Chapter 1151 Ultimate Move


Mi Shi's face already turned cold and unpleasant, and mighty Genesis Qi soared into the sky like smoke signals, stirring the wind and clouds.

He swiftly transformed into a stream of light and shot towards Zhou Yuan.

“Since you’re in a hurry to die, I will fulfill your wish!”

A Genesis Qi foundation of 3.6 billion erupted and brought tremendous pressure that tore the ground apart where it passed.

The powerful pressure made Zhou Yuan tense up. His Genesis Qi foundation was only 3.4 billion even after he activated his Promotion Rune and Earth Saint Rune. There was still an obvious gap between him and Mi Shi. 

This guy is much more dangerous than Ji Mo. 

When Zhou Yuan thought of this, Silver Silver, who was beside him, darted out, and crimson lava patterns emerged on its body. 

Great Flame Devil!   

Silver Shadow possessed a Genesis Qi foundation of 2 billion, and coupled with its special body strengthened by the Great Flame Devil, it possessed considerable combat strength. 


Silver Shadow met Mi Shi head-on. But Mi Shi only threw out a punch, yet space exploded, and a torrent of terrifying Genesis Qi smashed into Silver Shadow’s body, causing its chest to collapse. Silver Shadow blasted back like a cannonball, tearing a deep thousand-foot-long crevice into the ground.

“Don’t bring out a toy like that to embarrass yourself!” Mi Shi roared with laughter. Given his current foundation of 3.6 billion Genesis Qi stars, the power of his every movement was difficult to withstand for a puppet with only a 2 billion foundation.

If it weren’t for the extraordinary materials that made up Silver Shadow and the Great Flame Devil, that punch would have shattered Silver Shadow.

“Still isn’t enough…” muttered Zhou Yuan.

It seemed that the present Silver Shadow could only act as a shield when faced with a powerful enemy like Mi Shi. Silver Shadow had to raise its foundation to at least 3 billion for a head-on battle.


As thoughts streamed through his mind, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Yuan, aiming a punch at him. The ground directly below cracked, and an abyss swallowed him up. 

Zhou Yuan clenched his fist and similarly circulated his Genesis Qi without any reservation. Platinum Genesis Qi roared, forming a dragon silhouette behind him.


The two fists collided.   

Shock waves visible to the naked eye rapidly spread out, tearing several bottomless cracks into the ground within a one-thousand-mile radius. Mountain peaks crumbled into boulders. 

Zhou Yuan quivered, and he was blasted away, his every step shattering space. 

On the other hand, Mi Shi only shook slightly. Even if the space behind him showed signs of shattering, he hadn’t moved a single step and remained motionless like a rock.

It was clear that Mi Shi had the upper hand in the head-on clash.

The experts from the three great heavens immediately assumed serious and solemn expressions. As they had expected, although Zhou Yuan could kill Ji Mo, he didn’t have much of an advantage against Mi Shi, who was much stronger.  

“Quick, captain Ai Qing, come here!” 

The Mushen Region experts’ faces lit up when they saw a beautiful figure darting over.

Ai Qing elegantly descended next to Guan Qinglong. As she swept her beautiful eyes over the faint dragon-phoenix halo around his body, she couldn’t help smiling wryly. Who would have thought that the ultimate move they had prepared would strike her teammate in the end?

“Captain Ai Qing, how long until the seal is lifted?” asked Guan Qinglong solemnly. “Captain Zhou Yuan won’t be able to last long!”

He saw Zhou Yuan’s disadvantageous situation and knew that Zhou Yuan would be in critical danger if Mi Shi fought with all his strength.  

Moreover, the other areas of the battlefield looked even more tragic. People from the three great heavens were constantly dying, and if the battle dragged on any longer, the number of casualties would greatly increase. 

Ai Qing bit her lips and said, “I’m afraid it will take at least an hour.”

Guan Qinglong didn’t look too good when he heard her answer, and the others also scrunched their faces with worry. The time it would take was far too long. Not to mention that Zhou Yuan might not last that long, how many people would die within that one hour? 

“Please be as quick as possible.” Guan Qinglong sighed, his eyes filled with worry.    

“I’m not only worried about captain Zhou Yuan, but captain Jiang Jinlin, I’m worried…"

Hearing this, Ai Qing and the others immediately shifted their gaze to Jiang Jinlin’s side of the battlefield. Their hearts immediately sank because Mi Shan had begun to display his terrifying power. He was dominating the battle. If Jiang Jinlin didn’t possess a tough body, he likely would have already sustained severe injury.

From the looks of it, the three great heavens were beginning to fall into a disadvantageous situation. 

“I hope they can hold on a little longer.” Ai Qing sighed. The Sacred Race was indeed tyrannical. They still managed to dominate the battle even if the three great heavens had joined forces.

She shook her head vigorously to forcibly suppress her emotions and sat down cross-legged behind Guan Qinglong. She stretched out her hand and began to lift the seal on his body.


Mi Shi had blasted Zhou Yuan back with one punch, but he didn’t look too smug. Instead, he stared at Zhou Yuan with narrowed eyes because he could feel that even though his punch had blasted Zhou Yuan into the distance, it didn’t harm him much.

“Although this guy’s foundation is only 3.4 billion, his body and Spirit are sturdy and tyrannical, and his foundation is as solid as a mountain. It will be difficult to completely defeat him.”

Mi Shi's eyes grew increasingly cold.

“It seems that you can’t be dealt with using ordinary means.”

He drew a deep breath, and his Sacred Pupil in the center of his brows flickered with a mysterious luster. Rays of ash-colored light flowed out, and his body showed signs of petrification where the ash-colored light passed.

“Sacred Indestructible Stone Art!”   


He only stood there, but the ground could no longer bear his weight and collapsed, forming a black hole.

Mi Shi hovered in the air as everything below his feet shattered as though bearing an unbelievable weight.

As he stared at the petrified Mi Shi, Zhou Yuan’s expression tensed up because he could feel that the dangerous aura Mi Shi emitted was more intense than before.

He folded one hand into a seal. 


Indiscernible flames suddenly appeared and revolved around Mi Shi. The flames gathered into a dragon shape and roared towards Mi Shi.

It was Spirit Fire!  

But Mi Shi simply waved his hand indifferently when he saw the Spirit Flame attack, eliminating them completely.

“What a powerful body-strengthening technique…,” remarked Zhou Yuan. The petrification technique had greatly raised Mi Shi’s defense and strength, and his stone skin could even withstand the erosion from Zhou Yuan’s Spirit Flame. Mi Shi was undoubtedly more powerful and more difficult to deal with.

“Do you only know these little tricks?” Mi Shi sneered sinisterly.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed coldly. He immediately cast his gaze at Jiang Jinlin’s battlefield in the distance. He could tell that Jiang Jinlin had similarly fallen into a disadvantaged position.

The dominant position gradually tilted towards the Sacred Race’s side, and if Zhou Yuan hadn’t killed Ji Mo, it would have become a one-sided battle.


Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath and folded one hand in a seal. 

Silver Shadow darted over from afar as a stream of silver light and landed in his palm. It suddenly turned into a silver liquid and flowed across Zhou Yuan’s body, shrouding him like armor. At the same time, Zhou Yuan’s eyes beneath the silver armor flashed with rainbow colors.

They were in a critical situation, and the winner needed to be determined as soon as possible.

Since the other means had little effect...  

Then…it’s time to use the ultimate move.  

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