Chapter 115 Young Lady in Purple

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Outside the gates of Great Zhou City.

Zhou Yuan helplessly shook his head as he looked at the teary eyed Qin Yu. The only thing he could do was continue to comfort her.

Zhou Qing helplessly said as he watched, “Alright, alright. Yuan’er is no longer a child and should head out to experience the world. There’s no need to be so over sensitive about it.” 

“Don’t worry aunt Qin, I will keep an eye on him.” Yaoyao also spoke up to console Qin Yu.

Zhou Yuan was naturally bringing Yaoyao and Tuntun along. After all, Zhou Yuan was the sole reason they had stayed in the Great Zhou Empire.

Qin Yu finally nodded after hearing Yaoyao’s words and said, “I will be a lot less worried with Yaoyao around. If he does not listen to you, go ahead and discipline him.”

Yaoyao faintly smiled as she pursed her red lips.

Zhou Qing retrieved five black crystal cards from his clothes and passed them to Zhou Yuan. Extremely complicated patterns were inscribed on the faintly glowing cards.

Zhou Qing explained, “These are Heavenly Crystal Pavilion crystal cards. Each one can be traded for one hundred thousand Genesis crystals at any Heavenly Crystal Pavilion branch. You will likely need them on your journey.”

Zhou Yuan received them with a wide smile and clicked his tongue as he said, “Five hundred thousand Genesis crystals, almost can’t believe that father is willing to part with such a sum.”

Five hundred thousand Genesis crystals. Such an enormous sum would probably be able to buy a high grade Black tier Genesis Weapon or treasure. To put things into perspective, the small fortune Zhou Yuan had managed to save up after so many years only amounted to a mere fifty thousand Genesis crystals.

Zhou Qing rolled his eyes at Zhou Yuan. “Stinking brat, you’d better be frugal. The Great Zhou Empire is currently experiencing a period of growth and squeezing out these five hundred thousand Genesis crystals has already given me several white hairs.”

Zhou Yuan grinned and kept the cards into his Universe bag.

As he raised his head again, his gaze met Zhou Qing’s. Zhou Yuan could faintly see the concern deeply concealed within the latter’s eyes.

Zhou Yuan softly said, “Then… I’ll be going.”

Zhou Qing waved his hand and said, “Go if you want to, stop being so wishy washy.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled and reached out to hug Qin Yu. Subsequently, he mounted his Fire-Lion Horse and looked towards Zhou Qing. “When your son returns, he will demand justice for all of the grievances and humiliation you had to suffer back then!”

“When that time comes, everything the Great Zhou Empire has lost will be taken back!”

As his words faded, he no longer hesitated and pulled at the reigns. With a neigh, rider and ridee transformed into a blur of red, not turning back a single time as they galloped along the main street.

Yaoyao waved her little hand at Zhou Qing and Qin Yu before swiftly catching up on her own horse.

As they watched the two swiftly departing figures, Zhou Qing’s strained face could no longer maintain its facade. His eyes reddened as he mumbled, “This stinking brat has finally grown up.”

He reached out the only arm he had and embraced the softly sobbing Qin Yu as he continued to stare blankly into the distance.

“Yuan’er, father will be waiting to see the day you soar into the heavens, and the mere mention of your name causes the entire continent to shudder.”

“I want everyone to know that the sacred dragon of our Zhou clan is not so easily crippled!”


The Great Wu Empire.

In a certain pavilion within a grand but well guarded palace.

Bead curtains swayed with the wind, emitting crisp chink chink noises. A row of servant girls knelt outside the bead curtains, no one making even the slightest noise.

A go board [1] was set Inside the pavilion, black and white distinctly separate.


A go piece slowly descended.

The one who had placed it wore a set of bright yellow robes. He had a handsome face, the dark red dot between his brows exceptionally eye-catching, while an aura of dignity spread from his body. It was the crown prince of the Great Wu Empire, Wu Huang.

In front of Wu Huang, a small fair as jade hand pinching a black stone slowly fell as an indifferent voice sounded. “The opening of the Saint Remains Domain approaches. When will you be leaving?”

Wu Huang lifted his head and looked at the person before him.

She was a young lady in purple. Her beautiful face was akin to a painting, her skin seemingly sparkling like translucent snow. There was likewise an attention grabbing dark red dot between her brows, but it did not affect her beauty, but instead gave her a slightly otherworldly look.

She had a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes [2]. Although she was young, when she narrowed them slightly, a majestic presence could be felt as if she was a true phoenix that had descended onto the mortal realm.

Long fine black hair flowed down along her slender waist before ultimately touching her fair feet.

Bewitching to every living thing.

Only such words could describe the young woman’s face.

“I will be leaving tomorrow.”

Wu Huang slowly said, “I was not blessed with the same opportunity that has enabled you to ascend the heavens in a single step and save so much time on training and polishing yourself.”

“Each person has their own destiny and one should never force destiny.” The young lady in purple merely continued looking at the go board, not a single change in her voice as she continued, “You will not be too shabby either if you managed to obtain the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain.”

Wu Huang emotionlessly said, “It will definitely be mine.”

The young lady in purple seemed to sigh softly. “Too much arrogance is not good. Cangmang Continent’s current batch of younger generation has never been of higher quality.” 

“The one from the Sword Empire that blinded both his eyes for the sake of his sword cultivation…”

“The Little County Lord from the Thousand Beast Empire that is said to be capable of controlling a hundred beasts…”

“The Little Yama King from the Yama Sect…”

“The Battle Junky from the Ning clan…”

“The Enchantress from the Zouqiu clan…”

The young lady in purple propped up a cheek with one of her fair hands, excitement rising in her eyes as she continued, “All of these individuals are prided geniuses that the various factions have poured all of their resources into for the sake of the Saint Remains Domain. 

“What a pity… I originally wanted to stay here and have an enjoyable battle with everyone.”

The young lady in purple slowly shook her head, as if regretful that she would not be a part of the upcoming fight.

She was clearly a girl, yet her words would occasionally give off both a domineering feeling and lust for battle that did not lose to any man.

Wu Huang frowned. A small glimpse of a passionate desire that no one knew of flitted past the depths of his eyes as he stared at the young lady in front of him and said, “The second line of the clan prophecy really makes no sense at all.”

The first line of the Wu clan prophecy; when python and sparrow devour the dragon, the Great Wu Empire will flourish.

The second line of the Wu clan prophecy; the phoenix must not see the dragon.

“You and I are twins, why can we not see each other?” Wu Huang’s voice was filled with doubt.

The young lady in purple’s pretty face was expressionless. She gently held a black stone between her fair fingers as light seemed to flow within her eyes. After being silent for a short period, her nonchalant voice rang out, “The dragon may not refer to you.”


The subsequent silence in the pavilion only lasted for a split second. In the next instant, raging Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from Wu Huang’s body like an erupting volcano, turning the entire go board to ashes.

The numerous kneeling servant girls outside the pavilion trembled, not daring to make even the tiniest sound.

They could feel just how furious their esteemed crown prince currently was at this very moment.

They very rarely saw their crown prince, whom usually did not show any emotions on his face, lose his composure.

Wu Huang was still seated in a kneeling position, but his handsome face had turned exceptionally stormy as he stared at the young lady in purple and demanded in an icy voice, “What are you trying to say?”

“Wu Yao, who else but me is worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with you?!”



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