Chapter 1141 Flexing

In a spacious tent, the captains of both heavens were seated across each other on a long table. The atmosphere was rather solemn.

Having seated themselves, Ai Qing did not bother with any pleasantries and dived straight into the main topic, sharing some of the information they had gathered. “Friends from Hunyuan Heaven, the newly discovered mystic ruins are of utmost importance. After some preliminary scouting, we found that the giant stone wall gives off an extremely terrifying pressure. Due to this pressure, anyone whose Genesis Qi foundation is below 2 billion will be unable to approach.”

“Two billion Genesis Qi foundation?” These words caused an outbreak of murmurs on the Hunyuan Heaven side. Everyone had shocked expressions.

Guan Qinglong slowly said, “If so, the battle for the ancestral qi stone wall will likely be limited to only the top experts from both sides.”

Dong Ye’s icy voice followed, “But the main force cannot let their guards down. The other party may conduct a large-scale attack to hinder our top experts.”

Jiang Jinlin lightly tapped the table as he nonchalantly looked towards the Hunyuan Heaven side. “I believe captain Guan Qinglong has tried to approach the ancestral qi stone wall. Perhaps you know a little more?”

Guan Qinglong softly chuckled. He did not conceal anything. “I did attempt to approach the wall but was quickly forced back by a certain individual from Shengwang Heaven. However, I did manage to catch a small glimpse. There seem to be several stone lotus seats at the foot of the wall, which give off a mysterious light. The mysterious light gave off extraordinary ancestral qi undulations, and if I’m not wrong, they are the true treasures of the ancestral qi stone wall.”

Jiang Jinlin’s fingers stopped as he asked, “How many seats did you see?”

This was an extremely important question. From the information they had garnered, each lotus seat represented a great blessing. Obtaining more seats would strengthen the battle power on their side.

“I counted ten, but I’m not completely certain,” answered Guan Qinglong.


The captains looked at each other. This was a case of having too little porridge and too many monks. One must know that there were more than fifteen captains present, not including the few non-captain individuals that also possessed astonishing strength.

Jiang Jinlin slowly said, “Ten lotus seats. If we ultimately succeed in defeating Shengwang Heaven, I hope that our Wanzu Region will get six.”

These words immediately drew a series of unhappy grunts from the Hunyuan Heaven side. The Yaogui Region’s Li Zhu let out an icy chuckle and asked, “Based on what?”

Jiang Jinlin chuckled. He stared at Guan Qinglong as he slowly said, “You should have crossed hands with that person. How was it?”

Guan Qinglong’s eyes narrowed slightly. “You mean Shengwang Heaven’s commander, Mi Shan? He is exceptionally powerful. If we fought for real, my chances are 50-50.”

Jiang Jinlin shook his head. “That’s because you haven’t seen his Sacred Pupil Art. From the information we gathered, Mi Shan’s Sacred Pupil has reached the three star stage. His pupil can borrow the power of the stars, and once he uses his Pupil Art, victory will be very difficult for even captain Guan Qinglong.”

Guan Qinglong frowned slightly but did not say anything else. A voice suddenly interjected, “May I ask how the Sacred Pupil Arts are categorized?”

Numerous gazes looked over, converging on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Jiang Jinlin also cast an uninterested glance over and said, “There’s no need for an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert like you to ask about such things. An opponent at that level is not something you have to worry about.”

However, a nonchalant voice sounded right after Jiang Jinlin’s, “The Sacred Race’s Sacred Pupils are also known as nine star Sacred Pupils, which is also the highest stage. When the Sacred Pupil opens, one might be able to see stars rotating within them. The number of stars represents the level of the pupil. Mi Shan, whom we mentioned earlier, has reached the three star stage.”

Jiang Jinlin frowned and looked towards Jin Linger.

Jin Linger shrugged at him and said, “This is not important information anyways, so what’s the point of hiding it?”

She then looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “But he is right. You have no use for such information. There will naturally be others who will worry about such opponents.”

Zhou Yuan smiled but did not try to explain. He recalled his fight with Ji Mo. Ji Mo’s Sacred Pupil had two stars, meaning that it was a two star Sacred Pupil...

Guan Qinglong calmly said, “Although Mi Shan has a three star Sacred Pupil, I also have my own trump cards.”

Jiang Jinlin smiled and said, “Alright then, even if captain Guan Qinglong manages to keep Mi Shan busy, do you know that Mi Shan has a twin brother called Mi Shi who is no weaker than him?”

“Shengwang Heaven has another practitioner that is no weaker than Mi Shan?” This time, Guan Qinglong was somewhat startled. Was the Sacred Race really so powerful?

Ai Qing softly said in her graceful voice, “Captain Guan Qinglong, captain Jiang is not lying. Mi Shan does have a twin brother who is also extremely powerful.

“Captain Jiang does have his reason for asking for six lotus seats. We have a certain method to deal with Mi Shan. If we succeed, we have a 90% chance to defeat him.

“Defeating the Shengwang Heaven’s commander will naturally tip the scales in our favor. It should not be unreasonable for us to ask for one more lotus seat with such a contribution, right?”

Guan Qinglong was unmoved. He slowly said, “There’s actually something else I have to share with you guys. We obtained information that besides Shengwang Heaven, Shengling Heaven has also arrived to vie for the ancestral qi stone wall.”

At these words, the expressions of Jiang Jinlin, Ai Qing and the other Wanshou Heaven captions changed.

Although Shengling Heaven was not as strong as Shengwang Heaven, their addition would certainly be a huge factor that may spiral the situation out of their control.

Ai Qing’s brows were tightly furrowed as she said, “Shengling Heaven’s commander is called Ji Mo, and he is also extremely powerful. In a one-on-one fight, only captain Jiang from our Wanshou Heaven is strong enough to suppress him.”

Jiang Jinlin nodded. “His Sacred Pupil has been cultivated to the two star stage. He is not an easy opponent.”

Guan Qinglong merely chuckled and said, “Ji Mo is honestly not a huge threat now.”

Jiang Jinlin raised his brows and looked towards Guan Qinglong. “Why do you say so?”

Guan Qinglong offhandedly said, “Because a captain from our Hunyuan Heaven crossed blows with him previously and managed to heavily injure his Sacred Pupil. It is very unlikely for him to recover so quickly.”

Jiang Jinlin’s and Ai Qing’s expressions changed as they looked at each other, seeing the shock in the other party’s eyes.

Ai Qing said, “Captain Guan is joking, right? There’s someone on your side with such strength besides yourself?”

How could she not know the intent behind Guan Qinglong’s words? He was saying that Hunyuan Heaven was also a force to be reckoned with. Even without Wanshou Heaven to deal with Mi Shan and Mi Shi, Hunyuan Heaven could still try their luck.

This was flexing to tell them who was stronger.

Only the strongest deserved a greater reward.

Jiang Jinlin’s sharp gaze carefully swept across each nine region captain’s face. In the end, he said, “I’m very curious to know which captain you are referring to. Although the Zixiao Region’s captain Dong Ye is strong, she should not be able to pull off such a feat. As for the Wanzu Region, it’s even more unlikely since Wang Xuanyang has died.”

An amused smile rose from the corners of Jiang Jinlin’s lips. “Or is captain Guan merely making things up?”

Guan Qinglong softly chuckled as his gaze turned towards a nearby seat. The other captains, including Dong Ye and Li Zhu, also looked over with complicated gazes.

Jiang Jinlin, Ai Qing, Jin Linger and the other Wanshou Heaven captains also followed their gazes. Their pupils could not help but shrink as their expressions turned rigid.

Under the attention of numerous gazes, Zhou Yuan felt somewhat helpless as he displayed a faint smile at Jian Jinlin and the others. “That person is me.”

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