Chapter 1152 Two Rays of Sword Light

When the silver armor shrouded Zhou Yuan’s body, rainbow lights also bloomed within his eyes. The gourd silhouette that was between an illusory and solid state in his Divine Dwellings suddenly vibrated. 


Waves of terrifying energy were emitted from Zhou Yuan’s body, shattering the nearby space. Then, an indescribably sharp qi emerged that seemed capable of tearing the world apart. 

The entire battlefield quaked under such an atmosphere.

Mi Shi, who was Zhou Yuan’s opponent, immediately noticed the terrifying energy waves, and his expression grew solemn. He said indifferently, “I’ve heard from Ji Mo that you possess an amazing Saint Genesis Art. Are you finally bringing it out now?”

The trump card that Zhou Yuan had, which Mi Shi was most afraid of, was obviously the Saint Genesis Art that caused Ji Mo’s Sacred Pupil to be sealed.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the battlefield.   

They could feel that Zhou Yuan was getting serious. But it was still unknown whether the astonishingly powerful Saint Genesis Art he summoned could reverse the situation.

Ai Qing, who was helping Guan Qinglong to lift the seal, scrunched her beautiful brows when she saw the changes on the battlefield. “Captain Zhou Yuan’s move isn’t wise. His main task now is to stall for time. There is no need to clash with Mi Shi again. What if…”

Although Zhou Yuan was at a disadvantage in his previous match against Mi Shi, he was still able to stall Mi Shi. Ai Qing felt that Zhou Yuan only needed to continue to stall Mi Shi and that there was no need to take such a risk. If he failed, who else could restrain Mi Shi?

Su Youwei said suddenly, “Mi Shi is a strong enemy, and there is a gap between His Highness’s Genesis Qi foundation and his. If His Highness dragged on the battle, it would be more dangerous for him, so it’s better to take a risk. From my understanding of His Highness, he wouldn’t take such a huge risk if he didn’t have confidence.”

Ai Qing glanced at the girl, whose face and elegance stunned even her. How could she not hear from Su Youwei’s tone that she was defending Zhou Yuan? Ai Qing wasn’t a person who liked to argue, so she said calmly, “Do you think captain Zhou Yuan can defeat Mi Shi under such danger? Of course, I hope so because that would be the best result, but you can’t deny that he might fail, right?”

“Then I will step forward. Even if I die here, I will stop him for a while,” Su Youwei replied calmly.

Everyone looked at each other awkwardly. Although the two women didn’t say much, everyone present could feel their conflict.

But Wu Yao suddenly opened her mouth and said indifferently, “Zhou Yuan isn’t an idiot. He should know the consequences. Since he has made this choice, he knows the result wouldn’t be worse than delaying Mi Shi.”

Although she had a deep grudge with Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan was still a Hunyuan Heaven citizen. Right now, he was fighting with his life to resist a strong enemy while they were standing around, so they shouldn’t question his choice.

Guan Qinglong also felt a little helpless when he saw the three women arguing. He smiled wryly and said, “Captain Ai Qing, let’s concentrate on helping me break the seal. No matter what captain Zhou Yuan chooses, I will be able to end it once the seal is lifted.”

His voice was full of confidence.   

This was the arrogance of being the strongest Hunyuan Heaven cultivator at the Heavenly Sun stage. Although his teammate’s ultimate move had sealed him not long after the battle started, it was not Guan Qinglong’s fault.

Ai Qing didn’t say anything else. She closed her eyes and tried to more quickly remove the seal.



As a terrifying aura accumulated, Zhou Yuan, who was covered by silver armor, slowly lifted his hand into the air. A ray of rainbow light emerged in his palm. The light, stunning and dazzling, resembled a rainbow fish, but when it appeared, the space around Zhou Yuan was torn, creating dark traces.

Beneath the armor, eyes that were as cold and piercing as a blade locked onto Mi Shi. Then, Zhou Yuan lifted his hand.

“Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light!”


A ray of rainbow light shot out, speeding across space.


A roar rang out from Mi Shi’s throat as he frantically retreated. But no matter how he moved and evaded, the space in front of him crumbled, and the ray of rainbow light followed him closely as though it could teleport through space.

Mi Shi could feel the power from the rainbow light, and it made his hair stand up on end.

That power was too strong.  

“It’s finally here? I have been waiting for it for a long time. I want to see whether your rainbow sword light that can sever the world and cut through my indestructible stone body!”

Mi Shi wasn’t in the least bit afraid, and instead, his eyes were blazing brightly. He unleashed a long roar as a light ray shot out from his Sacred Pupil. It rapidly spread out like water and completely enveloped his body. 

“Sacred Pupil, Indestructible Stone Body!”

Mi Shi’s body suddenly underwent drastic changes. It rapidly swelled, and he grew to more than ten feet tall. The color of his flesh faded, becoming a rich grey-white. Within seconds, he transformed into an ancient mottled stone man that seemed to have survived for countless years.


The ancient stone giant emitted a low roar from his throat and immediately crossed his stone arms in front of his chest as though forming a mottled stone shield.


The space in front of him suddenly shattered as the ray of rainbow light shot through. 

The ray of rainbow light slashed Mi Shi’s stone arms. 

The world seemed to still at that moment.


An earth-shattering noise resounded throughout the world, and thousand-foot-tall shock waves swept out. The ground crumbled as countless deep cracks were torn into it. The surrounding people who couldn’t evade in time were blasted into the distance, vomiting blood. They were left with multiple wounds across their bodies.

At the source of the collision where Zhou Yuan and Mi Shi were, a bottomless pit had formed. The pit was dark, but its edges were as smooth as a mirror as if an incomparably sharp blade had sliced tofu.

Horror filled countless eyes. 

Even the top experts from both sides were palpitating from the terrifying clash.

It was unknown who was superior in that confrontation. 

Under countless intent gazes, the Genesis Qi at the source faded, and everyone saw an ancient stone man standing quietly with his arms folded in front of him.

“He withstood that attack?”   

Amidst puzzled voices, the ancient stone giant’s arms crackled as cracks spread across half its body and rocks tumbled down.


The stone giant’s upper body shattered, revealing Mi Shi’s face. He was covered in bloodstains, which made him look like broken porcelain.


He spurted out a jet of blood and stared at Zhou Yuan. “What a domineering Saint Genesis can even destroy my indestructible stone body. But unfortunately for you…I withstood it!

Mi Shi threw his head back and laughed wildly. Although the rainbow light had struck him, he survived in the end. Clearly, his indestructible stone body didn’t need to fear the ray of rainbow light too much.

“Hahaha, Zhou Yuan, the power of a Saint Genesis Art is no doubt powerful, but given your foundation, it must have exhausted all your power. What else do you have to play with me?!”

Mi Shi’s wild laughter echoed across the battlefield, making everyone from the three great heavens turn ashen and uneasy.

Ai Qing also sighed, shaking her head. Just as she thought, Zhou Yuan’s risk-taking didn’t achieve the desired outcome.

The situation would turn even trickier after this.

While Mi Shi roared with laughter, the silver armor on Zhou Yuan’s body suddenly dimmed and then quickly turned into silver liquid and flowed away.

Zhou Yuan calmly glanced at his fading silver armor then at Mi Shi, who was laughing wildly. A strange smile curved the corners of his mouth.


He sped out.   

“You want to die!?” A ruthless smile came to Mi Shi’s face when he saw that Zhou Yuan dared to charge forward.  

But just as the smile bloomed on his face, he saw rainbow lights flash in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Then, another incomparably terrifying wave erupted from Zhou Yuan's body.

A ray of rainbow light shot up from the top of Zhou Yuan’s skull, then slashed down at Mi Shi like a lightning bolt.

Mi Shi stood dumbstruck, and an intense fear filled his eyes. He twisted around without hesitation and fled, inwardly roaring, His mother! How is this possible…how can he have another rainbow sword light?!

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