Chapter 1149 Killed


When Jiang Jinlin activated the sealing Saint art, a terrifying Genesis Qi shock wave raged above the battlefield where Zhou Yuan and Ji Mo were present, causing tremendous ripples to spread toward the distance like invisible waves.


A figure plunged from the sky, smashed through a mountain and blasted a huge pit into the ground. 

Ji Mo pulled himself up from the huge pit, his clothes ripped and his body covered with bloodstains. He never looked so miserable before. As he stared intently at Zhou Yuan’s figure in the sky, his face twisted in anger, and his cheeks puffed up like a toad.

“How could that guy possess such tyrannical strength? He actually suppressed me in a head-on confrontation!”

Ji Mo’s heart trembled. He originally thought that Zhou Yuan only luckily wounded him with his Rainbow Light Art; therefore, he intended to tackle the battle steadily and overwhelm Zhou Yuan with his powerful Genesis Qi foundation. But even though Ji Mo had activated a secret technique to raise his foundation to the level of 3.4 billion, just like before, he still couldn’t do anything to Zhou Yuan, and Zhou Yuan still managed to gain the upper hand. 

“It’s clearly just a Genesis Qi foundation of 3.4 billion.”   

Ji Mo’s expression changed indefinitely as he stared at the platinum Genesis Qi rising from Zhou Yuan’s body. The Genesis Qi was mysterious and tyrannical and was considered top-class even among grade-8 Genesis Qi in terms of quality. 

Moreover, Zhou Yuan’s body was extremely tough, and he possessed strength that could move mountains and seas. Ji Mo also found it extremely unbearable when Zhou Yuan's punch struck him. 

Additionally, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power would suddenly appear from time to time, and it could even condense into Spirit Flame, which made Ji Mo have no choice but to divert his attention to deal with it.

It was precisely these means that had badly beaten Ji Mo and made him fall into a dangerous state.

“That bastard is so abnormal!” Ji Mo fumed.  

Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, yet his Genesis Qi foundation could erupt to the level of 3.4 billion. Let alone in Shengling Heaven, no one in Shengwang Heaven could possess such abnormal abilities, and only the heaven prides from Shengzu Heaven could possibly possess such remarkable strength. But not only did Zhou Yuan possess strong Genesis Qi, his bodily strength and Spirit were just as strong. He simply had no flaws. Even Ji Mo began to fear Zhou Yuan.

If that guy reaches the advanced Heavenly Sun stage, he might even have the qualification to compete with Shengzu Heaven’s heaven prides.

And just as thoughts streamed through Ji Mo's mind, he suddenly detected abnormal movements in the distant sky. His eyes lit up with joy. 

He saw Mi Shan transfer Jiang Jinlin’s sealing technique to Guan Qinglong, and the situation changed in an instant.

Zhou Yuan, who originally wanted to pursue Ji Mo, also noticed the change. He stared in their direction and frowned. 

He was speechless when he saw the seal strike Guan Qinglong, and he finally muttered to himself, “That Jiang Jinlin—”

“Haha, Zhou Yuan, don’t be so smug. When Guan Qinglong dies, you will no doubt lose!” Ji Mo roared with laughter, staring sinisterly at Zhou Yuan. Now that the situation had changed drastically, Zhou Yuan would no doubt be killed as long as he could detain Zhou Yuan until Mi Shan and Mi Shi come!

Zhou Yuan indifferently looked at Ji Mo and said, “It’s okay, I just need to get rid of you quickly.”

Ji Mo fumed, “Nonsense!”  

In his view, even though Zhou Yuan was hard to defeat, it shouldn’t be difficult to stall for time. 

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to him and just tightly gripped his Heavenly Yuan Brush. Then, the brush tip vibrated, and its hair swept across the air. Several mysterious marks emerged in space. 


Suddenly, low-pitched thunder rumbled, and a black-and-white thunderbolt emerged. The bolt swirled around the Heavenly Yuan Brush like a black-and-white dragon as it emitted terrifying waves that shook the world.

The black-and-white lightning dragon was naturally the Yin Yang Lightning Rune!

Zhou Yuan was clearly more skilled in the technique than before. And the black-and-white dragon even exuded a spiritual intellect as it moved.  

The lightning dragon wrapped around the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s tip and imprinted itself on the tip like a tattoo.

Blinding black-and-white lightning leaped about on the brush tip.

Even space was torn.  

Ji Mo also noticed that Zhou Yuan was preparing a killing move. As his expression tensed, he focused his gaze and greatly increased his guard.

Zhou Yuan exhausted all his strength to display the Yin Yang Lightning Rune and then drew a deep breath.

“Genesis Breaker!” 

The brush tip instantly turned jet-black.

“Million Whale!” 

An ancient whale roar resounded, and a number of ancient whale shadows hovered in the air before drilling into the brush tip. 

The lava-like patterns on Zhou Yuan's body grew increasingly crimson red, emitting intense heat that distorted even space. 

The Heavenly Yuan Brush frantically absorbed the Genesis Qi within Zhou Yuan’s body, causing the brush to vibrate and release terrifying waves of energy that made Ji Mo’s expression change again.

When the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s power reached its peak, Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly turned more fierce and piercing. Then, lightning flashed through space. 


Enveloped in terrifying qi, Zhou Yuan streaked across the air like a bolt of black-and-white lightning speeding towards Ji Mo.  

Although far below them, the ground still cracked, and a bottomless chasm was torn open.

“You can’t kill me! Don’t even dream about it!”   

Ji Mo’s scalp numbed when he saw Zhou Yuan’s full-strength attack, but he wasn’t too afraid. He roared and flung his sleeve. A stream of light blasted out and rapidly transformed into a shield above him.  

The shield seemed cast from stone, and mottled traces and vague ancient patterns were covering its surface. The light rays emitted from the stone shield were similar to boulders and gave people an indestructible feeling.

This object was the Sacred Stone Shield Mi Shi had given him.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. It would be difficult to penetrate such a defense even if I attack with full strength. 

Ji Mo also seemed to be aware of this fact and so his gaze was full of provocation as he looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan curled a corner of his lips into a sneer, then immediately flicked his sleeve. 

A ray of silver light shot out, directly striking the stone shield.

It was a silver ball of light—Silver Shadow!

Silver Shadow rapidly melted upon contact with the stone shield and covered it with silvery liquid at an incredible speed. In the end, the stone shield turned silver.

It was at that moment that Ji Mo found that he had temporarily lost control of his shield. The silver liquid seemed to have formed a prison and isolated the stone shield from the world. It then plunged from the sky without control and smashed into the ground.

Zhou Yuan suddenly appeared above Ji Mo, his Heavenly Yuan Brush quivering violently in his hand as though suppressing a terrifying force. 

Ji Mo’s face twisted in horror. He had never thought that Zhou Yuan could control his Sacred Stone Shield—his last line of defense—with such a bizarre method.

Horrified, Ji Mo frantically drew back.

But it was still too late. 

A dark tip entwined with black-and-white lightning flashed past his eyes.


A burnt smell rose up, and a shadow pierced Ji Mo’s body and vanished in a flash.


An abyss of thousands of feet tore open in the ground behind Ji Mo, and it was so dark that it sent chills to his heart. All the mountain peaks in the way were completely flattened.

Zhou Yuan reappeared behind Ji Mo, his Heavenly Yuan Brush pointing to the ground with blood trickling down its tip. 

Ji Mo immediately stiffened, his face twisting in horror. He reluctantly glanced down at his chest only to see a bloody hole. Terrifying power raged around it, cutting off all life force in his body.

“How is it possible—” he muttered, eyes widening. “How would I lose—” 

Behind him, Zhou Yuan slowly withdrew the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he said indifferently, “Zhou Yuan of Hunyuan Heaven’s Tianyuan Region has killed Ji Mo of Shengling Heaven’s Sea Subduing Hall here.” 

Ji Mo collapsed onto the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust and smoke.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock as they stared at the battlefield.

Mi Shi, who was hunting down Guan Qinglong and the others, suddenly halted his footsteps and peered toward Zhou Yuan and Ji Mo with a sullen expression.

Who would have thought that Ji Mo would be killed?

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