Chapter 1153 Zhao Mushen Sacrifices his Life


When the second ray of rainbow light shot out, not only Mi Shi was filled with disbelief, even the experts from various forces revealed unconcealable shock in their eyes.

No one thought that Zhou Yuan could activate two rainbow light rays one after another! 

This was unbelievable because the cultivation conditions of a Saint Genesis Art was extremely demanding and the activation of a Saint Genesis Art required vast Genesis Qi to support it. It was speculated that for someone at the Heavenly Sun stage, one should only be able to use it once at a time, even if one’s Genesis Qi foundation was over 3 billion. 

One would suffer adverse effects if it were used more than once at a time. 

Even Guan Qinglong and Mi Shan, who were the strongest on the battlefield, likely couldn’t activate a Saint Genesis Art twice in a row! 

But Zhou Yuan could!  

And it wasn’t an illusion judging from the power contained in the second rainbow sword light!

Therefore, Mi Shi turned around and fled without any hesitation when he saw another rainbow sword light streaking across the air. 

Given the damage his stone body had already suffered, it couldn’t withstand a second attack!


Mi Shi bolted into a full speed dash. Moreover, he ruthlessly sped past some Sacred Race experts along the way. Unable to evade in time, they exploded into blood foam as the rainbow sword light sped after Mi Shi. 

However, his actions made little difference.

The rainbow sword light continued to closely follow him like a maggot and got increasingly closer to him.

Its strong and dangerous aura made Mi Shi’s hair stand on end.

His expression became dark and sinister because the outcome was completely out of his expectation. Ji Mo never told him that Zhou Yuan was able to bring out another rainbow sword light soon after the first, and now it caused him great trouble.


Mi Shi took a deep breath and blew out a puff of grey smoke. As it came into contact with air, it instantly transformed into a mighty torrent of mud and stones and collided with the rainbow sword light. 


Even so, Mi Shi couldn’t obstruct the rainbow sword light. The torrent of mud transformed from Genesis Qi that could crush towering mountains exploded as the sword light sped past. 

Mi Shi had no choice but to continue to flee frantically.

But everyone noticed that Mi Shi's escape route passed Mi Shan’s battlefield. 

Mi Shan had dominated his battle. Jiang Jinlin was dripping with blood and even his dragon scales were torn off. The several bone-deep scars all over his body made him look extremely tragic.

However, Jiang Jinlin was still full of valor. Even if he was beaten to such a tragic state, he still fiercely struck back and persisted in battling Mi Shan.

This was because he noticed Mi Shi was in trouble, and if Mi Shan were to help Mi Shi resolve his crisis, they would lose a great opportunity.

Mi Shan's face darkened facing Jiang Jinlin’s pestering because their situation had gotten out of control as a result of Zhou Yuan’s second rainbow sword light.

If he sat back and watched Mi Shi get wounded, the situation could turn very bad for them.

"Haha, Mi Shan, I am your opponent. Don't even think about saving someone else!”

Jiang Jinlin noticed Mi Shan’s strange gaze. He burst into laughter and fiercely launched an attack again.


However, Mi Shan threw out a punch that tore through space and slammed into Jiang Jinlin's chest. His chest collapsed and his dragon scales crumbled to powder.


Jiang Jinlin spouted a jet of blood. He unleashed a deafening roar and his half-dragon body turned even fiercer as he charged forward. As part of the Mystic Dragon Clan, he originally possessed an incredibly tough body and vitality. As long as Mi Shan couldn’t kill him, his wounds would heal sooner or later.

Mi Shan stared at Jiang Jinlin and sneered, "Do you really I can't provide help just because you are pestering me? You underestimate me!”

As he fixed his gaze on Mi Shi, who was rushing in his direction, his Sacred Pupil suddenly erupted with sacred light.

“Sacred Pupil, Shatter Space!”  

As the sacred light surged, the space in front of Mi Shi suddenly twisted and distorted as though forming a spatial crack. 

The spatial crack swallowed the rainbow sword light like a tremendous mouth.

The spatial crack erupted with terrifying shock waves before it gradually vanished.


Shocked voices echoed throughout the world as everyone cast stunned gazes towards Mi Shan, who Jiang Jinlin was obstructing. They couldn’t believe that Mi Shan could make a move at the critical juncture to help Mi Shi resolve his crisis.

But Mi Shan evidently had to pay a price for this. A trickle of blood flowed out from his Sacred Pupil as it quickly dimmed.

"But the price is worth it. Zhou Yuan's only means left were those two rainbow sword lights, and without them, he is nothing but a toothless tiger. Mi Shi can handle him now." Mi Shan breathed a sigh of relief. 

Mi Shi, who survived the crisis, also let out a long sigh. He immediately glared sinisterly Zhou Yuan. This kid pushed me to such an embarrassing state. If I don’t kill him today, I can’t vent my anger.

He didn't act immediately, but quickly took out a handful of blood pills and stuffed it into his mouth.

He wanted to rapidly restore his Genesis Qi.   

However, while Mi Shi fixed his attention on Zhou Yuan, he failed to notice a strange shadow appearing behind him. 

The shadow pounced forward and held tightly onto Mi Shi. Then, several strands of Genesis Qi tied the two together.  

Mi Shi’s face paled at the sudden change. When he swept a glance behind him and saw a figure furiously circulating Genesis Qi, he felt a chill run down his back.


The figure behind him spurted out a mouthful of blood, but held him even more tightly.

Zhou Yuan and the others exclaimed, "Zhao Mushen?!”

The person who appeared behind Mi Shi turned out to be Zhao Mushen!

“An ant dares to attack me! You want to die!" Mi Shi's body was constantly vibrating with Genesis Qi, shaking Zhao Mushen, who was behind him, to the point that his body was tearing and blood surged wildly.

But Zhao Mushen didn't care about his injuries. Instead, his face twisted in a ruthless smile and he sank his teeth into Mi Shi's neck, frantically sucking his blood.

At the same time, he roared, “Zhou Yuan, why are you still standing there!”  


Before his voice faded, Zhou Yuan darted out, even if he didn't understand why Zhao Mushen would suddenly sacrifice his life like that.

This obviously wasn’t in line with his character, but he had no time to worry about this because their priority was to kill Mi Shi.

Sacred Race experts sped towards Mi Shi in an attempt to protect him when they saw this.

Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Chu Qing and the others also acted, intercepting the Sacred Race experts.

The battlefield instantly became intense.

But only Mi Shi was in Zhou Yuan's eyes. He swiftly appeared in front of Mi Shi and Zhao Mushen, who were bound together, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

“Get lost!” Mi Shi thundered, Genesis Qi frantically erupting from his body.   


Zhao Mushen was finally blasted away, his body torn and he looked extremely miserable.

Mi Shi also reeled back.    

With a wave of his sleeve, Zhou Yuan brought out a stretch of Genesis Qi to engulf Zhao Mushen, who was weak and gasping for breath as though on the verge of death. 

“You—” said Zhou Yuan.   

Zhao Mushen grinned, his teeth stained with blood. He stared intently at Mi Shi with a strange, covetous glint in his eyes.

"Zhou Yuan, stab me with your Heavenly Yuan Brush,” urged Zhao Mushen.

Zhou Yuan was taken aback at first, but then he tightly clasped his Heavenly Yuan Brush and thrust it towards Zhao Mushen, piercing his lower abdomen.


Zhao Mushen gripped the brush and twisted his face to look at Zhou Yuan.

“Didn’t you tell me to stab you?” said Zhou Yuan with a smile.   

The corners of Zhao Mushen's mouth twitched. The bastard didn't hesitate at all as though he wanted to take the opportunity to kill me.

However, he had no time to pay attention to Zhou Yuan. He folded one hand in a seal and the bloodstains on his face suddenly squirmed, forming a pattern.


The moment the seal formed, Mi Shi spurted out a jet of blood and a hideous hole strangely appeared in his lower abdomen. 

Mi Shi stared in disbelief at the strange injury in his lower abdomen and then furiously turned to Zhao Mushen. Someone who he regarded as an ant of the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage had caused the injury to his lower abdomen.

Zhao Mushen smiled in the face of Mi Shi’s murderous gaze and said, "When you were at your weakest, I swallowed your blood and injected my blood into your body. So we are now considered connected.”

He gripped his other arm and twisted suddenly.


He forcibly ripped off one of his arms.

“Ah!” There were two tragic screams.   

One was from Zhao Mushen and the other was naturally Mi Shi. 

Mi Shi looked furiously at his right arm, where blood was rushing out. His entire arm was ripped off and fell.

Moreover, before the arm fell to the ground, a suction force erupted and caught it.

It was Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan held the severed arm in disgust and said to Zhao Mushen, “The thing you want?”

Zhao Mushen previously passed a message to him and asked him to cooperate with him in snatching one of Mi Shi’s arms.

Zhao Mushen's eyes blazed fiercely as he grabbed the severed arm. Then under Zhou Yuan's somewhat astonished gaze, he opened his mouth wide and swallowed the arm in one go.

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