Chapter 1143 The Mysterious Shengzu Heaven

On the second day after coming to an agreement with Wanshou Heaven, the Hunyuan Heaven main force officially set off. They swiftly pushed into the mountain range, making a timely arrival at their destination on the third day.

The Hunyuan Heaven main force had come to a stop on a large plateau. However, they did not set up camp this time but instead silently seated themselves and began to absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi.

Everyone understood that an intense battle awaited them, a battle that would be far more dangerous than any they had ever experienced.

Before, the Sacred Race was merely a name that was filled with mystery and danger. The many records of the Sacred Race spoke mainly of their overwhelming power, making the Hunyuan Heaven members feel a tremendous amount of pressure. However, they also understood that as Hunyuan Heaven representatives, every battle they fought was for Hunyuan Heaven’s future.

Every additional portion of ancestral qi obtained might result in the appearance of another heaven pride. Among these talented geniuses, some might ultimately grow into Law Domain experts, strengthening the heaven’s overall might. Someone might even become a Saint stage expert, which would greatly boost the heaven’s power.

Hence, the battle for Guyuan Heaven was not only for their own benefit but also for every resident of their heaven.

Guan Qinglong, Zhou Yuan and the other captains were gathered at the front. All of them were peering into the distance where an enormous stone wall silently towered within the misty mountains as if it had existed since the start of time and would continue on into eternity.

Though they could only make out its silhouette, the ancestral qi undulations it gave off were so concentrated that Zhou Yuan and the others, who were seeing it for the first time, began to subconsciously breathe a little heavier.

Even the high-grade branch channel from before paled in comparison.

However, this was not strange. Extremely high concentrations of Genesis Qi would gather at such locations, and after years of settling, a structure like the wall would be born. The difficulty of achieving such conditions was far greater than for a high-grade branch channel.

“It really is a blessing of nature.” Zhou Yuan sighed as desire burned in his eyes.

Guan Qinglong chuckled and said, “But even the best blessing can only be enjoyed by the winner. If we fail, we will have to flee with our tails between our legs.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. A thoughtful look appeared in his eyes as he said, “I did not expect Shengwang Heaven alone to be capable of matching our Hunyuan Heaven. What about Shengzu Heaven?”

From the power displayed by both sides, the second-ranked Shengwang Heaven was not the least bit inferior to Hunyuan Heaven in both top-tier battle power and overall strength. If Shengwang Heaven was already so formidable, how crazy was the strongest and most mysterious Shengzu Heaven?

At these words, Zhou Yuan observed Guan Qinglong, who was usually calm, don a grave expression.

“Shengzu Heaven is far stronger than you can imagine.” Guan Qinglong sighed. “Do you know how most of the past battles for Guyuan Heaven have ended?”

“The battle for Guyuan Heaven occurs roughly once every thousand years, and our records show that we’ve participated nearly a hundred times. Among these records, the five heavens have only seized the biggest main channel five times.

“In other words, the remaining ninety-plus times ended in Shengzu Heaven’s victory. It’s an abysmally low win-rate for us.”

The expressions of Zhou Yuan, Qin Lian, Chu Qing and the other captains turned somewhat ugly. After nearly a hundred battles, the five heavens of the many races had only gained the upper hand five times?!

“Our five triumphs were made possible because of the super heaven prides that emerged from the five heavens. Among these five super heaven prides, two ultimately ascended the peak and became Saint experts!”

Guan Qinglong looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan is one of them.”

Surprise filled Zhou Yuan’s face. The answer to his question had somewhat exceeded his expectations. He never imagined that his master was so dazzling in his youth. It was no wonder he had managed to step into the Saint stage and stand at the apex of the many races.

“From these numbers, one can imagine what kind of monsters are needed to fight against Shengzu Heaven.” Guan Qinglong smiled helplessly. Even his usual calm and confident self seemed rather pessimistic in the face of the mysterious and powerful Shengzu Heaven.

The others were also silent.

Dong Ye, Su Youwei, Wu Yao and the rest displayed grave expressions.

Amidst the depressing atmosphere, Zhou Yuan suddenly asked in an earnest voice, “Could I be that kind of monstrous heaven pride?”


Su Youwei held back her laughter, light seemingly swirling in her eyes. Her beauty made the surroundings feel dim in comparison. She replied in a serious manner, “Your highness is a genius sent down by the heavens. You definitely are.”

Dong Ye hurriedly pulled Su Youwei behind her and angrily glared at Zhou Yuan. “Is your stupidity contagious?”

Why did the usually clever and quick-witted Su Youwei always seem like a fool in front of Zhou Yuan? To think that she could even say such things!

Zhou Yuan unhappily glanced at Dong Ye. “How can an ordinary person like you possibly understand her god-like judgment?”

The other Hunyuan Heaven captains chuckled inwardly. Although they felt Zhou Yuan was joking, the stifling atmosphere from before had receded substantially.

Wu Yao glanced at Zhou Yuan’s figure from behind. The others may not know how terrifying he was, but she understood him all too well. No one could possibly imagine that the one who gravely injured Shengling Heaven’s Ji Mo with the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage strength had all of his luck and blessing stolen when he was a baby, throwing him into the pits of despair and making him incapable of unlocking his eight meridian channels.

Despite his hopeless situation, he had still crawled back up step by step and personally tore all his past grievances and grudges to pieces.

In fact, if not for supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s protection, she would have lost her life to Zhou Yuan, allowing him to finally gather the complete sacred dragon blessing.

Although Wu Yao still viewed him as her mortal enemy, she had no choice but to admit that this seemingly gentle young man had far greater talent and character than anyone else in the same generation. Even Guan Qinglong was only temporarily stronger than Zhou Yuan because he had a head start.

Hence, the others might not believe Zhou Yuan’s earlier words, but she did a little.


While they were conversing, numerous Genesis Qi undulations suddenly erupted from a nearby plateau, accompanied by faint bestial grunts.

“The Wanshou Heaven main force has arrived.” Guan Qinglong looked over and soon saw the team led by Jiang Jinlin and Ai Qing.

The Wanshou Heaven main force was an exceptionally astonishing sight. Numerous Genesis Beasts traveled in their true forms, like ten thousand wild beasts galloping across the plains, shaking the land wherever they passed.

Two entire heavens and half of Cangxuan Heaven gathered together was an exceptionally grand sight to behold.

A storm was slowly brewing.

“Hehe, that’s quite a number of people...I wonder how many of you will be left after this battle?” When the Wanshou Heaven group appeared, an indifferent chuckle suddenly sounded across the area.


An astonishing storm of Genesis Qi unfurled, tearing apart the thick mists. The pupils of Zhou Yuan, Guan Qinglong, Jiang Jinlin and many others shrank slightly as they gazed into the distance.

Countless figures were gathered on a peak like a giant dark cloud of endless killing intent.

At the front of the army, a young man in back robes stood with his hands behind his back, smiling indifferently as he observed them.

An enormous pressure filled the air.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the black-robed young man.

This should be the overall commander of Shengwang Heaven, Mi Shan...

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