mi Shi after much difficulty, but Mi Shan had defeated Jiang Jinlin at the most critical juncture!

The strongest person on the enemy’s side finally acted.

Such a change also caused Zhou Yuan’s expression to change. He had consumed the majority of his Genesis Qi and his condition was far from perfect. He could deal with Mi Shi, who was severely wounded, but if Mi Shan joined the battle, he didn’t know how to deal with both at the same time.


Mi Shi threw his head back and laughed wildly. He then stared fiercely at Zhou Yuan and said, "It's a pity, you have exhausted all your powers, but luck is on my Sacred Race’s side!”

As his voice faded, the space around rippled, and a figure stepped out. It was Mi Shan.

Mi Shan’s face was devoid of expression and the blood trickling down his sacred pupil made him look frightening. 

 He emitted a heart-chilling fiendish aura.

Mi Shan stared at Zhou Yuan and said, "I didn't think an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert could almost defeat me.”

Feeling the terrifying pressure radiated from the two, Zhou Yuan solemnly tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush and his entire body tensed up.

"Let's attack together. We should kill him first. If he isn’t killed, there would be endless troubles after this,” urged Mi Shan.

Mi Shi nodded. 


The two acted almost instantaneously. Mighty Genesis Qi shot across the air, blocking all Zhou Yuan’s escape routes and swept towards Zhou Yuan with violent force. Space crumbled inch after inch where their Genesis Qi passed.

It was obvious the two were filled with murderous intent towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan's face assumed a serious and solemn expression as he prepared his Heavenly Punishment Law Domain. He couldn’t face the joint attacks of Mi Shan and Mi Shi head-on. He could only use his Law Domain to weaken his opponents offensive and take the chance to retreat.


Two Genesis Qi torrents entwined around each other and roared out like two giant pythons.

Many people’s expressions changed drastically. They immediately rushed out to help. 

But it was too late.  

As the two Genesis Qi torrents rapidly neared Zhou Yuan and he prepared to activate his Law Domain, he suddenly felt another gush of terrifying Genesis Qi soaring into the sky from the battlefield. 


It was a resounding sword cry.   

“Mi Shan and Mi Shi, do you think I, Guan Qinglong is just a mascot?!” A roar resounded like thunder.

A figure appeared above Zhou Yuan like a ghost, clasping a tremendous azure dragon blade, and brought it down with incredible speed. 

All space in front of it shattered.

A ray of azure blade light roared out, which upon a closer inspection, resembled an azure dragon glistening with vivid dragon scales. As it bared its fangs, earth-shattering blade qi filled the air.

Guan Qinglong’s deafening roar resounded throughout the battlefield.

“My Azure Dragon Blade can destroy stars!”

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