Chapter 1144 Chaotic Battle

The giant army on the mountain gave off an astonishing pressure.

However, the top level experts of Hunyuan Heaven and Wanshou Heaven were instead cautiously watching the black-robed young man in front of the army.

He stood there with his hands behind his back, his short hair gently swaying in the wind. He looked quite handsome, but his pupils gleamed with a sinister coldness. His gaze was filled with superiority and indifference, without the slightest shred of emotion, as if he was looking at livestock.

“Hunyuan Heaven’s Guan Qinglong, Wanshou Heaven’s Jiang Jinlin…” An indifferent smile hung from the corners of Mi Shan’s mouth as his eyes swept across the two figures in front of the Hunyuan Heaven and Wanshou Heaven forces. “Your five lower Heavens do not seem to have any monster-level heaven prides this generation.”

“It’s not like you’re from Shengzu Heaven. What we have is enough to deal with you guys.” Iciness flashed in Jiang Jinlin’s golden pupils as he sneered.

Mi Shan cast a glance at Jiang Jinlin. “I’ve heard that the Blood Genesis Pills made from a Mystic Dragon Clan member’s body will be of great quality and taste pretty good. If I capture you, I will make sure to use every last bit of your flesh.”

Jiang Jinlin revealed his sinisterly white teeth. “My Mystic Dragon Clan loves to dig out your Sacred Pupils to use as battle trophies. I hope that your Sacred Pupil will satisfy me.”

Both parties were smiling, but their eyes were overflowing with bone-chilling killing intent that made the surrounding temperature fall.

“Mi Shan, you’re as talkative as usual…” A figure that looked exactly like him walked out from behind Mi Shen. When they stood together, it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

“Mi Shi, you’re too old-fashioned.” Mi Shan smiled faintly. “I enjoy watching how my opponents’ expression changes before and after we fight. From confidence to absolute despair. The process is very entertaining.”

The figure that looked exactly like him was his twin brother, Mi Shi.

Mi Shi’s gaze swept across the alliance as he indifferently said, “Hunyuan Heaven and Wanshou Heaven have joined forces as expected, and there’s even quite a few Cangxuan Heaven members among them. You guys look pretty impressive. If Shengling Heaven did not rush here in time, we might actually be in a little trouble.”

“Ji Mo, who injured your Sacred Pupil?” Mi Shi tilted his head to the side.

A familiar figure walked out from behind and arrived beside Mi Shi. It was Ji Mo. He darkly stared at the Hunyuan Heaven side, his eyes filled with resentment and hatred as they ultimately locked onto Zhou Yuan. “It’s him.”

“Intermediate Heavenly Sun stage?” Mi Shan and Mi Shi were somewhat surprised when they followed his gaze.

They were a little unable to believe that Ji Mo had lost to an intermediate Heavenly Sun brat.

Their reactions made Ji Mo’s face twitch as his eyes filled with embarrassment and anger. He ultimately restrained his emotions and said, “Don’t underestimate him. He likely knows a Saint Genesis Art that possesses exceptional power. Even you guys might not be able to withstand it.”

Mi Shan smiled nonchalantly, “Saint Genesis Art wonder he managed to gravely injure you. He is indeed very capable to have learnt one at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. It’s a pity that he’s only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage with its weak foundation.

Mi Shi looked towards Ji Mo and said, “We’ll leave him to you. Although your Sacred Pupil is sealed and your battle power has decreased, your Genesis Qi foundation is still there. I’ll pass the Sacred Stone Shield to you. It should be able to block his Saint Genesis Art once, and given his cultivation, it should be impossible for him to use it twice.”

Ji Mo slowly nodded, his eyes filled with maliciousness as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. “Don’t worry, I will make him pay a painful price. I will capture him and boil his flesh into a batch of Blood Genesis Pills!”

He did not fear Zhou Yuan, because it was ultimately his carelessness that had allowed Zhou Yuan to injure him previously. Moreover, he had an unshakable advantage in terms of Genesis Qi foundation. If he fought properly, it would be easy to suppress Zhou Yuan. Hence, there was no need for him to take any risks.

If he had properly conserved his trump cards, even Zhou Yuan’s rainbow light attack would not have forced him to pay such a terrible price. At the very least, he would have been able to find an opportunity to withdraw.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. Fortunately, he had not lost completely and still had his Genesis Qi foundation. He had also fully recovered from his other injuries. Besides lacking his Sacred Pupil’s power, he was still the strongest in Shengling Heaven.

As long as he guarded against the rainbow light, Zhou Yuan would be squashed easily!

Mi Shan chuckled. He didn’t really take Zhou Yuan seriously. Instead, most of his attention was on Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin. Among the many experts present, only the two of them could threaten him.

“Prepare for battle. Once we kill Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin, the rest of them are nothing to fear.”

Mi Shan’s figure slowly rose into the air.

Mi Shi and Ji Mo arrived beside him, arms crossed as they coldly stared at the three Heaven alliance.

Behind them, the two Sacred Race Heaven experts revealed cruel looks in their eyes, as if looking at livestock that were awaiting slaughter.

Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin also rose into the air, grave looks in their eyes. The battle today was definitely going to be very bloody.

After all, there were five Heavens participating, which was more than half of Tianyuan World.

“Everyone, prepare for battle.” Guan Qinglong’s and Jiang Jinlin’s deep voices rang out in everyone’s eyes.

Powerful Genesis Qi undulations erupted one after another.

Zhou Yuan slowly cracked his neck before looking towards Li Qingchan and the others. “Be a little more careful later.”

A battle of such scale was exceptionally dangerous to initial Heavenly Sun experts like them, because a single Heavenly Sun expert would easily mow them down.

“You be careful too.” There was no fear on Li Qingchan’s frosty face. “Our Cangxuan Heaven may not be as strong as the other two Heavens, but here are no cowards among us!”

Behind her, determined looks emerged on the Cangxuan Heaven troops.

Chu Qing took a deep breath and cautioned, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, take care of yourself. Ji Mo will be prepared this time, and you’re definitely the first target in his sights.”

Zhou Yuan noded.

While they were conversing, Mi Shan, Mi Shi, Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin raised their hands.

“Attack!” Icy voices brimming with killing intent were spat out from their mouths. The area instantly filled with a murderous aura. 


Countless pillars of Genesis Qi rose into the sky. Two giant torrents rushed forward, accompanied by guttural war cries, before ultimately smashing together in the air.

The great battle had finally begun.

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